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Asian girls are really attractive, despite the unusual appearance. Their nation itself is very sociable and friendly. You can be sure that you will never hear a swear word from an Asian girl. Their behavior and manners are at the highest level. They are gentle and harmless flowers that delight the male eye. Asian wives are fragile and harmless, which makes them different from Slavic, European or American women. Women around the world strive to express themselves by demonstrating their temper, will, and character, which can push men away from themselves.

In addition, many men note that Asians have a pleasant, gentle, one can even say alluring and sexy voice. Yet, Asians allegedly take on the role of Julius Caesar and manage to combine several tasks at the same time, which also differs them from other nation. Not only that, but Asian women manage to be good housewives, loving wives and mothers, while not forgetting about themselves, taking the time to care for their appearance.

Appearance is the first thing men notice when looking at a woman. A pretty face and a beautiful figure are already a guarantee of success for every girl, oddly enough, but it has been proven that men pay special attention to the girl’s hair. Long, healthy and shiny hair, which turns out proper care is not just beautiful, it also catches men. The genetics of the Asians and the efforts of the girls themselves play for their benefit, since their hair is really good.

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Appearance is the first solution to the attractiveness of Asian women, but their temperament and character should not be missed either. For example, a man can always rely on his companion if she is Asian. They never discuss or humiliate their man either behind the eyes or directly. She will not share intimate details of their lives, brag about achievements, or complain about partner failures.

Asians are very hardworking and persistent. They are exemplary and diligent students, they work hard, and they also manage to manage the household. Asians do not complain about life, difficulties. Besides, they do not interfere in the relationship of a man, do not try to learn something about his ex, relatives or friends.

Filipinas, Thai or Korean women have a special charm and sexuality. Fragility and eroticism became the calling card of girls. Men confess that they are attracted to Asian sexuality, noting that they are good in bed.

Recently, more and more men are wondering about the search for Asian brides. Especially the men, who are tired of the noisy cities and naughty girls who are accustomed to a good life.

Mail Order Brides

Mail Order Bride is a woman who are looking for husbands. They use international marriage agencies to advertise themselves.

So what distinguishes them from ordinary girls who are looking for a partner? They are looking for a husband abroad and are doing so in such a way that they have complete freedom of choice, which the country in which they live cannot provide. Most mail-order brides now come from Southeast Asia (especially from Thailand and the Philippines), Latin America (often from Colombia and Brazil), and also from Russia and Ukraine. Another factor that can affect a woman in search of her husband as a bride by mail, is the pressure of the family, especially when she has already reached the age at which she was supposed to be married.

Main Reason Why Asian Women Become Mail Order Brides

Even though Asian women differ from other nations considerably, all of them want love and care, just like any other normal woman. That is exactly why they become mail order brides. They want to find the right match and start long term relationships.

Best Asian Countries to Look for a Woman

Which countries are the best to meet Asian brides? It is impossible to give an unequivocal answer, since everyone has their own tastes and preferences.

For most of the guys who have never been to Asia, it may seem that all Asians are very similar to each other and there is almost no difference between them. However, you will see how big the difference is after reading this review.

First, you need to consider two main factors:

  1. Culture. It directly affects your success, since not all cultures are joyful towards foreigners, so it will be much more difficult for you to get meet with an Asian girl.

  2. Price. Some of the Asian countries cannot be included in the list solely because of the price. For example, girls from Singapore adore foreigners. They also speak English very well. In addition, they are beautiful and funny, but you will need around $300 to live one day in Singapore, which is not suitable for everyone.


Chinese women are close to perfection. They are well-read, hardworking, and also known for their beauty.

China is an excellent country for foreigners who want to meet their love, because there simply are not enough suitors for Chinese girls. The thing with Chinese guys is that some of them simply cannot afford a wedding, so Chinese women are forced to look for grooms among foreigners. For them it is also important to get married before the age of 25.

Since most Chinese women are well-educated, they speak English quite well, which is another small bonus.


The Philippines is one of the most western Asian countries, so you can be sure that all the girls here are fluent in English. The girls here are very happy to foreigners, as their own men are ungrateful and cheat on them. Filipina girls know perfectly that foreigners treat their girls with respect and love.

The local girls are distinguished by their slim figure and face. They greatly value family traditions, so you can be sure that you can create a wonderful family there.


This country does not have the best reputation because of the high level of sex tourism. Most guys come here looking for love and romance.

In Thailand, many girls will be happy to make love with you, and especially if you are a foreigner.

Thai girls are distinguished by their friendliness and beauty. Most of them are not tall, but there are practically no chubby ones, as most of them are actively involved in sports.


Indian women are famous for their devotion, sensuality, and sociability. They are fluent in English and are also interesting companions. And communication is the most important key to relationships.

It is not easy to describe the appearance of the average Indian girl, since it depends on which dialect they speak and from which part of the country they come from. Women of middle and upper class, have a skin of caramel color and the poor class has darker skin. However, just like anywhere else, there are exceptions.

Indian girls have to get married by agreement, even if they don’t like the guy. Nevertheless, they dream of marrying a foreigner who they actually like.


Modern Vietnamese girls are glad to guys from any countries, including Western ones. They are curious to ask their betrothed about life and their country.

Like most Asian women, the Vietnamese are miniature, polite, loyal, attractive, and family oriented. They are considered a combination of Chinese and Thai girls.

Where to Meet an Asian Woman and What to Expect From Them

There are several types of Asian brides, depending on the place you want to visit.

Decent Girls

Expensive restaurants and hotels, banks and shops are the best places to look for. These girls cannot be lured into bed even for a thousand bucks, Thai girls, who know their own price, may not have intimate relationships with you even after 15 dates. So you gotta have patience. They are the most difficult to get, but also the most loyal, honest, so they are a great choice for a family.

This type of girls prefer male peers or guys that are slightly older, well-dressed and handsome. It’d ideal if you know their language at least a biti or want to learn it, respect their culture and are interested in Buddhism.

Hard Workers

Girls from simple families work in inexpensive cafes, massage parlors, shops, travel agencies. Their salaries are pretty low, and each of them secretly wants to get a white man, because they are sure that white means rich.

They are very modest, obedient, and helpful, but they also expect you to make solid money.

Easily Accessible

The most popular places to meet: bars, discos, special massage parlors.

When you only start a relationship, she will be the sweetest, most courteous, caring woman on Earth, laughing at your jokes, even if she hasn’t understood a word. She will dance with you, have fun, smile charmingly, massage you. They are also great when it comes down to sex, and they love making compliments. However, they only want your money and it isn’t the best choice if you are actually looking to make a family.

What is So Attractive About Asian Women?

  • An Asian wife will never allow herself to belittle her husband in public. She will not discuss intimate details of family life with her family;

  • They are hardworking and persistent. They work a lot and also do not forget to look after home;

  • Asian women don’t complain about husband’s modest incomes;

  • They do not to interfere in the relations of the husband with the former, relatives, and friends. She will calmly accept the situation even when, instead of the planned trip to the concert, the husband will stay home watching TV;

  • Another reason why men love Asian brides is because of their beauty and slim figure.

Are Asian Mail Order Brides Legit?

Yes, most of them are legit. However, you have to be careful and only use trustworthy and reputable websites, because there are a lot of scammers, who want to steal your money. You also have to be sure that you are actually chatting with a real girl.

What Customers Say About Mail-Order-Bride

  • Never seen a better service. It actually helps you find your love and direct your life in the right direction;

  • It is truly great that you can find your love and chat with her sitting many miles away.


Asian brides are truly incredible for both long-term relationships and love. No wonder why they are considered as top girls.

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