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American Women: What are They Like?

To begin with, there are big differences between American women themselves. It depends on the social identity, family traditions, upbringing, education, and, of course, the characteristics of the nature of a particular woman. Therefore, this is just a description of a typical American woman, as there are always exceptions:

They are initiative

An American mail order bride does not sit modestly with one glass of champagne all evening and does not cast languid glances at the man, hoping and believing that he will do all the work. Americas bride believes that their life, relationships, and sex are in their hands, so it’s silly to just hope for the best and wait. Here, they strive for full equality with men, so if a woman sent you a drink at a bar in the USA, consider that you hit the jackpot;

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They do not bother about the appearance

Since childhood, Americans are taught at school and at home that they are beautiful in any form and body. Therefore, a sex bomb like Pamela Anderson in her best years, and a chumpy woman like Melissa McCarthy in a crumpled T-shirt and shorts-family shorts, are equally confident that they are princesses. It is better to not criticize the female body in the USA, because you will be considered a sexist. Therefore, if you do not want to run into major trouble, do not suggest her to lose weight, no matter how much both of you like each other.


American girls greatly value their independence and personal space. They also care about the independence of their partner. Even if you have a serious relationship and joint plans for the future – this does not mean that you are tied to each other with a copper cable. Relations with a girl from America will not at all seem like a heavy anchor that holds you in one place and does not allow to swim. Everyone can have their own social circle, their friends and their interests. Everyone can spend time with their friends, make new acquaintances and visit interesting places. There is nothing wrong if the partners want to o relax from each other for some time. The allowed limits of such a holiday are determined by the couple at its discretion. Therefore, many American girls often stay relaxed, easy to contact and are always ready to have fun. However, don’t get me wrong. All of this does not indicate her frivolity and accessibility, she just knows how to enjoy life. Sometimes, it is simply necessary not to feel drawn into the quagmire of living together;

No gender roles

With an American woman you no longer have to listen to remarks like  “a real man should”. Relationships where there is no place for prejudice and stereotypes teach partners to be more attentive to each other. An American woman does not expect her boyfriend to be her father, sponsor, servant, and older brother at the same time. You will always feel equal with her and bear the same responsibility for any life challenges. Also, the lack of gender roles does not mean that gender differences are not taken into account. Hot American brides, just like any normal girls, like real gentlemen and gallant guys with good manners. She will gladly accept flowers from you, appreciate beautiful gestures, courtship and your determination;


An American woman will never tolerate something she does not like. You can be sure that she will directly tell you if something is wrong. At first, it might be a bit tiring for you, since such conversations seem like an endless stream of complaints. However, after a while you will realize that this only helps to avoid omissions, understatements and unnecessary suspicion. American ladies do not begin such conversations in order to quarrel or throw out negative emotions. Rather, on the contrary, they do it in order to quickly establish mutual understanding and reach a compromise. It is not always easy, but on the other hand, it is better to immediately discuss all the differences than to let them drift. Therefore, if you are meeting with a sexy American girl, you do not have to think out what is really going on in her head, and why the mood of her beloved is changing so quickly. It is enough to ask her what’s wrong to get a comprehensive and truthful answer.

American optimism

Many people call the famous American smile very fake and hypocritical. However, the first time you will meet an American girl yourself, you will that their smile is not just a formality, but rather the result of a positive outlook on things in general. Most of the American brides are very ambitious, self-confident and have high self-esteem. They are always tuned for success and happy life, which does not allow decadent moods to take precedence over them. You will find a lot of interesting things that you can learn from them. Dating an American woman is a fantastic experience, because you will be able to support and motivate each other, move forward and set yourselves new goals.

How do American Women Look After Themselves?

The USA can be called one of the few countries that influence global trends in the world of beauty. Hollywood plays a huge role in this process: there, on the red carpet, new trends are born, and world-class stars show their brightest images to the public.


The foundation of Hollywood makeup – the perfect skin, because the paparazzi cameras catch the smallest flaws. Makeup artists of the stars use various colors for corresponding defects and a very dense tonal basis for creating the photoshop effect. In the US, they are not in a hurry to abandon cream contouring, they continue to use it even in everyday makeup. American women prefer dense, dull foundations: wet radiance and aggressive strobing have returned to the background.


Emphasis on the eyes is created using the usual smokey-eyes, or graceful arrows a la Audrey Hepburn. American women skillfully combine neat arrows of medium thickness in black with nude matte or flickering shadows. If the woman decides to shift the emphasis to the lips, the best options are the classic red, wine, lafit or ruby ​​shades, which are ideally applied along the contour.

Instagram influence

To date, almost every girl with a smartphone has an Instagram profile. Whether we like it or not, the dependence on this social network only increases over time and takes on new forms. The main trendsetters in the field of beauty are mainly located in the USA. It is impossible not to mention such leaders in the number of subscribers as Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Beyoncé and others. It is on these American stars that subscribers are guided from all over the world, adopting and spreading the main trends to the masses.

Much attention of the make-up is given to the lips. Despite the fact that the fashion for big lips is fading away, girls continue to increase them in all possible ways: some resort to radical measures using injections and a biopolymer, while others are tweaking to create a similar effect with the help of special plumpers and pencils for the new contour lips.The most popular product for the lips is the liquid matte lipstick in brown and dirty-pink shades.

