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Journey to finding an ideal dating partner is never an easy one. Not just because of busy schedules, but also because of problems with confidence. However, there is nothing to worry about, as dating sites have come to eliminate such issues. And as of today, Guatemala has become a hot spot for strangers who are looking for beautiful mail order brides. 

Guatemala, a country located in Central America, is not just an ideal tourist destination, but also a very romantic one. A lot of foreign men have found their soulmate here. Beautiful Guatemalan women have men from all over the world flying to Guatemala just to start relationship with one of those beauties. And you could easily be one of those men.

Many American and European men who are looking to date gorgeous Guatemalan girls, pay attention to the fact that there are plenty of Guatemalan ladies who are also in search of a foreign husband. Why don't young and appealing brides from Guatemala want to marry local men? This review will help you understand many elements of the lives of lovely Guatemalan females and by the end of reading it you will realize that marrying a foreigner is the only way out for most of them.

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Guatemalan Women: Where And How They Live

Guatemala is also known as the “land of forests”. This name has its origins in one of the Mayan dialects spoken by the local population during the Spanish invasion back in 1523. Although this name is now used everywhere, there are still a lot of people in Guatemalan who still identify themselves in accordance with the branch of the indigenous population they belonged to many centuries ago. The subsequent migration of Europeans (and particularly Germans), as well as citizens of Asian countries(including China, Korea, and Japan), significantly affected the development of the cultural picture of the country, while eroding the population’s traditional culture.

Guatemalan Ladies aren’t Equal to men

According to the law, Guatemalan women have the same exact rights as Guatemalan men, but that’s not how it works in reality. If you have ever visited large in cities in Guatemala, then you have probably seen a lot of girls who even work in banks and hotels, but it’s a totally different story in the villages, where poor Guatemalan women have to work even more than males from morning till night, and they have no right to rest. The division of labor by sex is still maintained in Guatemala. As a rule, ladies are assigned to a purely female role- housekeeping and looking after children. However, if a Guatemalan mail order bride is well-educated, she often operates in office and other “traditional men” fields of activity, and this is deemed normal. About half of Guatemalan women, including females from rural regions, are hired in agriculture.

Style of a Typical Guatemalan Woman

Guatemalan women know how to enjoy their life and be happy, and they can make you forget about all of your problems in no time. Most Guatemalan girls wear colorful dresses that is a mixture of traditional Mayan costumes and contemporary clothing. They don’t feel like emphasizing their sexiness by wearing too open clothes. Being well-educated in a traditionalist patriarchal society would make them look uncomfortable or even risk causing a wrong reaction in their country of residence. There is also a big risk of becoming a victim of sexual assault or even physical harm, so it is best for women in Guatemala not to dress that way, no matter how sexy they are. That’s one of the reasons why Guatemalan women continue wearing traditional clothing. A unique shawl is often used as a decorative addition to traditional clothing. You most likely won’t see a single Guatemalan woman wearing pants, jeans, shorts, trousers, leggings, capri pants and anything else that isn’t a skirt. Guatemalan women spend most of their time in domestic dresses, which is a blouse adorned with all sorts of ribbons and ruffles. It is also decorated with “corto”. It is a piece of fabric that is wrapped around the hips several times and fastened with a belt. If a woman in a village shows herself in pants or jeans, she will be mocked at. However, it is considered totally normal for them to show off their breasts. Guatemalan wives are free to feed their children in government locations, wear transparent sweaters, and walk without a bra. It sounds weird, but that’s how it works in Guatemala. In short, Guatemalan women love putting on skirts, and feel themselves very comfortable living in a tropical climate.

How Guatemalan Women Look After Their Children

Like I have already said, there is no such thing as women rights in Guatemalan villages. Guatemalan ladies can’t do much without the permission of their husband. Most of them can’t read and write, and some of the girls can get married at 12 years old, and then give birth to a huge number of kids, because they have no idea that they might not be pregnant all the time. And those who do know about protection and want to use contraceptives, have to get an agreement from their husband. Abortion is forbidden in Guatemala.

