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Filipino Women: Your Comprehensive Guide to Dating Women from  the Philippines

The trend of marrying foreigners has been preserved in many Western countries for a long time. One of the most popular destinations is Southeast Asia. Men from the US, Canada, and Western Europe are looking for brides in such countries as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Read our complete guide to find out why Filipino brides are so popular, how and where you can find a hot Filipino girl for marriage, and how much this will cost to you.

What’s So Special about Filipino Women?

The army of Asian beauty fans is constantly growing. If you love this type of appearance, you’ll be absolutely charmed with the exotic beauty of Filipino girls. Their tanned skin, almond-shaped eyes, and glossy black hair make them really hot. By the way, girls from the Philippines are regular prize-winners of international beauty contests and shows.

However, appearance is not the only weapon of Filipino women. They are appreciated for their mildness and an inborn sense of tact. They adhere to traditional family values – marital fidelity, a focus on homemaking and motherhood.

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Why Do Western Men Look for Filipino Women?

That’s no secret that many Europeans and Americans look for mail order bride abroad; primarily in those where the traditional way of life prevails. But why are they doing so? Aren’t the women from their home counties beautiful enough? The truth is that deep in their soul, most men want to be strong leaders. A perfect wife for them is the one who is modest, reserved, and good-looking. Men do want women to be home-keepers. Unfortunately, the majority of emancipated western women don’t comply with their expectations.

According to the reviews of real men, mail order brides from the Philippines have several advantages if compared to the American and European girls.

  • Filipina women are beautiful. The majority of them are slender and small. You’ll hardly find any overweight or obese girls in this country. Meanwhile, in the US, obesity is a nationwide problem.

  • Beautiful Filipino women tend to have a robust health because they eat a lot of natural, healthy food and try to keep a good activity level. Let’s put political correctness aside: men do want to have healthy, physically active wives and healthy children. By the way, children of mixed parentage (Amerasians) tend to be very beautiful too.

  • They don’t require huge investments. Western women are used to high living standards. They do need good cars, beauty shops, spa, brand clothes, domestic help, nurses for their children, and so on. Filipina wives don’t need much to keep the home clean and tidy. They are loving mothers and great homemakers.

One more reason to choose a Filipino bride is no language barrier. This is a common problem of Chinese of Thai brides, but most Filipino people speak English fluently. So you won’t face difficulties with expressing yourself during communication.

Typical National Features of Philippines Mail Order Brides

We firmly believe that every woman, irrespective of her national identity, is unique. And still, people belonging to a certain nation tend to have some common features. For example, Chinese girls are considered to be hard-working; Ukrainian women are good cooks, and so on. When it comes to Filipino wives, the following national features should be mentioned.

  1. Filipino women are oriented on family life. Yes, some of them get higher education and build a career in major corporations and even run their own business, but these exceptions prove the rule. For the majority of girls and women from the Philippines, their families are the highest priority.

  2. Filipino wives are cleanly and hard-working. They are great homemakers who cope with daily chores perfectly without any help. If you want your home to be clean and tidy all the time, you must marry a girl from the Philippines,

  3. They are good cooks. The Philipino cuisine is a sort of unusual for a typical European, but it is tasty and healthy.

  4. Filipino women are fantastic mothers. They love children; moreover, most of them come from large families, so they know how to treat babies.

There are some other reasons to find a Filipina wife. We’ll talk about them in the next sections of our guide. Keep on reading to find out more details about Filipino women.

Will I Find Common Ground with a Filipina Wife?

A wife is more than just a sexual partner and the mother of your children. She is a life partner, who will stay by your side for many years. Quite naturally, men wonder whether they will be able to find common ground with women from another culture. In fact, a typical Filipina wife is very easy to have a relationship with.

There is a popular belief that Asian women are shy, quiet, and very reserved. They don’t like to show their true feelings and that is why they often seem indifferent. While this can be true for the Japanese (to some extent), it has nothing to do with the girls from the Philippines! Unlike many other Asians, Filipino girls are open, cheerful, and curious. They can be great friends and conversationalists. These girls are talkative, peaceful, and easy to get on with. Marrying a Filipino woman, you’ll never be bored.

If you feel uneasy with emancipated business-ladies and so-called successful women of the modern western society, then Philippines mail order brides are a great option for you. These girls can combine an incredible natural femininity with an overall positive attitude to life and optimism. They are faithful companions, caring wives, and sexy lovers. By the way, their natural sexuality is another feature that attracts men from all over the world so much. Most Filipinas don’t suffer from the typical women’s problems of the 21st century: cellulite, obesity, thin hair, and greasy skin. They can look fantastic without using tons of cosmetics. Glossy hair, smooth tanned skin, white teeth, and nice figure are a secret weapon of a Filipina girl.

Are Filipina Women Expensive?

Love is a great pure feeling that can’t be bought or sold. Quite naturally, you don’t have to pay for it. But if you going to use the services of mail order bride sites for finding a bride, you need to be prepared for some expenditures. That said, these expenditures are usually quite reasonable – much cheaper than traveling to the Philippines and trying to find a wife there in real life.

The price for getting your dream wife is combined with several parts. Of course, you do not literally buy a bride – the Philippines, as well as other civilized countries, forbid people trafficking. Instead, you buy the access to the gallery of hot Filipino women on the chosen dating site. This fee varies from one site to another significantly. In average, you’ll have to pay $10 through $100 monthly for the possibility of looking through the profiles and starting the conversation with the girls. The built-in tools for communication (a messenger or a chat) are provided to all the members of the site for free.

