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Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle, which is not surprising. The nature of this country is rich in incredible landscapes: rolling green views of the slopes, expanses of fields, forests, mirror-like purity of rivers and lakes. However, women of Ireland also have a fascinating beauty. They always have a fresh complexion and cheerful mood, thanks to the fresh air and high standard of living, many Irish girls look simply amazing. Almost all Irish are a very cheerful nation. Pleasure and fun are main aspects in their daily life priorities list. They like having fun at a good and noisy party sipping their favorite Guinness beer. And the Irish brides also love to drink and have a great party somewhere in the pub.


Irish women are also very patriotic. They adore their country and admire the beauty of its nature. Therefore, men who want to bind their lives with an Irish woman should know that they will often have to let their wives go back to Ireland so that they can visit their families and friends. Although English is now the native language of most Irish people, their official language is Gaelic. Throughout history, Gaelic was the only language spoken by the Irish until the late 19th century. Almost all women in Ireland speak two languages ​​or speak Gaelic. In addition, most Irish beauties have a good Catholic education. They have a strong sense of independence, they are well educated and work a lot to earn money for a living. This is also what Irish mail order bride will look for in their future husband. They need a strong and independent man whom they will love and respect. Irish are very educated and always try to look good, so they are looking for a man who will take care of his appearance and have good manners. Moreover, do not forget to open the door when an Irish girl passes by. It is also reasonable to note that each Irish woman has impeccable manners, and behaves wisely and with restraint.


In addition, Irish ladies have a more sarcastic, witty sense of humor, which is also defiant at the same time, can lead to unpleasant consequences. However, when the jokes are pronounced in their soft Irish style, your Irish lady will be delighted. Irish women can be very angry, but at the same time, they have a heart of gold. It is believed that most Irish beauties have red hair, but also many of them have brown hair or brunettes. Many tend to have pale and sometimes freckled skin. However, you can meet various types of women: tall, short, white, black, dark or blonde. Fashion is also very important for any Irish beauty, and all the women of this country are proud of their appearance. Irish girls can dress up to make an impression whether it is a dress, suit or casual clothes. Even jeans and a T-shirt look good on a beautiful Irish lady.


What You Should Know About Your New Irish Bride?

Thinking about Irish girl, the first thing that comes to mind is red hair, green eyes and charming freckles. Although it is believed that Irish girls are naturally pale, brown hair or blue eyes are also common thing. It is said that most of them pay attention to how they look, no matter where they are going to go. Dressing up, wearing heels and making a nice make up are very important things in their daily life. Energy is what characterizes these hot Irish beauties. Their quick manner of speaking in combination with an accent may take a little time to get used to, but in the end you will like it very much. They are very friendly and always cheerful, because they come from the culture of people who usually don’t say no when it’s time to have a party. Perhaps your Irish lady will teach you funny Irish songs. Politeness is part of their character, and they tend to treat everyone well. In addition, do not be surprised when your Irish bride will show her strong and independent side. She will not be afraid to express her opinion and be right about it.


They are said to be competitive and aimed at what they want from life, struggling stubbornly to make it better. Not only for themselves, but also for those who are dear to them. You will not need to support your partner financially, because she will be ready to work to improve your life and will do anything to have strong relationships and cozy home working together as a team. You will probably be glad to see many fantastic dishes that will always be on the table, some according to her mother’s long-learned recipes, and others that are modern, cooked and healthy meals. Get ready for your amazing lady to be more religious than you expected. In other words, although she may drink more than you do on Saturday night, she will happily go to church on Sunday morning. Loyalty is the key word when it comes to Irish girls. As soon as she chooses you, she is yours forever. This may be the result of a Catholic upbringing or just the result of national culture. Moreover, beautiful Irish women stick to their husbands, no matter what. There is no doubts that she will be with you in good times as well as in bad times. However, they expect love and affection in response to be shown and given to them without hesitation.


