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Canada is one of the most advanced countries in the world. The official languages are English and French. More than 50% of the inhabitants are adherents of the Roman Catholic religion, 30%  are protestants, 20% are atheists. Do you want to meet a canadian mail order bride? Agency canadian mail order brides are ready to give you this opportunity. Using the search, you will see a large number of profiles of canadian brides for marriage at any age and with different outlook on life. These girls are interested in finding foreign husbands, so they will gladly communicate with you online and in real life.

We have conducted a number of studies and are ready to create a portrait of a canadian bride for you. How do they live? How do they look? What are they addicted to and what kind of men they dream to see near? You will find answers on all of these questions in this article!

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The natural beauty of Canadian women

At first glance canadian women for marriage may seem strict and cold. But this impression is very deceptive. After a couple of minutes of communication with a girl, you will feel her inner kindness and beauty.

There is a clear division into 2 types:

  • Anglo-Saxons – red-haired girls with a slender figure, tall and fit body;

  • French Canadians – attractive girls with light hair and curvaceous shapes.

In both types, the following facial features predominate:

  1. Neat narrow nose;

  2. Clearly defined lips and cheekbones;

  3. Slightly prominent chin;

  4. Bright blue or gray eyes.

Nature has rewarded the girls with bright features, so they practically do not use cosmetics. A lot of attention is paid only to manicure. Young girls from Canada also love experimenting with hair color. Very often on the streets you will see attractive women with exotic decorations in the nose, ears, eyebrows, body and so on. Piercing is really very popular in the country, like tattoos.

Girls prefer stylish and comfortable clothes. Dresses are an item of clothing that is used only at special events and parties. In everyday life sporty clothes are popular. This is surprising, but older women more closely follow fashion.

Attitude of Canadian women to foreign men

They are contact, straightforward, polite and sociable. In the conversation you will not feel arrogance from the girl. She will easily answer any questions you have and will wait for honest answers from you.

The girls have a very developed desire to help people. These are features of the tradition and culture in the country. Here you will always be helped and prompted so that you do not feel lonely. Even if you don`t know the language too well, local girls will get acquainted with you with pleasure and find a way to understand each other in communication. Such benevolence and openness may cause you to marry a canadian woman in the future.

Canadian women love courtship and compliments

Behave like a real gentleman – and you can definitely win the heart of a Canadian girl for marriage. You do not need to invent incredible places for dating or buy expensive gifts. A girl from Canada will be delighted with the traditional tokens – flowers, a bottle of perfume, a romantic atmosphere. If you have enough time and you are already quite familiar with the girl, then buy a gift with meaning. A Canadian woman will feel herself special to you, so she will treat you with the utmost seriousness.

They adore walks in the fresh air

If you manage to find yourself a woman at the canadian marriage sites and you decide to fly to the country, then the girl will be a great guide for you. Regardless of the harsh northern climate, the locals love to walk. Big lakes, blue rivers, magnificent forests and endless mountain ranges – it is in such conditions that you can truly fall in love!

The love of fresh air and sport is the reason why Canadian women look beautiful and slim. They love cycling, skiing, camping and hiking. On weekends, many people go from the city to the mountains, where they are waited for their own wooden house and the opportunity to retire with nature.

A little secret for you: if you can chop firewood or repair equipment for camping, then the girl will see in you a strong man and be proud of you.

They are very ambitious and know what they want in life

It seems that from the very young age girls know what they want to become in future. Of course, a strong family and children are very important to them. But they are not ready to be just housewives. Women in the country want to self-actualize and do their favorite work for good money. They do not dream that the husband will fully support the family. Girls are in no hurry to get married and have children. As a rule, they want  get a good education and a career at first.

But do not think that this is the iron business lady. In fact, they are fragile and sensitive women who can cry and worry. It is important for them that there be a strong man near who will become a good support in different life situations. In the past few years many Canadian wives have been working at home in the Internet. This allows to conveniently combine work and household chores.

Canadian women are genuinely proud of their origins

They do not like being compared to Americans. If you want to make a good impression on foreign brides in Canada, then you need to know at least some facts from the history and geography of the country. For example, the names of all 10 provinces and 3 territories will help you to avoid awkward moments during conversations.

Canada has a variety of cultures. It can even be perceived as a mozayka consisting of different cultures: regional, indigenous and ethnic, each of which has its own meaning. Try to understand these cultures – and then you will have more topics to discuss.

Never call Canadians “Native Americans.” Many people here consider such a term offensive. If a question touched on a discussion of national issues, try not to discuss politics in order to avoid disputes.

Canadian brides are always open to new acquaintances. If you want to chat with girls not from your native country and sincerely fall in love, then be sure to pay attention to these princesses. They look amazing and combine the best human qualities!

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