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How to Find China Girls for Marriage: Step-by-Step Instruction

At the core of any event should be a clear and well thought out plan of action. Therefore, before you start looking for a potential Chinese bride on a dating site, you should develop the right strategy.

  • Make a detailed list of your requirements for candidates. First of all, you need to clearly answer the question: "Who exactly am I looking for on a dating site?". After that, start making a list of the main qualities of your potential Chinese mail order bride, while trying to be as specific as possible;
  • Make a rating of your requests to the candidates. After you have detailed your wish list for your future Chinese wife, try to rank these requirements in order of priority. Consider the characteristics you give in the context of your previous acquaintances and relationships. Develop a points system. Assign a certain amount of points to each item from your list of characteristics. Then determine the minimum number of points that a Chinese girl must score in order for you to decide to go on a date with her. This will be your personal algorithm, according to which you will choose a Chinese bride;
  • Going to the online service. First of all, choose a Chinese women dating site that you will use to achieve your goal. Make sure that the majority of users of this site are looking for dating for a serious and long-term relationship. You can also use multiple dating sites at the same time. However, it should be remembered that on many dating sites additional functions operate on a fee basis. Therefore, if you go to use all the additional features on several sites at once, this can lead to certain cash costs. Be ready for this and match your goals and financial capabilities;
  • Begin the search for candidates. Most dating sites do nothing particularly mysterious. They simply organize user responses to various questions and select pairs of participants based on those answers. In some cases, dating site algorithms draw attention to the differences between user responses and their behavior on the site. For example, you can tell in your profile that you prefer miniature and hot Chinese women with dark hair. But at the same time on the site you are mainly looking at profiles of blondes. In such cases, the search algorithm of the dating site tries to find you a questionnaire of applicants that correspond to your actual behavior, and not what you indicated in your profile;

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  • Try to be brief when filling out the questionnaire. According to statistics, long and detailed questionnaires usually do not contribute to the achievement of the desired result. On the contrary, short, bright and intriguing texts in the questionnaires bring much more popularity to their owners;

  • Create intrigue and arouse curiosity. Submit information about yourself in your profile in such a way that it arouses interest and even some degree intrigues the participants of the dating site who are viewing your profile. When filling in a profile, try to describe yourself and your character in vivid and figurative expressions and phrases;

  • Do not try to be funny. Most Chinese brides are not inborn humorists at all. What you tell your friends somewhere in a restaurant after a few glasses of wine, of course, can cause them attacks of homeric laughter, but this does not mean that you need to put all this on a dating site. Absolutely the same applies to sarcasm. Very often, people who use sarcasm out of place and out of place and think that they look very smart and advanced, in fact, are perceived by others as irritable and rather mediocre in communicating a person. After you complete your profile, we recommend that you read its text aloud and loud. It is even better if you invite friends to read the text of your profile and read aloud to them what you have written.

Several Hints to Have Successful Date With Chinese Woman

If you want to meet with a Chinese woman and try to get her attention, you will have to resort to special methods. Girls in China are not as straight as in the West, and less thoughtful in romantic situations. Therefore, many ways to flirt, working with girls in the west, with Chinese women are likely to be doomed to failure.


  • Pay attention to any small detail and make a compliment. Do not say that the girl is just beautiful, better find something special in her and focus on it. For example, you can say that she looks good in this dress, or that this hair color really suits her. This will give your words honesty and create the impression that you do not give such compliments to every girl;

  • Express your admiration for China. If you do not know anything about Chinese culture, be sure to remember a few facts and use them in your attempts to conquer the Chinese woman. Admiration for the history or culture of China will certainly make her smile. And if you already live in China, tell her that you want to settle here and ask her to help you learn more about local life;

  • Feel free to exaggerate. Simple compliments like “I like your hair” can be regarded as a show of courtesy. Therefore, exaggerate, to give the girl to understand that you are doing exactly a compliment. For example, if she wears high heels, tell her that these heels really extend her legs;

  • Be persistent. Many Chinese girls are shy and will always try to deny your compliment;

  • Focus on her personality. Compliments to the personal qualities of girls, and in particular Chinese women, are usually more successful than compliments about their appearance. Try to find out what she does and what kind of education she has. Show her how smart you think she is, and even if she blunders something or says something stupid, don’t forget to tell her that this is very cute.

