Albanian Brides

How to find a woman for marriage?

A small country in the south of the Adriatic is a fascinating and safe travel destination that a crowded tourist can offer: the colorful capital of Tirana, the Albanian Alps, and sandy beaches on the Adriatic. ...

“My second wife is from Albania,” say more and more men from Central Europe! No, these men, of course, do not mean lovers from Southeast Europe, Albania, but their second (or third) wife! Do you want to meet a young woman from Southeast Europe, Albania, for marriage? Most men who marry one of the beautiful women from Albania were previously married to western woman. The charmingly beautiful woman from Albania then becomes his second or third wife, because each man with his mind says no later than his third wife: “Western women, I had these problems twice. I don’t need it anymore. "

There is a lot to consider when looking for Eastern European singles. It is necessary to deal not only with dubious dating sites. Language barriers, Eastern European mentality and distance are factors that prevent us from finding women from Eastern Europe.

Lovely Albanian women is a tip for women from Southeast Europe. No wonder: hardly a woman is hotter, more beautiful and has a more natural grace, temperament and attractiveness than a charming Albanian.

What makes Albanian brides so popular?

Some people claim that Albanian women are naturally cool. However, it is not. Anyone who has dealt with history knows what people have gone through in recent centuries and how different the culture is. It is right to say that status and influence play a much larger role than in other countries. There are no mature social systems like in Western countries. The topic would go beyond all limits here. However, it is advisable to deal with this, because it will help you better understand the mentality of a foreign culture.

Many people like the look of East European women. They dress very well and also make them look very external. I myself have a feeling that the farther east in Europe, the more a woman pays attention to her appearance and accordingly behaves more feminine. 


  • Language barriers. View profiles of Eastern European women. However, almost all of them claim that they can speak “good” English. Probably as good as you ;-) What do we want to say? Communication is often problematic at the beginning and is rarely very deep.

What can you do

After you have contacted a woman, try to find out if you can even talk to each other as soon as possible. The best way to do this is by phone or skype. If you fell in love with an Albanian woman, despite the language barrier, then you can rely on translators provided by good agencies. They can translate letters, make phone calls, or mediate in a real meeting. Over time, you will notice that communication is getting better and better, as one of them wants to learn the language of the other.

The last time you spoke English at school a few years ago? Confirm your knowledge in advance! Or even better: learn any Slavic language! You can use it anywhere in Eastern Europe. Just a few pieces, and you are the king in place! Because you show that you were dealing with a country and its people. The next adult education center is sure to offer a beginner course.

  • Problem mail route. Good news in advance: A regular email usually arrives within a week. How long it takes to travel, of course, depends on country to country and region to region. But sending emails is usually not a problem. However, if you send parcels or money, the mail route is already unsafe.

On the topic of “sending money”

Eastern Europeans are proud and do not ask for money directly. If this happens: stay away, there is a risk of being ripped off! ("My mother is sick and needs medicine, please send $ 50!"). But keep in mind that, for example, a teacher in Albania earns a little more than $ 150 a month, and visiting an Internet cafe costs the same as in Western countries.

It can be very helpful to have a little joy from time to time. Always send only small amounts and always dollars. If you lose a letter with $ 10, this is not a big broken leg for you and is much cheaper than a foreign translation. And: Pack the note in such a way that it is not noticeable when studying the letter!

Sending parcels is very risky. So risky that in principle you can forget about it. Except: you will insure it with the package delivery service. However, it is very expensive. Expect insurance to be as expensive as content.


Anyone who forgets prejudices - namely, red lipstick, hydrogen blond hair, excessive use of makeup and very short miniskirts - must admit one thing: women from Eastern Europe are attractive. Unlike many other western countries, women have no prohibitions on being women and express this.

