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Every man wants to find a wife to make his friends envy him. Colombian ladies are a rare combination of beauty and tenderness with Latin peppercorn. Such a mail order bride is impossible not to notice on the street as she is radiant with energy and positive. Gentlemen are ready to travel miles to see these women in their country and take one of them to their homes.

Fortunately, the Internet and dating sites help to meet Colombian singles easily and quickly. Latin American bases of brides have thousands of girls who want to marry foreigners. Read on to know more about mail order brides and what to expect from them.

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Why do hot Colombian women want to marry a foreigner?

It is worth noting that local girls really want it and have good reasons for doing so. Sad but Colombians treat women disrespectfully. Men are considered leaders in the family, so they ignore the desires and needs of their wives and daughters. It is difficult for modern women to accept the fate of housewives. They are individuals who also have dreams and want respect. Colombian singles are looking for a gentleman who cares about the needs of his lady and gives an opportunity to grow and develop.

Some women suffer from domestic violence and sexual harassment in this country. The Colombian government doesn’t pay attention to this. Local brides can only escape and hope to marry a foreigner to avoid it.

In addition, Colombia is a poor country where many families can’t provide a good future for their children. Men are irresponsible and not motivated to find decent work. Therefore, women must perform household duties and work on several jobs too. Young brides look at the miserable life of their parents and don’t want the same. These beauties deserve more.

Unfortunately, Colombia is also not a safe place with a high level of crime. Local girls understand that international relationships are one of the ways to find a peaceful life. They can’t hope for the better situation in the country.

How do Colombian women attract men?

Colombian woman is the dream of many men. They attract the opposite sex with their energy and beauty. It is difficult to find one characteristic for all women in this country, but Latin America has its own stereotypes. Here is what is common to most Colombian women.

Beauty and gorgeous body

Latin girls have a distinct appearance different from Americans and Europeans. Their dark brown, almost black hair looks very exotic with dark skin. This is not surprising since there is always summer in Colombia. Mostly local girls have brown or green eyes that glow with energy. Blue-eyed ladies are also there and they are incredibly beautiful. Excellent genetics helps them to maintain youth for many years. Colombian women don’t need surgeries as nature has already rewarded them with excellent looks.

The whole world knows that Latin women have the most beautiful bodies. Colombians are very curvy and feminine. Despite the fact that local women love to cook and eat, they have an athletic physique. This is all due to nature and the unique genetic code that holds the heritage of Spain, some other European countries and African people. They prefer an energetic lifestyle, do sports to keep themselves in good shape.

Colombian ladies are not the most fashionable in Latin America. Brides prefer comfortable clothing that shows their curves. They love parties, so their wardrobe always has bright and sexy dresses, which perfectly show their passionate nature.

Character and personality

The nature of Colombian girls can be described in two words – passion and emotions. Local women are a bunch of energy that wants to have fun and make the world happier. They love to dance and are ready to perform the most insane acts. These girls spread unbelievable sexual energy. Besides, they are also very creative, love music and art. A man will never be bored with such a wife. Their main drawback is jealousy, so be careful.

Colombia is the happiest country according to the research in 2004. Despite the hard life and high crime rate, these people don’t like to be sad. Happiness is an important quality for a wife as she can always cheer up her husband. Colombian woman is the best kind of antidepressant.

Young Colombian girls have to start working very early to help their parents or to become independent. They are smart, love to learn and ready to do hard work. Women seek education and want to build a career before marriage.

Despite their independence, they are very family oriented. A bad experience with local men didn’t affect the attitude of Colombian women towards their husbands. They want to see a real gentleman as the father of their children to give him their respect and care. These women become great moms who are ready to devote themselves to the family fully.

The first live date with a Colombian woman

Every man who registers on a dating site expects to meet one of the beautiful Colombian chicks in person. Statistics show that the couples meet each other in real life after 2-4 months after the first dialogue. Great, but how should it be? The arrival of a girl to America can be difficult because of problems with the Visa. Therefore, it is better for a man to go to Colombia in order to get acquainted with both the woman and her culture.