Hot Chinese Girls: Appearance

Today, Chinese women seek to bring their appearance closer to the European one – big eyes are in fashion, they don’t accept diplomatic service if you are below a certain height, as “the party doesn’t want its representatives to be looked down on,” and generally, an ugly girl less chance to get a job than an attractive. Despite their natural harmony, Chinese women tend to even more thinness. By the way, in China it is almost impossible to choose jeans of our 44th size – there are almost no girls in China in such build, all of them have a maximum of 40. From the surprising – excessive hairiness in China is not considered something repulsive, simply speaking, Chinese women do not remove hair from nowhere.

It can be said that beauty in Chinese is not silicone breasts, full lips and a California tan. These are straight nose, almond-shaped eyes, narrow chin and tiny lips. It seems that Chinese beauty standards are less aggressive than European ones, but, both the first and the second are achieved, as a rule, by plastic surgery. Often, young Chinese women, receiving surgery as a traditional gift for graduation from their parents, go to Korea, the Asian capital of plastic surgery.

Peculiar Character Features of Chinese Women

Any Chinese girl wants to keep everything under control, including her own emotions. She does not show her obvious interest or indifference. But at the same time in the soul of this modest lady can see the passion. The Chinese bride is an ardent nature, but she lacks the courage to admit it to others. Therefore, it is not easy to build personal relationships with her. As soon as she becomes more self-confident, a certain aura is lost, which was at the very beginning of the novel. And then there can be a complete alienation, separation.

Yes, the Chinese lady looking for husband really wants to be loved. But she is very pragmatic and, alas, not romantic. She is not interested in night walks with the contemplation of the stars, she is at that time immersed in more “earthly” problems. The Chinese bride will not become a passionate lover. And all because in moments of intimacy does not lose his head – fully owns his feelings and emotions.

Unfortunately, even the most experienced Don Juan will not be able to easily subdue a Chinese girl. She will accept gifts, courtship, but will not allow anyone to fully master her heart and soul. With such a lady is difficult. After all, the fan will never be completely sure of her favor. It is difficult to guess what the single Chinese beauty is thinking about. It is impossible to understand. In addition, the lover does not just accept the constant changes in the mood of the Chinese bride. But it’s paradoxical that men very often sigh and think about her!

A man intending to conquer beautiful Chinese woman must have patience. She does not immediately thaw and respond to him in return. For a long time will look closely, evaluate, analyze words, deeds. The problem is that she may get too carried away by this analysis and miss the opportunity, or rather, exhaust the fan’s long-suffering limit. But if he can stand it and has managed to become her husband, he will be quite surprised at how sensual and sexy the Chinese bride is.

Main Orienteers While Meet Chinese Women

  • Start learning Chinese. Chinese women are crazy about foreign men who speak good Chinese. If you flirt with a girl in her native language, you can become a living legend. Especially if you are in a small town;

  • Learn the standards of beauty in China. Remember that beauty standards vary across cultures, and China is no exception. Before making compliments about the appearance of a girl, you should find out what is considered beautiful in China. In general, all Chinese women want to appear tall, have long legs, a very fair complexion, narrowed, almost triangular, a face with a dimple on the chin and eyes with long eyelashes. Compliments aimed at one of these moments will undoubtedly be successful;

  • Try to avoid ready-made schemes of flirting. The problem with all the ready-made flirting schemes is that they never work. Someone came up with them 100 years ago and some men are sure that they still work. To use these schemes with women of another culture is more than senseless and ridiculous, as it will seem even more ridiculous to them. In general, avoid ready-made schemes for flirting, jokes and sarcasm. Chinese women are not used to such communication, and most likely they will not understand you;

  • Don’t call her funny. This word has a negative connotation in Chinese. If she behaves funny, it’s better to go to tip № 5 and call her cute;

  • Avoid talking about past relationships When she asks how many girls you had before her, lie. Usually Chinese women are not looking for a partner for frivolous relationships, they are looking for a husband. Even what may seem like a minor date to you will be an opportunity for single Chinese girl to evaluate you and see if you are a good partner for a long-term relationship. If you are also looking for a wife, tell her that you want to start a family and would be happy to have a couple of mestizo kids someday. It will surely melt her heart.

