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Burmese bride - beautiful women are looking for strong and caring men

Burma is the friendliest and most open country in Europe. Therefore, it is not surprising that many men can imagine relationships with Burmese women who are slim due to their diet. There are many prejudices about women from Burma. It is often said that they want to marry a foreigner only because of money. But is it true that women from Burma are so calculating? The characteristics and character of Thai women are explained below.

The best Features of Burmese brides

Exotic Burmese women have become long-standing companions of many Europeans and especially Germans. There is a reason for this, because Asian ladies are known for their grace and beauty. Always smiling women from Burma are full of energy. They very well support their surroundings and know how to enjoy life to the fullest. They love to sing, dance, cook and massage. In addition, they inspire their passionate character and their great sensitivity to the feelings of other people. That is why they are very good friends. Burmese women are also very hardworking and are known to work harder than men. You are determined to cope with all life problems with tremendous power.

You can come across a pretty Burmese woman at any time, the chances are especially high in large cities. Since women from Burma also like to walk, you can also find an Asian beauty in a club or in a disco. There are also many massage shops, so this is another alternative to meeting a Burmese woman. The single exchanges and dating platforms on which many Burmese women are represented are also particularly successful. There are also personal ads and dating agencies that are specifically targeted to this.

It is difficult to generalize, especially when it comes to experience, because each person is an individual and has a personal character. Some report positive experiences; others report negative experiences. So it’s not so easy to generalize and make a decision. In the end, everyone should have their own experience here, and not listen to suspicious cliches or prejudices - because in this way you can miss the woman that suits you. However, one should not be naive and cautious here, especially in places of rest in Burma.

Are Burmese women jealous?

Are Burmese women jealous? It is not easy for us here, and we can give a clear YES to this question. Such girls are very jealous when it comes to the affairs of their life partner. There are too many competitors on the streets of Burma who are drawn to men. The girlfriend is not an obstacle for many bar girls, and also encourages others to relax the man.

As you have already learned, Burmese girls are actually not real women and look very good in old age ... Communication with women from Burma is warm, love and joy for many men. Moreover, the erotic part of relations with a Thai woman is never neglected ...

You must learn this when you recognize each other or pay attention to flirting with a Burmese woman.

As a European, it’s not so difficult to get in touch with a pretty Burmese woman on holiday, but most Burmese women are rather shy and reserved. So sometimes it happens that the contact can be a little complicated at first glance. However, Asian beauties know exactly what they need to do to turn their heads to men. Regardless of whether a shy man or rather relaxed, it is very important to listen carefully to a woman from Burma - because attention plays a very important role. If so, the man can be sure that the woman also gives her his devotion.

Small gifts or a small friendly gesture can also do a lot, you do not need to spend a lot of money to convince a Burmese woman. So you should not take a small gift, for example, sweets or beautiful roses with you on your first date. The woman is guaranteed to thank the man and will be glad of it. With Burmese women, a man can achieve a lot with small gestures.

Character and Features of a Burmese Woman - Many men who travel to Burma and want to have a friend naturally also ask about the character of a Burmese woman. In the next article, we want to give you a rough overview of the nature and characteristics of a Burmese woman.

Please note, however, that, of course, everyone is different, as is their nature. However, here you can make some general conclusions and comparisons about the nature of a Burmese woman.

Are Burmese women honest?

Is a Burmese woman honest? This is the most difficult question for us to answer! Unfortunately, many men had a rather bad experience of inheritance of such girls. So many people were kidnapped, and that was the lie of what was being stored.

The alleged lonely Burmese woman actually already had a Burmese man who could live a good life in Isaan thanks to the financial contributions of a foreign guy.

Even minor lies, such as family illnesses, motorcycle accidents, or house damage, are sometimes used to literally get money out of an alien’s pocket.

However, one must also say that one should not shave every Burmese woman with one comb. So, basically, bartenders and prostitutes make cuts because of the stupidity of men in love.

A few normal and good Burmese women have fairly fair skin! It is important to know your partner or girlfriend, get to know each other and gain confidence at some point ...

What cultural peculiarities make Burmese women so interesting?

Beautiful women from Burma inspire with their beautiful nature. Distinctive features are large black eyes, tanned skin and slim body. They are beautiful and very young. It is characteristic of Burmese women that they attach great importance to their well-groomed appearance and feminine appearance. They like to wear miniskirts, high heels and beautiful makeup in public. She would like to please men and attract attention. It is very much appreciated by men who want to get to know an Asian.

Most Burmese women are considered shy and restrained. However, courtesy is always very important. They usually will not criticize or expose other people in public. When Burmese women love, respect, and respect a man, they usually work hard to give them a feeling of love, security, and attention. Most Burmese women are real experts in hugging a man. It will be easy to determine whether it is connected with money or with love.

