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Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world and home for such internationally known brands like Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Suzuki etc. The land of the rising sun is also famous for its magnificent landscapes, unique culture… and beautiful women. Japanese women is one of the reasons why there are so many tourists in Japan. Their beauty, temper, mindset are quite different from those of American girls and a great number of American men find them more attractive. Apparently, you are looking for a Japanese mail order bride, too. Do you want to know a small secret? Try the service called Japanese mail order brides.

The procedure is quite simple: you should find an online dating agency (there are many of them on the internet), create an account and look through the active profiles of hot Japanese women. Then choose the one you like the most and start online communication. If everything works out between you - your marriage will be the first benchmark of your happy family life!

Japanese women have ideal figures (almost all of them are slim, tiny, with beautiful long legs), they know how to take care of themselves, they are stylish, finally, they always look younger than their age. In a relationship, they are loyal, supportive, patient, self-sufficient, family-oriented, ambitious. We are sure you would love to have a life partner with all those virtues. Now is the best moment to find your beautiful Japanese wife! Still, you have some doubts? Let’s provide you with solid reasons why you should start looking for a Japanese woman right now!

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Solid reasons in favour of marrying Japanese mail order brides

  • Japanese girls are not looking for money. Japan is a rich country with a low unemployment rate. In general, all adult Japanese women have a job even if they are in a relationship with a wealthy guy. So, if a Japanese girl is looking for an American husband, it has nothing to do with money. Yet, American men have other things that Japanese women find very attractive – we will talk about it later;
  • mix of cultures is great. You are the representers of two different worlds and this mix of two cultures, two mindsets, two lifestyles will make both of you stronger and more prepared for the challenges of this complex world. You’ll have the chance to learn Japanese, discover the country, its history, cultural heritage, food… this adventure will be unforgettable!;
  • she can work really hard and make substantial efforts for her family. In Japan, “live like there’s no tomorrow” lifestyle does not exist. Japanese people, women included, are extremely hard-working – it is a tradition here. Your Japanese woman will never expect you to be the only provider for the family. However, in Japan people are fond of overworking, so take your Japanese woman out regularly;
  • she is nice. Japanese women are real cuties in terms of appearance and behaviour. You want to hug them and kiss them all the time, she looks literally like a doll. In Japanese, this “cuteness” is called kawaii and in our opinion, it is one of the reasons why you should have a Japan date;
  • she has good manners. Generally, Japanese women are well-educated and well mannered. Japanese women think before acting/speaking, they will never behave in a rude manner;
  • Japanese girls are good in bed. They might seem shy and indecisive, but be sure that Japanese girls are very passionate. You will have a lot of sex, she will give you all her energy and she will expect you to do the same;
  • a lot of Japanese women want to marry a foreigner, so do not have any doubts – your Japanese date will do everything possible for you to be comfortable. Of course, it does not mean that you can take advantage of her, but it is very rare to see this kind of devotedness among Western women.

Japanese women: royal manners

Those who have already visited Japan or studied its culture know for sure that the Japanese people are considered to be the most polite nation in the world. In Japan, every person feels comfortable, even if he/she does not speak the language. An important thing: we are not talking about the fake politeness when people try to be nice in order to get something in return (to get tips, for example). Japanese people are taught to be polite with everyone since childhood, so their politeness is totally natural.

Japanese women are not an exception. They would never talk offensively to their husbands. You’ll probably never see your Japanese bride cry, get mad, have a tantrum – most of the time the Japanese are calm, concentrated, relaxed. They know how to hide their emotions, how to smile politely even if they are tired. The Japanese politeness astonishes Western people who are used to crazy people, rude language etc. Japanese women have manners up to the Queen standards and it is their huge advantage. What man wouldn’t want to marry a princess?

Japanese women care about their husband’s personal space

Personal space is another very important issue in Japanese culture. Historically, Japanese people were living in farming communities where personal space (pasonaru supesu in Japanese) was impossible. Even now, the biggest cities in the country are overcrowded and it is difficult to find a place where a person can enjoy this precious moment of being alone. Therefore, the Japanese have developed an entire culture of respecting people’s personal space. You can notice it everywhere in Japan: people wear masks, take a nap in public, visit so-called manga cafes.

The same rule is applied in a relationship: Japanese wives respect their husbands’ personal space. If you need some time to be alone or hang out with your friends (go fishing, visit a football match etc) you will not need to make up stories and lie. A Japanese woman for marriage does not expect you to be always beside her. However, she expects the same attitude from you: she has a right to go out with her friends both females and males, she is not supposed to tell you all her thoughts (that’s great isn’t it?). Moreover, if you are dating a Japan single, don’t be jealous: she will be loyal to you if she loves you, but disrespect of her personal space might turn out badly for you. In other words – in a relationship with Japanese singles you should behave like an adult, not like an enamoured teenager, she will appreciate it.