The most expensive part of the process is the real-life meeting (there can be several meetings.) For example, four flights to the Philippine from the US will cost you around $3000. Alternatively, you can invite a girl to your home country and pay for her flights. Besides the flight itself, you need to think about the visa – this is around $1700. Another article of expenditure is booking apartments or hotels to stay in. Their cost can vary, but on average, be ready to spend approximately $1000 per week.

Apart from these basic services, many dating sites offer a range of extra opportunities. Some of them are affordable, such as flowers delivery (around $30); others are quite expensive. For example, you can order a romantic tour with your potential partner. The cost of this tour depends on several variables. Usually, it is $3000-$4000.

All things taken together, the cost of finding Filipino women for marriage is around $10 000-$11 000. Add to this figure your personal expenditures on the wedding ceremony and the registration of marriage and get an average price for marrying a hot Filipina woman. Mind that the most expensive part is travelling, which includes the cost of tickets and a visa. The prices for the services of matchmaking agencies are quite reasonable.

What Features Make Filipinas Great Wives

Every woman wants to have a good husband. Every man wants to have a good wife. But what wife is good? Of course, you can say that it’s just a matter of taste. However, specialists working in matchmaking agencies all over the world say that most men have very similar requirements.

  1. A good wife should be feminine. This refers not just to her look, but also to her behavior, manners, and values. Contrary to a popular belief, few men see Amazons as life partners. They may admire strong, masculine-looking women; they can respect them as friends; however, marrying such women is against men’s nature. The femininity of young Philippino girls is what attracts men.

  2. A good wife should be a good homemaker. Of course, one can hire servants to clean the home and order fast food or go out for a dinner. However, many men admit that they are happy to eat homemade food cooked by the beloved woman. Filipino girls are brought up in the families with traditional values where a mother teaches her daughters how to cook, wash the dishes, clean the home, and care about other family members.

  3. A good wife should be a good mother. Again, it’s not a problem to hire a babysitter. And still, the mother’s role can’t be overestimated. Men subconsciously associate women with motherhood. They want their children to be brought by mothers, not babysitters. In this respect, Filipino girls are a step ahead of western wives.

  4. Finally, a good wife should be beautiful. We have already touched upon the beauty of Asian brides. Men who like this type of appearance find Filipino girls really cute.

As you see, there are multiple reasons to marry a Filipino woman. If you have traditional views on the family institution and prefer a calm lifestyle, a wife from the Philippines is what you need. She is the type of woman who will respect you and follow you wherever you go.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Filipino Bride for Marriage

How easy is it to get a Filipina woman? It depends on how you understand the essence of online dating. Girls looking for marriage expect from men certain behavior patterns. Before you start your search, we recommend you to google for some essential facts about the Philippines and its people. We are glad to share several important tips with you.

Things to Know about the Philippines

The Philippines is a secular state, but religion plays an important role in its citizens’ life. The good news is that this is one of the few Asian states where the Christian religion prevails. Over 80% of the population are Catholics – this is a big relief for most Americans and Europeans. When communicating with Filipino girls, try not to offend their religious feelings, as they are often very devout.

Another important thing is that the Philippines is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. This creates numerous problems – from poor ecology to a high unemployment rate. And this is one of the primary reasons why Filipino girls wand to change the place of residence by marrying a foreign man. And still, they love their country just because it is their motherland. So don’t say anything bad or offensive about their land.

Things to Know about Communicating with Filipino Girls

Commonly, western men don’t experience any difficulties with communication, as Filipino women have much in common with them – they are Catholics and they speak English. But apart from the “technical” side of the question, there is a substantive aspect. What topics should you raise to attract a woman and what topics are a taboo? Let’s make it clear.

No matter what kind of girl you are talking to, specialists recommend to begin with neutral topics. Talk about the climate and weather in your countries. Tell about your hobbies and areas of interest. Discuss your favorite books and movies. After that, if you seem to like each other, tell something more “personal”; for example some facts about your family and friends, about your job, and life goals. Wait for the feedback or ask her gently about her family, her friends, etc.

At the same time, there are some taboos. These are the topic, which should not be touched upon until you have built a conciliatory relationship. If you feel that your partner trusts you and you trust her you may try to discuss these topics. But on the first “meeting” they are taboos:

  • politics and political issues;

  • religion;

  • income level;

  • your past relationships with other women;

  • your sexual preferences;

  • your health problems (if there are any.)

Also, be very careful when talking about her family. Filipinas deeply respect their parents, and they don’t understand jokes on this subject. The best approach is to be neutral and polite.

Things to Know about Dating Sites

Most dating sites do not search partners for their customers. They just provide a convenient platform for searching Philippines singles online and with minimal hassle. After you verify your account and pay for the membership, you can immediately start searching for your dream woman. But don’t try to seize the unseizable. There’s no need to write to every pretty girl you meet. We recommend to spend some time and study the profiles of the brides carefully. It will help you to sort out the candidates that don’t suit you for any reason. Don’t start too many conversations simultaneously – you’ll just get confused. Don’t hurry: after all, you are choosing a life partner, not a pair of shoes.

To Sum It Up

Looking for a life partner online has become a common practice for people in different countries. Commonly, men from western countries look for brides in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The Philippines are one of the most popular destinations in the entire Asian region. Filipino girls are famous for their femininity, natural beauty, and serious attitude to family life. Marrying a Filipina woman, one gets a lot of benefits.

Finding a hot bride from the Philippines is easy when you know how to do it. Mail order bride services are modern and convenient platforms that provide all the necessary tools for hassle-free online communication. The best dating agencies have huge databases of single men and women; they help them find each other even if they live two thousand miles away from each other. Your dream woman is closer than you think, so don’t lose your time. Hundreds of hot Filipino brides are waiting for their foreign princes. Who knows, maybe, you can turn one of these princes.

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