A Burmese woman is friendly, but from the very beginning it is a little difficult to get in touch with a European. The reason for this is that she is naturally shy and restrained. However, these women know exactly what they need to do so that men's hearts beat faster. It doesn't matter if you're a romantic or a brave guy. However, it is important to pay attention to a Burmese woman. Then she will give it back with dedication. There is no need to spend large amounts of money on gifts to be killed and hugged in Burma. Women are very pleased with the small gifts and let their fans feel it. With Thai women, a man can achieve a lot with small gestures.

A man should always treat a Burmese woman warmly, honestly and openly. Burmese women love gifts such as beautiful flowers. It is also an advantage to speak English or even better in the local language. Burmese women are quite reserved. If they are not at the first meeting, this may be due to many contacts with men.


You could write a whole book about the culture of Myanmar, but there should only be a short excerpt that is essential for a vacation in Myanmar. It is important to know that there have been various military dictatorships in Myanmar for decades, which completely isolated the country from the outside world. The process of democratization in Myanmar has only started in 2011. This means that Myanmar is not yet used to foreign tourism and thus the western lifestyle. But they are very hard-working to emulate it. Almost every Myanmar now has a smartphone.

Myanmar indigenous people, vacation in Burma

That life in Myanmar is strongly influenced by Buddhism. Almost 90 percent of the population are Buddhists. And in hardly any other country does a foreign traveler come into such close contact with this religion. It is easy to get in touch with monks who like to chat in the numerous monasteries and temples to improve their English skills.

In Myanmar it is a tradition that every man goes to a monastery once in his life. It is not important when he does this and for how long. So you can meet many very small child monks here. Some are monks for only a few weeks, others remain so for life. The monks also enjoy a special status in society. They are preferred in all points of public life and treated with a lot of respect. You should always offer them a seat on the bus or train, for example, unless there are special seats for monks anyway. There is also a monk feed once a day all over the country. The monks come with their food bowls to a certain place in or in front of the monastery and are supplied with rice, curry, but also sweets or money by the believing Myanmar. So it is also practical for the poor of the country to send a son to a monastery, because they then know that he is well looked after. You can also show respect in temples by making a small donation to the Buddha.

It is also interesting that Myanmar was under British colonial rule for a long time and was part of British India. Myanmar also shares a long border with India. As a result, there are many elements that travelers in India should also be familiar with in Myanmar. Especially in the traditions, the clothes, the food and the way of life. Myanmar actually resembles India more than the rest of, and for the most part quite modern, Southeast Asia.

In Yangon, the most modern city in Myanmar, the cultural offer is wide and life appears relatively modern. However, this is a stark contrast to the rest of the country. Even Mandalay, the second largest city, cannot be compared to Yangon. Everywhere outside of Yangon, especially in the country, there is hardly any cultural offer apart from traditional Buddhist festivals. Sometimes there are performances of the traditional Myanmar puppet theater or dance performances, which mostly tell a story about Buddha.

Clothing and fashion in traditional Myanmar

Both the female and the male Myanmar usually wear the traditional Longyi. This is a long wrap skirt that is tied in a certain way, different for men and women. The modern, young men like to wear soccer jersey on top of it, since most of the younger Myanmars are totally crazy about soccer and also know a lot about the big German clubs and players. So if you have any idea about football, you can quickly get into conversation with the Myanmar.

Myanmar Longyi, Myanmar tradition and culture

By the way, the Longyi can be bought on every corner and is an extremely practical piece of clothing. The Myanmar people also find it good to dress like them and are happy to explain how the Longyi is tied.

The Myanmar, especially women and children, paint their face with a whitish paste, which is extracted from the Thanaka tree. This paste is often applied quite artfully, thus serves as a kind of make-up, but also protects from the sun and has a slight cooling effect.

Light skin is considered chic everywhere in Asia. So the modern Myanmar people try everything to avoid tanning. Almost every shower gel and cream that is commercially available there has a “whitening” effect - so be careful when buying if you don't want to go whiter. Many locals also used umbrellas against the sun. A peculiarity that should definitely be imitated if the sun burns too much.

What to do in Myanmar and what you shouldn't do!

You should never stretch out the soles of your feet to anyone, for example when placing your feet on a stool or chair, this is considered an insult. Pointing a finger at a person is considered rude. The head is a sacred part of the body for the Myanmar and must not be touched, not even in children.

Shaking hands to greet or say goodbye is unusual and is perceived as unsanitary. You should greet the Myanmar by folding your hands in front of your body and indicating a slight bow. You can also say the Myanmar word for “Hello”: “Mingalarbar”, the locals will be very happy about that! If you hand over something, for example money when paying, you should definitely do this with the right hand, since the left hand is perceived as unclean. You should also touch the right forearm with your left hand, this shows the other person that you are handing over the object from the heart. It takes a little practice, but you can get used to it and it is really fun!

Unfortunately, there are a few “special rules” for women: you shouldn't touch monks, so don't shake hands with them, for example after a conversation. Although handing is unusual anyway, some Myanmar people like to try it because they want to meet western tourists. There are also areas where women are not allowed to enter some of the holiest temples in Myanmar. Even if it may be sexist by Western standards, you should respect it.

