Amolatina reviews: pros & cons of the site & its functionality

What is Amolatina dating site about? It’s about bringing ladies from Latin countries (over 20 of them on the list) closer to Western men – located all over the world, primarily in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada & Western Europe. However, your geographical position does not make you bound with anything, providing that you can meet a delightful girl here on the site no matter where you reside. 

In this article, we will have a closer look at its functionality, pricing, pros & cons.


Review of Amolatina 

This site for finding love online is designed for a host of Latin America Amolatina girls who desire to find a partner in one of the wealthy Western countries (they may be located nearly on each continent – America, Eurasia, Australia).

This site uses a lot of commercial in Google AdSense – where every click on their site in the list of findings in Google cost approximately 4 dollars. This means that it has an aggressive promo strategy.


Advantages & disadvantages of Amolatina


  1. There are many thousand profiles of Amolatina ladies & a big host of them wants to meet men for real.

  2. The site is usable & friendly to both novices & old users.

  3. It is possible to organize a paid tour to Latin America to meet several women at once during one trip – to feel that special chemistry if any.

  4. It is possible to arrange a date to a woman you like through a button on a site – that’s how you can meet offline. But that will cost additional money. 



  1. It is impossible to say that you are talking to a chatbot or not.

  2. Costly pricing policy.

  3. The site prohibits the connection of members in free channels & makes you stick to channels of communication within the site. For violation of this rule, you can be banned permanently or restricted.


Amolatina reviews: member structure

There is no given information about the structure of the members in Amolatina site of dating. The same, there is no information about total registrants of Amolatina dating site, even the site itself does not provide this information. Also, in the FAQ, About & Main page sections of information, the site submits different numbers, which do not cause trust at all. For instance, in one place it says that the site’s service embraces 32 countries, while in another, it says that over 40 countries.


Creating an account & signing up

It takes approximately 5 minutes to sign up. During this time, a user has to fill in both main & more personalized information. The number of fields provided for submitting is required in order to know as much information from the user as it is necessary for matchmaking. The scarcer information is provided, the lesser are the chances for the satisfactory result of matchmaking. 

To create an account, a user has to come up with the user’s login & password or to use Google to register more promptly. Alluring photos of more than nice-looking single ladies on the registration page prompt you to register faster.


Making communications

During the free period that comes after the registration, a user may spend some free credits to write first, the same as to open profiles’ pictures. After the credits for actions are over, the user has to replenish the balance to do these:

  • open & read letters & reply to them

  • write first or to answer the chat requests coming to an inbox

  • open any pictures of profiles of women & send own pictures to the chat

  • make a video call

  • arrange a date

  • send offline & online gifts (offline come with a picture of a woman with that gift).


Profile quality of online dating site

The same as in affiliated structures of Amolatina dating site, which work internationally & on a global scale, you can meet such data in women’s profiles:

  • name

  • city & country

  • age

  • height

  • personal interests & information that a girl puts herself in her profile

  • whom she seeks for

  • smoking or non-smoking

  • drinking or non-drinking

  • other habits & information.


Amolatina online app

Amolatina’s app for mobiles for dating is available for iOS & for Android. As of September 2019, around 1,000,000 people have installed it but only 15,000 of them rated it. The user rating is 3/5 stars. The app’s most unfavorable reviews are that it does not allow a user to delete unwanted messages & functionality is not cheap – though it relates to the site’s pricing policy, not to the app.


Design & usability of this service

The site is made in a block structure – on PC & in a mobile app – so you can easily browse through profiles & open them. Similarly looking profiles, in which you might have been interested are also visible from any profile that you’re currently in. 

The clear design in displaying profiles of registered users, search function & sections of an interface for chatting also contribute to the likeliness of using the Amolatina site.


Amolatina review of personal pricing 

The site interacts with its users based on the system of credits. The more credits you buy – the more girls you are able to contact with. 

Communication happens through a number of channels. In each of them, credits are required to write a letter first, to call her, to make Cam Share (direct video communication) & to make a virtual or real gift. 

It is possible to buy credits in such rates to dollar:

  • 20 credits for $15.99 (with a nice discount to new members doing their first purchase of this in-site currency)

  • 40 credits for $30

  • 80 credits for $56

  • 160 credits for $96

  • 3200 credits for $185

  • 500 credits for $249

  • 1,000 credits for $399.

The internal currency is not so high-priced, as for making an action like replying someone’s letter in your inbox, you have to pay 10 credits – merely 8 American dollars. It would be cheaper, for instance, to go to a bar & order 2 beers for that price – with a chance to hook up some girl sitting next to you. So, it is for you to decide – do you want to use a site Amolatina for trying to meet someone or you want to meet girls on the streets – in both cases, the outcome is not predicted or anyhow guaranteed. 

There is also a possibility of membership – for $9.99 a month. However, it is suitable only for a few minutes of conversations & views of pictures.

Viewing 1 picture or video costs you 15 credits (for each). The same goes if you want to send it to any personality. Video chat costs 6 credits for 1 minute. Textual chat costs 1 credit per minute (consider that texts may not be read by your interlocutor or this will take hours or days to be read).


Special features of Amo Latina’s membership

  1. It is possible to chat, video chat & send/receive e-mails – all within one interface.

  2. If you want to send a personal contact channel other than one on the site to a person you’ve been chatting to, then you can do it only through a personal meeting or offline gift (as Amolatina customer service says) – which all will cost you over 350 American dollars.


Amolatina review of the safety of features

It is not safe to give the site allowance to directly write off money from your bank account, as, according to many reviewers, the site will then write off money on & on, without a possibility to withdraw this allowance. You will only have to block your card. As for the safety of payments done through the site – there is no information. 


Real reviews of Amo Latina

  1. Carter from Idaho, the US: ‘For all my life, I was thrilled with swarthy skin of mulattos – they are so incredibly sexy! The desire to date one of them was the main reason why I registered on Amolatina dating site. I had a few conversations with females (ones who knew English well) & I had several nice outcomes. With one of them, I hope to continue a closer conversation.’
  2. Jose from Zihuatanejo, Mexico: ‘I love when the wife looks more exotic than I do. I wanna find some Puerto Rican or Colombian as they speak Spanish, she same as I do – so no language barrier is going to expect me when interacting with Amolatina dating site’s women.’
  3. Caleb from Russia: ‘It’s hard to overestimate how Russians love exotic ladies. I personally prefer hot Latinos, which can be met here on Amolatina site of love – I hope that through the clear interface of its app for my phone, being constantly online, I will be able to find some great girl to come to my country & to become my girlfriend.’

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