When a Guatemalan woman finds out she’s pregnant, the world isn’t flourishing for her with all the rainbow colors. Sadly, she finds this moment more tragic than happy. She doesn’t want a child in most cases, just like she didn’t want all of the previous ones. More than half of Guatemalan women who know about contraceptives are unable to use them as husbands are against them. Unfortunately, husband is the only one who can decide how many kids there are going to be in the family. A female has no voting rights and basically can’t control her body. There is also no such thing as maternity leave. They’re going to keep walking in the field looking after corn every day, as well as preparing dinner for a family of ten, getting out, washing clothes, revenging their earthen floor, and doing everything necessary to keep the husband happy.

This kind of life is simply unbearable for women, and that’s why they decide to become mail order brides. They start looking for foreign man to leave the country and forget about this continual work, ruined health, and the need to give their men as many children as they want.

Qualities of Guatemalan Women

The reserved and conservative Guatemalan culture is what makes local women very special. They’re looking for a guy to have a serious relationship with and eventually want to marry. Here are some interesting characteristics of these wonderful women:


Very Conservative


Gender roles are still highly defined within Guatemalan culture, which is why Guatemalan women have embraced their roles unreservedly. Guatemalan women are therefore fantastic housekeepers, meaning that they are excellent cooks, great wives, thoughtful mothers and women with great personalities. The most important thing for them is to raise kids and make you happy.


Such brides love cooking for the family, cleaning, taking care of their children and doing their feminine responsibilities. The fact that they are traditional and conservative does not imply that they aren’t educated. They are very wise and you will see it for yourself.


Love Partying


Festivals are a major component of life in most nations of Central and Southern America. Guatemala is one of those nations as well. Thousands of individuals take part in very important activities every year. If it means singing, dancing and having fun at a national celebration event, then the Guatemalan women will always be there in the thick of things having fun with the best of them.


It is essential for every Guatemalan to preserve their local culture during such a celebration. These females are proud of their heritage and will always be enthusiastic about any festival and take it very seriously. So when she informs you she has to join a traditional festival, remember how much she loves partying and that she is a traditional type.

Very Romantic

Guatemalan mail brides think of love as a wonderful and magical feeling, and never take it for granted. They love surprises, and even if you make her a small gift, she will be really grateful. In order to conquer the heart of a Guatemalan woman, remember to be soft and kind to her. Remember that She likes taking her time, so there is no need to rush her.

Don’t count on sleeping with her on the first date. Guatemalan mail order brides take relationships very seriously, so she wants to know you a lot better first before taking another step in the relationship.  Remember to make your intentions clear on the first date.


Girls that live in Guatemala are mostly Catholics and their personality and worldview are influenced by faith. That’s why Guatemalan females are always going to practice restraint in case there is any showing off. They enjoy to dress up nicely in easy casual clothes, little or no makeup, and will always include the traditional element in their dressing.

Stunning Beauty

Guatemalan mail order brides have a mixture of European and Native American ancestry, so they are very attractive and exotic. Most of them have dark and thick hair, brown eyes, bronzed skin, as well as feminine and curved body. These females love to take care of themselves. The majority of them looks younger than they actually are, not because of plastic surgery, but because of their healthy lifestyle.

Observe Strict Budgets

Guatemala brides never spend a lot of money on anything besides family needs. They know how to save money and always look at ways they can cut costs. They will look for the best locations to go, the best schools to bring their kids to, and will visit trainings on how to reduce expenditure habits that could hurt the budget. This is something that differs them from a lot of other women.

Religion and Beliefs

Unlike other Central American countries, Guatemalan residents have maintained their Native American ancestors customs and traditions in a rather big quantity. Millions of Guatemalan brides still wear traditional costumes, leading a lifestyle that hasn’t altered much since the Conquista period. Mayan descendants together with Christian saints continue to worship multiple totemic animals and the characteristics of these animals are often attempted to transfer to their behaviour. The Christian cross is the “heir” of the ancient Mayan symbol for many Indians, meaning the four sides of heaven. Catholicism, therefore, sometimes takes rather strange forms— traditional Native American views are blended here with Christian dogmas, ceremonies are rather uncommon, and the saints pantheon is generously diluted with local personalities. For example, St. Simeon is very popular in the mountains, which in the local version is an “alloy” of the ancient god of the forest, conquistadors and biblical Judas. At the same moment, Christian religion has a very important place in the lives of Guatemala bride. Every village has its own church and unquestioned power for priests.