Notes pagoda Myanmar trip

The sacred pagodas and stupas should always be circled clockwise, this is the direction of the sun. In addition, the shoes must always be removed beforehand and you enter the holy places barefoot. Often there are extra closets for storing your shoes. The same applies in private houses, smaller shops and sometimes even hotels. Most of the time you can see from the shoes in front of the door whether you should take them off or not. And what is certainly true all over the world is that you should not take pictures of anyone without being asked.

You should also show respect when choosing clothes. Especially in holy places, the knees and shoulders of women and men must be covered. Women should also generally not dress too frankly. Long pants or skirts are mandatory, cutouts that are too deep and shoulder-free tops should be avoided. It's not always easy with the heat. Having a cloth in your daypack can be helpful because you can always tie it around your shoulders or waist when you visit a holy place. At the entrances to the most visited sites, clothing is checked and, if in doubt, a cloth is given. But you shouldn't be too open-minded or sexy dressed outside the holy places either. By the way, it doesn't make any difference to the Myanmar whether you wear a bikini or underwear, so women should think carefully about where they appear in underwear, so to speak. This may be fine on beaches frequented by many western tourists. However, it is usually not wrong to wear a t-shirt or a towel for swimming and on the beach.

As in other Buddhist countries, losing face is frowned upon. In the minds of Buddhists, this always happens when one shows too many emotions, for example, becomes loud or argues in public. In extreme cases, a Buddhist may find it a loss of face if he cannot answer a question or cannot fulfill a wish. This can always be interesting if, for example, you ask for the way, the person in question does not know it, but still wants to answer. Sometimes you get wrong answers, but this still feels better for the Buddhist than admitting that you don't know. So you should never expose a Buddhist by speaking to a mistake. Especially not in front of other people.

Couples should not exchange tenderness in public. Holding hands is too intimate, let alone kissing. If you're not married, it's still a good idea to say you are. For many Myanmares it is incomprehensible that you sleep in a bed, even though you are not married.

Good birmik women have every reason to be jealous! But bar girls can also envy if the client suddenly chooses another in the bar. This is tantamount to losing face, and the arguments are usually not evasive ...

Why are Burmese brides are so popular among foreign men?

Since poverty is widespread in Burma, women in this country crave financial security for their families. For this reason, the potential spouse should be able to care for the woman and act as the breadwinner and protector. Family financial security and wealth are especially important for Burmese women. Therefore, they prefer to look for a wealthy person who is educated and successful. Therefore, men who can act as suppliers and advocates are in great demand. But even if the Burmese women are said to be the so-called gold miners, they are, above all, polite and friendly people with a strong sense of family. They want a man who gives them love, security, attention, respect and support.

Burmese women are usually very fond of children and therefore have a great desire to start a family. They are loving, honest and faithful partners and expect the same loving, kind and faithful husband. He must also be open-minded and strong in character. For most Burmese women, inner values ​​are more important than appearance. She will live with him in good and bad times. Since Burmese men are often considered unfaithful and unreliable, honesty, reliability, and loyalty are becoming more and more in demand among Burmese women. They want their partner to take care of them and take care of them. Anyone with all these qualities can have a happy relationship with a Burmese woman.

Nature and characteristics

The character of a Thai woman is often described quite positively, and in fact, many men feel in heaven when dealing with a woman from Burma. In fact, you can find the image of a caring, kind and humble woman, and not a spinning mill. In Burma, a man is still a man, and everything is being done to increase his well-being.

In general, Western women can hardly keep up with their Asian competitors these days ... Because old values ​​and dignities, unfortunately, have long been lost in Central Europe ...

The rude characteristics of a Thai woman at a glance:

  • Kind hearted.

  • Aspiring.

  • Sensitive.

  • Cheerful.

  • Communicative.

  • Simple.

What does a Burmese woman expect from her partner?

In general, Burmese women are very affordable and absolutely family people. They do not expect much, but attach great importance to financial security, as there is great poverty in many regions of Burma. If a man can offer security to a Burmese woman, the foundation for existing relationships has already been created. Accordingly, women from Burma admire determined, hardworking, and reliable men. Empty promises are also completely useless with Burmese women - they love interest in actions and ambitions. Loyalty is very important because it is the basis for any relationship. A Burmese woman not only impulsively responds to infidelity, but at the latest - this is the end of the beginning. Thus, it can be said that a Burmese woman wants an attentive partner - who loves, respects and can also protect her.

How to find Burmese brides online?

In large cities, perhaps at Asian parties, in some restaurants or special massage studios, the chances of meeting Burmese women are higher. The best option is the Internet, such as Facebook or dating sites. Greater success can be expected from a dating agency. These agencies provide contacts with beautiful Burmese women who are interested in relationships and stand for quality.