As it was mentioned earlier, Colombia is not a safe place. Be careful not to fall for scammers, always watch out for your wallet and valuable things. Pick up the hotel in advance, find shops, restaurants, and ATMs near it. Read reviews to choose a decent place. But the best way to organize a great trip is to turn to marriage agency professionals. They have years of experience in preparing real-life dates.

DO’s and DONT’s when dating a Colombian bride

And now you are sitting in a hotel apartment and waiting for a meeting with your future Colombian wife. Don’t worry and read some helpful DO’s that are sure to attract a girl.

  1. Be sure to DO compliment your charming girlfriend as she was dressing up and doing makeup just for you today.
  2. DO a table reservation in advance to avoid the lack of empty seats in the restaurant.
  3. Girls love gifts, so DO a surprise for her and bring flowers as well.
  4. After dinner, DO show interest in her city and culture. Ask her to show local sights.

This will be enough to make a pleasant first impression. However, one wrong action can spoil everything. Here is a list of 100% DONT’s.

  1. DON’T be late for a date. At the same time, it’s normal for a woman to be late, so DON’T show your irritation.
  2. When choosing a gift, pick something simple and DON’T buy expensive jewelry or something like that. The bride might think you want to buy her.
  3. DON’T forbid the girl to choose expensive dishes in the restaurant. It would be better if you ask her to choose something of the local cuisine for you.

Colombian woman can invite you to her home. DON’T refuse, but remember that she may just want to introduce you to the parents. Local women can live with mom and dad until they get married, even if they have a job and can have a separate apartment. So you DO have to look good. DON’T wear a suit and tie, something relaxed like a t-shirt or shirt along with jeans. The main thing is to be tidy and clean-shaved.

All you need to know about Colombian dating sites

The Internet is full of international dating agencies. You may have heard successful love stories where a man met his wife online. Statistics show that every 10th American couple found each other on a dating site. At the same time, such marriages are more durable as the partners communicate for a long time, acquire a special connection, and get married only after that. Also, distance is a good test for love before an important decision.

Dating sites are bases of Colombian women for marriage. You can see candidates for free and pay for agency services just before sending the first message to the girl you like. Most platforms offer several feature packages of different prices to choose from. The matching system helps to find the perfect woman using filters.

You can be completely sure of the safety of dating agencies. They don’t transfer men’s data to third parties. The girl must provide a passport to verify a profile. Information about brides is stored exclusively within a site. Men only receive contact information.

In addition, the platforms provide assistance in bringing a girl to your country or vice versa. The visa regime between America and Colombia is very strict and complicated. Agencies fully inform the clients about the cost of travel and other details.

How to choose a Colombian agency?

This is a really important choice as it is the beginning of a path to a successful relationship. The best way is to rely on your own feelings. However, there are some general tips that should help.

  • Colombian bride base size. Pay attention to the number of profiles in the catalog. Make sure that the accounts don’t repeat the first few pages. Pick a few girls to suit your needs to see if the agency meets your preferences.
  • Interface and design. Check out the navigation, try search filters and evaluate the design.
  • Customer support team. Contact the support team for details on working with them. It helps to determine their responsibility, competence, and politeness. Agency staff shows its quality.
  • Prices and Services. Check out the available feature packages and make sure the prices are good for you.

Unfortunately, scammers also exist in the mail-order bride market. Read reviews on the Internet to ensure the level of a site’s trust. An honest agency never asks for payment for registration or access to a catalog of brides. Always read the terms and conditions on the site. Always read the terms and conditions to check for suspicious rules. The best way is to contact friends who have already used the services of dating agencies.

Who are the Colombian mail order brides?

This term has been around for a long time. Back in the 19th century, girls from poor countries came to Europe and America to marry a rich man. Then these women were named mail order brides. Now, this term sounds rude because a man can’t buy a woman as an item, he must attract her. Dating sites provide catalogs of Colombian mail order brides. You should know that this is absolutely legal as both parties agree to the terms.

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