Good facts about women from Albania

Eastern European women are very happy, sociable, relaxed and attach great importance to a family and friendly meeting. Every event possible is used to celebrate with family or friends. Family and friendship are very important in Eastern Europe. Anyone who marries a woman from these countries should know that she will often receive visitors. She expects love, warmth and safety from a relationship.

Typical Albanian appearance

Women from Albania are very beautiful and fashionable. What men in these women like is their feminine behavior. They are dressed very chic and sexy, well-dressed and love to wear high-heeled shoes. A very feminine image is very important for them. Eastern European women also make sure that the nails are taken care of, and the hairstyles are stylish. In general, women from Albania, as a rule, attach great importance to personal hygiene and care, as well as high-quality aromas and perfumes. All this applies not only when you have run out, but also in everyday life.

What is the nature of Albanian women?

Funny Albanians are considered friendly, cordial, pleasant, reliable and active. They are very open when communicating with other people, relaxed and almost not afraid of contact. Although in their free time they enjoy life and go shopping a lot, most women do not primarily look at money, but at a loving and confident man with whom they can start a family.

What do Albanian women think about marriage?

Albanian women are considered warm, down to earth and faithful. You want a loving and faithful man who knows what he wants. For many women, this is the basis for creating a family. Values  such as warmth, family and society play a very important role in this. Then comes the emancipation, work and career. In Eastern Europe, most women are passionate wives and mothers. They sacrifice themselves for the sake of the family and their well-being. Harmonious family life is very important for loving partners. Therefore, women from Albania embody exactly what many men consider the key to happiness.

What does an Albanian girl expect from her partner?

Eastern European women love attentive men. Most women also want security. But this applies not only to material, but also to love, security and devotion. Anyone who can give this to an Albanian woman will also be rewarded with great love, warmth and devotion. Eastern European women are looking for a friendly, charming, cheerful and well-groomed man. Because they like to laugh, they also like when the chosen one has a sense of humor. So if you love, understand, respect, open, honest, patient and with a sense of humor, you have the best chance to have a happy and lasting relationship with a beautiful Albanian woman.

Albanian women love to receive attention and pleasant, honestly expressed compliments. If you are interested in a person, you usually show it. Flowers are perfect as a gift (tip: send flowers to your flirt now!). However, care should be taken that this is an odd number, because an even number is used only in a sad case, such as at a funeral. In addition, they should not be yellow, as this brings misfortune. Women from Albania attach great importance to decency, manners and good behavior. Therefore, you should, for example, adjust the chair, keep the door open and help in the coat.


It is necessary to dwell on one important point, which was repeatedly raised when looking for a partner: “I found contact advertising for the woman of my dreams. I communicate with her, but I have the feeling that the conversation with the Albanian is very one-sided. She answers all my questions, but asks little. Isn't she interested? "

This case can be heard again and again, and then the woman is called cool. Finding a partner in Eastern Europe just works differently. At first, women are cautious, perhaps indecisive and skeptical. This applies not only to Albanian women, to a certain extent also Polish, Czech and women from the Baltic countries. Flirting is simply more rational, but this is mostly true at the initial stage. Do not worry: this does not mean that she has no interest - then she will stop contact. After this initial stage, you will notice that it is gradually thawing, as well as showing interest in your lifestyle and personality.

Albanians and mentality

If we ask you about typical characteristics, you will probably answer: “There is no typical person of nationality!” All Albanians cannot be cut together. However, there are some differences in mentality:

Although life in the West is characterized by many selfish values  (“My home, my car, my yacht!”), In Albania, virtues, such as a strong sense of solidarity in the family, warmth and human warmth, still dominate. Women are less emancipated and more willingly “subordinate” to a partner and take on the classic role of women - in turn, they require great respect and want to be appreciated. The “strong man” for Albanian women can no longer be found on the spot, since high unemployment puts pressure on men's self-esteem and contributes to alcoholism. This is one of the reasons why they are looking for replacements abroad.

Pride and honor play an important role. Therefore, it quickly happened that Albanian women were offended by careless actions.