Family is number one priority for Japanese brides

Another reason to meet Japanese women is the fact that they are family-oriented. For the Japanese, like for the Asians in general, the family is something sacred. In Japan, a single adult woman without children is badly seen (even if it is a widespread phenomenon nowadays). According to the Japanese traditions, the family gives people shelter in this world, stability in the chaos.

You have to understand that for the Japanese women, marriage equals children. So, if you would like to marry your Japanese woman without having children for some period of time, you should have solid reasons to do so. Otherwise, she will be confused and disappointed to some extent. Note that the girl feels the pressure of the entire Japanese society which requires from the young family to have children. Her parents will make pressure on her, too (it is obvious in every country in the world – parents want grandchildren). Thus, you should take these issues seriously and discuss everything with your date.

Japanese women are good mothers. They have this special maternal instinct which prompts them to do everything possible for the good of their children. They will take care of their education, physical and mental health. At the same time, Japanese brides will work if it is needed, they won’t sleep at night if the children are sick etc.

Another important point is that Japanese brides treat the older family members with deep respect. Regardless of the circumstances, they will never give to them a sign of disrespect or disagreement. It does not mean, of course, that Japanese women do not have their point of view, it’s just they are taught not to contradict the elders openly. Bear this in mind and defend your Japanese bride when it is needed.

Japanese women are well-educated

Education in a priority for every person in Japan. Local school system and higher education institutions are among the most developed in the world. Unlike young people in other rich countries (the United States, the Europeans states etc), the majority of Japanese people get diplomas of higher education. Therefore, the average IQ score in Japan places the country among the world leaders (106, the United States’ score is 98).

Japanese women are not seeking rich boyfriends to have an enjoyable, careless life. They are not looking for foreign husbands in order to immigrate. Japanese brides can be successful on their own, thanks to their knowledge, hard work, determination, diligence. So, if you are going to get a Japanese mail order wife, in no way you should think that you are buying the girl – be sure, the girl is totally autonomous and self-sufficient.

So, be prepared to date a girlfriend who is very smart and educated. In order to keep up a conversation, you should be smart, too. If you have got a university degree – tell her about it, especially if it was a reputable university. Speak about your profession (if you are economist, engineer, lawyer – you’ve got the best chances to interest her, but regardless of your profession – talk about it and make your Japanese bride believe that you are a good specialist). Say a few words about what you are doing for a living: your current job, your ambitious, possibilities of career development etc – Japanese women like men who are doing well financially and are determined to have a great career. Once again – they are not interested in money itself, they want their man to be ambitious, passioned by his job, willing to make everything possible to improve the financial situation of his family. Those qualities are highly appreciated in Japan.

Tips on winning the heart of your Japanese bride

You’ve already found the girl of your dreams and want to make a good impression on her? Well done! Here are some tips that might be useful to you.

  1. show your love. Japanese men are generally shy and they have problems with expressing their love towards their partners. In order to win the heart of your Japanese bride, be different: show signs of affection in public, hold her hand, compliment her, send flowers/gifts, kiss her etc. It might be visibly embarrassing for her but be sure that she adores it;
  2. learn how to read between the lines. Even if Japanese society develops rapidly, the conservative past has not gone without leaving a trace. Very often, Japanese brides speak ambiguously. Even the Japanese language is created this way: it is hard to understand what a person means exactly because of excessive politeness. If you are going to understand your girlfriend properly, she will appreciate it and in her eyes, you will gain in importance and that is a good sign;
  3. cook for her. The Japanese dating pretty Japanese girls do it rarely: they think that women should make food for the couple. If one day or another you wake up earlier and make breakfast for her (and ideally buy some flowers), she will be impressed, not to say more. In general, help her with cooking – be different from conservative Japanese guys;
  4. be romantic. All women love it and Japanese brides particularly. Unexpected gifts, good compliments, eating out in restaurants with a good atmosphere, dances, candlelit dinners or whatever you might imagine – the most important is to create a romantic atmosphere – she will be delighted;
  5. be logical and well-organized. Japanese brides search for men who can keep everything under control. They want to know that the man has a clear vision of their relationship and that he’s interested in a long-term perspective. Be a man, be a Problem Solver, not a Problem Creator and she will love you with all her heart.

Thank you for reading this review, we hope you found it interesting and useful. Good luck in your searches of a Japanese wife!

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