Eye makeup for selfies is usually not complete without lush false eyelashes and moderately wide, naturally laid eyebrows. Perfectly smooth black arrows or  carefully shaded shadows complement this makeup.

Everyday makeup

As for the most ordinary girls, they run to work, return from the gym, go shopping. Unlike girls of other nations, American women recognize and love their natural beauty, so on a weekday the average girl, will most likely have a ponytail and will apply lip gloss or mascara, or maybe even will go out without any makeup.

Looking For Your Perfect American Bride

If you came to the United States to earn money or just managed to organize your vacation in such a way that you ended up in this country, it’s natural that you want to try exotic things and make a pleasant acquaintance with a beautiful American bride. And therefore the first question that comes to mind is where to look for such girls. Let’s take a look at the most interesting variants:

  • The internet. If you are still not in US, but you really want to get acquainted with an American girl, then there are several options. You can search for your love on social networks like Facebook, or some dating sites, and find an American girl with interests like yours. Suppose you are an artist. That is, you can try finding an American bride on the internet which is also an artist, and communicate with her on these topics, possibly mentioning that you would like to come to America, and make an exhibition of your paintings, and so on. This is probably the quickest and the most effective choice;

  • Apps like Tinder. Tinder works like this: it shows up the people that are close to you, and if both of you liked each other’s photos, then you can start chatting. You can then meet up with a person and have some pleasant time together. However, such apps are often used just for sex, so don’t be too disappointed in the end;

  • If you do live in America, then you try out going on parties. It’s better to go on parties where you already have some kind of mutual friends, that can recommend you different girls. US parties usually have a bunch of students, like 100-200 of young people that also bring their friends. There will be a lot of beautiful girls, so it’s a great chance. However, that doesn’t mean that you will find the right type of girl for serious relationships, because some of the Americans there will be just looking for sex. You can become fuck buddies if you are interested, but don’t count on any additional love and serious relationships;

  • At work. Such acquaintances are relevant to you, if you work and earn money in the US, for example, through the Work and Travel program. Most Americans work very hard to live well in retirement, and therefore it is clear why they do not mind getting to know each other at work or at lunchtime;

  • If you are looking for more serious relationship, then it will take you more time and effort. That being said, one of the best options to find a sexy American girl is to go studying to a college, and find a bride there that matches your interests.  In an American college or university, you intersect with all kinds of people with different interests, which makes it a great option. And in general, many couples in the United States met during their studies. In fact, the correct eye contact with a girl will let you experience strong emotions, often similar even to the feeling of love, and therefore a lot of guys throughout the world constantly use this technique;

  • On the street or at a bar. The best way to meet an American is to offer her a drink at the bar. A lot of single women of different ages come in search of new acquaintances in these places. You can also look for a gorgeous American woman on the street. It might take you a lot of time and you might not succeed, but it’s worth trying. It’s also very romantic, which attracts some girls;

  • In the church. You will probably be surprised by the fact that the vast majority of Americans are very religious, especially in the South and Midwest of America. If you go to the store on Sunday morning and see smartly dressed people of all ages walking in the same direction, then you can be sure that: they are going to church. Americans (both women and men) go to church as if they were on a holiday: they put on the best clothes that they have – bright plaits, expensive suits, high heels, fashion accessories and even hats. It might seem like that they go to church to not just talk with God, but to show themselves at the fashionable crowd and to see others;

  • At a sports match. It is enough to stay in America for a couple of months to understand that there are two main religions: religion(in the traditional sense of the word) and American football. American football with its ubiquitous presence – in the form of billboards on the streets, in the form of posters in public places, on TV in restaurants and bars, in the form of stickers on car bumpers and in the form of banners and flags on neighboring houses – fills so much space that it is impossible to escape from it anywhere. However, it’s also a plus, even if you don’t like football, because  if you come to a football match, you will find a lot hot American girls that you can talk to;

  • In a fitness club. You probably think that fitness club is not the best place to look for a girl, because people there are flushed, and with drops of sweat on your face and wet hair  you look completely unattractive. However, oddly enough, this is very attractive to some men. Especially if a woman is in good shape and dressed in something tight (perfect fit bright T-shirt and shorts).  Any fitness club is usually full of energetic young people of an athletic physique, many of whom exercise with a trainer. If you take part in the same games or practice with the same coach, then finding a topic for the first conversation will not be difficult for you. In addition, if you visit this club as regularly as she does, you will have the opportunity to gradually get to know each other;

  • There is also an organization in America that is known as Public Speaking Class.These are absolutely free classes, that let you master your English without taking a cent. You can look for a girlfriend there as well. American women and other English-speaking girls also go there. That is, in principle, you need to go somewhere, where there is some kind of social activity.

How You Should Behave With Your American Love

Meeting with an American woman is like meeting a woman from another world. Therefore, you should do the following to keep your relationships in a good spot:

  1. Appreciate American freedom and independence. Americans of all ages and both sexes cherish freedom in everything. They do not like to depend on others and do not want anyone to depend on them. In restaurants and cafes, many Americans prefer to pay for themselves. For them, this is one of the signs of independence. In addition, a woman who pushes a man to spend money on her is probably just a gold digger, that doesn’t care about anything but cash in your wallet;
  2. Be honest and open. Americans are fairly straightforward people. American brides are usually ready to discuss all the details of further relations already on the first date;
  3. American brides love guys with great sense of humor. It is advisable to joke on topics that are close and understandable to your new acquaintance.

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