Please do not make the biggest mistake: do not behave like a rich person who believes that you need to be thankful for bringing Albanian and her family out of poverty!

In addition to breaking pride and making yourself unpopular, you run the risk of being turned into a wealthy uncle who is only approached with kindness to receive his money.

I prefer to act modestly and try to learn and respect Albanian values. This is the only way to better know what you have chosen.

And you get the opportunity to assess whether you really care about yourself - or just your money. When you make gifts, it's not stupidly expensive, but well-designed. With small but good gestures, you have achieved infinitely more than trampling large game hunters.

Where to meet Albanian women?

What can you expect from a trip to Albania and what is worth considering?

If you do not have a direct connection, departure is a real adventure. When you arrive at the airport or train station, let the person of your choice pick you up! Local transport is difficult, and a taxi ride as a tourist is expensive.

But now about local conditions: it is not directly dangerous. Thus, you do not need to be afraid of robberies or the like. But the standard of living is different. The average citizen lives in a prefab house in the suburbs. So do not be surprised if you are led into such an area. This is quite normal in Albania.

Due to extremely limited financial resources, you probably will not find a single person living alone, but a family who lives together in a limited space. It is impossible to deviate and move to the hotel! This is contrary to good morality! Better enjoy the incredible hospitality and warmth of the locals.

You must send money to travel. An Albanian woman alone probably won’t be able to finance a tour to your country. You may not be lucky to be fraudulent. Then the coal disappeared. Money transfer is also complicated: if you do not want to send 100 letters for $ 10 and prefer a transfer, then a woman may have a problem.

You recognize a young lady much better when you look at her surroundings. And have the experience of exploring Albania from the inside. Donate time to travel into the unknown! For you it is not so simple as sending Thaler and letting the chosen one come. But you make life so much easier for a lady! And you will know them better right now!

A dating service can actually help you find a dream woman from Albania. Women do not particularly like superficial flirting, but want to find a partnership. First of all, the one who is registered with a marriage broker already says what it should come down to.

You can easily calculate from six months to a year to get all the marriage documents. Albanian officials do not like when the most abducted women are “abducted” by foreigners, and they like to face it.

It is also not easy for you by the authorities of your country, for example, with regard to checking for a fictitious marriage, a work permit.

The internet is booming. Countless dating agencies and personal ad sites compete for Western men who can meet beautiful women in Eastern Europe.

If it is difficult to find a partner, the question naturally arises of why you should put yourself under an additional burden, such as distance and language. But there are a number of reasons for this.

Marriage-loving, pretty women from Albania are rarely found on personal lists and online lists. Just ask people from your circle of friends if you have an open relationship with Albania, or visit the Albanian or Albanian communities in your country. You might also meet Kosovo Albanians. This is the best way to find attractive and beautiful Albanians for marriage.

Dating Albanian women online

The classic dating service works as follows: a  man instructs the agency to find a woman who wants to marry from Albania who suits a male seeker. Contact made. Acquaintance with each other - mainly in the homeland of a woman - can begin immediately. This is the most expensive method of finding partners. Often they also talk about marriage mediation in order to meet a woman of dreams.

There are, of course, partnership exchanges where no intermediary person is looking. In this case, the site will register dating from Eastern Europe who are looking for a man abroad. The man himself must take action and write to the women about the exchange of partners after creating his own profile.

Personal dating is a common search form for dating partners in Albania. Women's ads with photos are shown here. The intermediary often makes contact in the event of a fall.

Just like you probably don't just “test” or “have an Albanian language to look at it” (this inhuman wording that we encountered in the corresponding forum), this, of course, is often the opposite. Finally: “Check who ties himself forever to find something better!”

Many men find East European women very attractive. Not without reason, because under them there are actually a lot of beauties. But what about other properties? Which are typical? What is your character? What should I look for when flirting and meeting women from Eastern Europe? The following article answers these questions.