Even though nearly all ladies in Guatemala are Christians, they actually believe in witches and wizards: this faith emerges from ancient Mayan traditions. Different sorcerers, healers and shamans have a huge impact, and according to local convictions, can cast or remove curses, predict the future and intercede before the Gods for individuals. According to Native American convictions, “evil eye” may be the cause of unhappiness and many diseases. Thus, individuals particularly vulnerable to the evil eye (pregnant Guatemalan females, kids, and elderly individuals) are generally encircled by dozens of amulets and are not shown to strangers. The traditional Indian bowler hat, generally saturated with different amulets and consecrated on either the church altar or the local sorcerer, serves the same purpose of protecting against evil forces. Therefore, when you meet a single and appealing Guatemalan bride and she begins to tell you about these all of this, do your best to understand her and do not make jokes out of it: as long as it does not harm anyone, let her believe in some mysteries.

Why Guatemalan Girls are Extremely Popular Among Foreign Men

Many Americans and Europeans are sure they will never be rejected by a Guatemalan woman. They suppose that if Guatemalan brides come from a very bad country where they are humiliated, where every woman is only taken as an instrument that helps a guy get joy and kids, then they would use every chance to escape their nation, even if a possible spouse is over 60. Most of these gentlemen are correct: poverty and terrible social life make Guatemalan ladies become brides. It’s a much better choice than offering their bodies to tourists just to get some money in order to feed the family. When this girl’s parents learn that their daughter or granddaughter seeks love abroad, they don’t argue with her (particularly mothers and grandmothers). Wishing only the best for their kids, they encourage these young beauties to upload their pictures using multiple marriage agencies situated in the USA, Spain, China, Japan, and some European nations, where men would be interested in them.

A lot of men are interested in Guatemalan mail brides because they are recognized as the finest mothers and excellent housewives who are always prepared to work and do not complain about their life. By this, I don’t mean that foreign men looking for a servant or a slave. These guys are simply motivated by the hard work these women do every day and have a lot to learn from them. They won’t push their future wives to work 24/7; but they just can’t be compared to some of their local females who never cook and never clean up the house. Furthermore, American and European women for the most part hate giving birth to kids until they are at least 30 or even 35 years old, while Guatemalan brides will do it, particularly if they realize they will be supplied with everything. And they don’t need much. All they are asking for is healthcare and pleasant circumstances to give birth to a baby and then feed the child and care for him/her.

Babies weep extremely rarely in Guatemala. When the child starts crying, mother reacts to his complaints immediately and reassures him. It’s hard to believe, but when a Guatemalan bride marries a country man with a different level of life, children born in those families are also very calm and healthy.

Top Services to Look for Guatemalan Mail Order Brides

You obviously have the choice to travel to Guatemala to find the love your life, but by checking out the best Guatemalan dating sites, you can save yourself a lot of time and boost your chances of finding the ideal partner. Here are some of the best sites that are worth checking out:


This is one of the best websites for dating gorgeous women from Central and South America. It has a number of great features that will make your communication easier and more enjoyable. It also has a perfect search algorithm, so finding your soulmate shouldn’t be a problem. Registration is absolutely free, but if you want to take advantage of all the amazing features, you will need to purchase a subscription.


One of the best dating sites featuring millions of lovely mail order brides from Central and South America. And there are thousands of gorgeous Guatemalan brides that are looking for foreigners. This dating agency has a lot of interesting features, a user-friendly design and it is totally free to sign up. It is also incredibly safe.


Another wonderful dating platform that connects thousands of Guatemalan females to foreign men. Interface of the site is very convenient, making it very easy to find everything you need. It’s a simple site that enables you to chat, communicate and like the women’s profiles you

find interesting. It’s the perfect place to look for your love.


As you can see from the above characteristics, Guatemalan mail order brides are definitely worth dating. It’s hard not to be excited about dating a beautiful Guatemalan lady, particularly if you are looking for a stable and serious relationship that will lead to marriage.

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