Chinese Girls For Marriage: the Resources of Search

In order to meet your Chinese love, you need to find a popular and proven site for international dating and marriage announcements that helps thousands of single men to find long-term partners. If you are interested in international dating, then such fdating China platform brings together thousands of single men and women around the world.

Expectations Of Chinese Girls From Their Beloved

As a rule, Chinese women can stand up for themselves, but deep down, they all want to feel protected. Nothing pleases the Chinese bride more than a man, behind whom “like a stone wall.” If the guy: escorts the girl home late at night and brings to the door of the house, (and not just put in a taxi and paid the fare); protects from the jolts of the crowd in transport or at a concert; helps in difficult life, and just in everyday situations, the girl feels protected. And the stronger the sense of security, the more the Chinese girl respects and appreciates the guy.

Chinese brides like smart men who are able to maintain intellectual conversations and are able to express their thoughts. Interestingly, this preference does not depend on the level of intelligence of the woman herself. And as far as the book goes, a well-read clever and classic blonde with a vocabulary of 50 words definitely want a smart man to be close by. The fact is that the intellect of a man is one of his qualities due to which a woman feels protected. Because she wants to be sure that when it comes to making important decisions, a man will be able to take responsibility and take a step in the right direction. Also, a woman expects that a smart man will be able to better understand her, appreciate and ensure good communication in a pair.

It is necessary to clarify that when we talk about loyalty in a relationship, we mean that it is a positive attitude and emotional attachment, which are the determining factors in making any decisions concerning the loyalty object (in this case, the Chinese woman). Naturally, loyalty should not become a phobia, and if the relationship has not become long-term and serious, not burdened with mutual obligations, no one forces a man to adhere to the oath “until death do us part.”

However, this does not mean that Chinese mail order bride will forgive a man for “harem behavior”. The girl expects that the guy will be loyal to her even at the stage of the first meetings. If a woman finds out that a man meets a parallel with another, visits dating sites or does something else like that, she feels deeply offended. It is very important for a woman to feel unique. By the way, for her it is one more factor of security.

How to Avoid Mistakes During Choosing Chinese Mail Order Bride Platform?

Getting to any Chinese dating site, in addition to the bright and promising main page, pay attention to sections like “about us” and “contacts”. If you don’t find any information about this dating service on the pages of the site, then boldly close it and move on to another. Each serious and self-respecting dating service will certainly tell you the most information about yourself: starting from the history of education and ending with all kinds of contact information. Moreover, the data will be not only electronic, but also real, by calling or writing on which you can verify the existence of this organization.

As a rule, solid international dating services exist not for the first year, and they started out initially as real organizations, after which they acquired their own virtual prototypes. This is what the real address shows. Moreover, the major services during their existence have become a real international network. Therefore, in the major cities of different countries there will certainly be the same real representation. Visiting oneself personally is the best way to find out the seriousness and quality of the service.

In addition to contact information, certain documents, licenses, certificates, permits, awards, etc., which are also a certain indicator, can also be presented to your attention on the pages of the site.

Want to Marry a Chinese Women? - Be Prepared for Some Financial Expenses

Do you value your time? On paid dating sites, the system of selection of users, based on the results of a personal test, offers you those dating candidates who are most suitable for you. You get profiles that are selected for you based on the criteria you set, which will save you from viewing numerous profiles. On average, to find Chinese wife with the help of an international dating service will cost you from $ 3,000 to $ 1,000. Account creation is free.


Many Chinese mail order brides are dreaming about a marriage with a wealthy foreign husband. The correct game on this desire will always bring a positive result. Do beautiful things, emphasize the seriousness of their intentions and everything will definitely work out. You should not be led to the behavior of impatiens. Questions about marriage will come from her side more often. And do not forget the tantrums. If you were originally set up for an easy relationship and the Chinese woman got you hysterical, then it will not be easy to get rid of her. Be prepared for constant calls, spam in instant messengers, as well as unexpected visits and hysterical strikes on the door. In the case of parting from her side is possible and some sophisticated revenge.

You should consider that often an impressive set of close and distant relatives is attached to a Chinese wife. Well, parents are generally holy business. Be prepared for serious wedding expenses and further contributions for the benefit of your new family. And the poorer her family, the greater their appetites.

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