Features of Irish women

Irish women are loyal

If a foreign man is looking for a faithful wife, single Irish women is the perfect solution. Irish women are brought up in families where marriages are very serious and important events, and girls are brought up so that they respect their husbands and stay close to them in any situation, regardless of circumstances. Therefore, growing up, they do not accept marriage unserious. Loyalty is one of strong character traits of these women, it makes them a suitable wife for men who are somewhat unsure in themselves or worry about the possibility of betrayal by their wives. If an Irish woman is in love with a man, then there is nothing she wouldn’t do for him.


They are incredible and awesome

Without a doubt, Irish brides are the fantasy of many men all over the world. There is something exciting and alluring in the women of this country. It is not clear exactly what it is - red hair, green eyes, cute freckles, accent, or all of the above. Irish are very beautiful, and their image is usually used in films as a symbol of charm - and for good reason. Irish girls are very concerned about their appearance. They not only possess charming natural beauty, but also are very pride of how they look. They always try to do their best to look perfect, regardless of whether they go to a grocery store or a nightclub. Men always are proud of their Irish love wives showing up with them in different public places.


They like to dress to impress

Irish women take care of themselves and always strive to look good, paying attention to their lifestyle. They take great care of their wardrobe so that they can always create a stunning image. From the minute they wake up to the time they go to bed, you can be sure that, no matter what, their excellent appearance is the part of their unrivaled style that will always be their feature.


Irish women are very funny

For foreigners who are looking for an perfect, cheerful bride who will be the first to party - Irish female is the perfect choice. If a man is not quite ready for marriage and wants to meet an Irish woman for a long-term relationship that is more for adventure and thrill, then surely there is an Irish woman who can live up to that expectation.


They monitor their health

Although they like to have fun and walk at night and drink beer, at the same time, they try to adhere to the correct diet and do physical exercises to care for their body. They understand that the key to the happiness of their future family is their health and well-being.


Irish women love to travel and adventure

They love to see new places, walk barefoot along a country road and spend unforgettable nights in the city. No matter what the tastes of men, Irish women, suitable for any type. They are largely flexible natures, and will be able to adapt to any situation.


How To Meet an Irish Woman Online?

Many stories of people meet Irish girl on dating sites are real and you too can find your soulmate there. On the Internet, you can find the best Irish brides with a single click, if only you know where to look for. There are many online dating portals and it is easy to get lost or even become a victim of fraud on one of them. Some websites ask for thousands of dollars just to provide users with information about hot Irish girls, and guarantee that men will soon see their beauties right at their doors. Keep in mind that it is illegal to wrap a person in a box and send her abroad.


At a reliable Irish brides agency, all information should be open to public access. Profiles and user information should be free for everyone. Although the exchange of messages or video chat may require a small fee. However, if the site requires a large amount of money, then there is cause to leave this source and try to find another one. Before thinking about going to Ireland, you should communicate a little longer with beautiful Irish brides. During communication, you can find out who is the most suitable for you and then suggest her to meet in a real life. If her answer will be “yes”, you can plan your visit and let yourself enjoy your date with your beautiful Irish lady.


What to do to meet Irish singles:

  1. Find an honest dating site and go through quick registration which will take a few minutes.
  2. Fill out a questionnaire telling only true facts about yourself, and write more information about yourself, as well as about your goals and intentions on Irish affairs dating site.
  3. Upload your best photos to your profile. You need to upload photos of only of a good quality. Do not upload photos of yourself with strangers or weird pictures.
  4. Start searching for a potential bride using the site options and filters that will help you find only those girls who are most suitable for you. It will save a lot of time.
  5. After the search returns a result, you need to carefully review the profiles of the girls you like and write to those you like the most.
  6. At the beginning of communication you need to immediately find out what the true intentions of an Irish woman are and if your desires are the same, after a certain period of communication online you can offer her a meeting in real life.


Why are Irish women perfect for marriage?

If you want to marry a good girl, then you should definitely pay attention to Irish beauties.


Irish girls are family-oriented

Most of them grow up in large families, where traditional Irish values ​​are very much appreciated. If you want a wife, who will do household chores, who knows how to cook, take care of her children and keep her house in order, then the Irish wife is just what you need. With this woman, the children will always be supervised, and the house will be clean and comfortable.


Irish women are very religious personalities

Although this may seem like a problem in the first days of a relationship, in fact it is a big plus. Because the foundation of your family will be built on high moral values ​​- a faithful, virtuous, decent wife; morally healthy, educated children - in a word, an ideal family.


They are passionate lovers

It is a country of passionate people and great culture. If you want to return home every day to a loving and passionate wife who will support fire and passion in your relationship, then girls of this nationality are the most suitable option.


Family Traditions in Ireland

This is the most prosperous country in which each person can have everything that is needed and in which each can create perfect relationship between spouses and create a friendly and strong family. In Ireland, most people get married very late and not because they want to get independence, but simply because they do not want to take responsibility for the family and raising children. Relations between spouses and between relatives are always friendly and very strong. Even if there are problems, quarrels and disagreements that as a rule accompany any family relationship, strong family ties will never be broken. Children will never leave their parents in trouble, and each family member will always help and support others if necessary.


In the case of the Irish family, it turns out that only mothers are engaged in upbringing, because fathers will surely find a reason to avoid their responsibilities. Therefore, on the streets of Ireland you can only see mothers with wheelchairs who can be gathered by companies in order not to be so bored. In rare cases, of course, you can see beginner fathers, who take short walks with the strollers, but it happens very rarely. Women who are working usually use nanny service, or find other ways out of the situation when the child has no one to leave with. It can be noted that there is some injustice towards mothers in Ireland who fully take responsibility for raising children. Fathers can participate in the upbringing only after the first years of the child’s life.


Constitutional rights belong equally to both parents, who are equally responsible for children raising. However, in fact, only the father has real rights, because only the father can decide where the child will live, where he/she can go for studying. A woman in Ireland has no right to have financial savings that are shared or even her own ones. While she is married, all financial matters remain with the man. A woman in Ireland can only rely on funds that a spouse can allocate for her to housekeeping and dress children. Even if all money the family has were earned by a female and the man has nothing to do with them, the wife cannot use these funds to solve her problems without her husband’s permission. If a major purchase is planning, which you have to buy on credit or by installments, then in this case the word woman does not mean anything. If there is no consent of the husband, the purchase won’t be bought under no circumstances. This indicates a certain infringement of Irish women rights, which limits not only their freedom, but also puts them a few steps lower than a man, even if female has a higher position in society than her husband and gets a higher salary.

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What cultural peculiarities make Irish women so interesting?

Ireland is a country very rich in traditions and very respectful of them. Dating with an Irish woman is a great chance to know better about rich and diverse culture of this country, as well as to learn more about its art, literature, theater, folklore, religion, etc. If you want to start chatting with an Irish bride online, you need to learn a little more about them, as well as about the cultural characteristics of Irish nation.

  1. The Irish are very fond of the history of their country and know a lot about it. They are ready to talk about it for hours and do not hide their pride. They are known for their sharp mind and are always in a good mood. Therefore, with the Irish bride you will never be bored.
  2. Irish women cook great. In Irish families, traditional Irish cuisine is passed on from generation to generation. If you like healthy and nutritious meals, consider starting looking for an Irish wife.
  3. Do not overdo it with compliments when you are on a date with an Irish woman, otherwise you risk incurring her anger. Although a sincere small compliment may be useful, it’s not worth trying all these romantic lines from Romeo and Juliet. At these tricks don't work with the Irish.


To sum up

Irish beauties can be ideal friends and wives for foreign men. Therefore, it is not surprising that most foreigners are beginning to look for a beautiful Irish woman to communicate on the Internet in order to get to know her better and possibly meet her in real life. After all, many people want to start a long-term relationship to create a marriage and a family with the Irish beauty. In turn, the Irish ladies also dream of finding a man from another country and building a strong relationship with him, and possibly getting married. Irish women have many positive qualities that will be useful in everyday life and in marriage. Today, there are many reasons why men look for Irish brides on the Internet - from their looks to their devotion to family and home.