Kazakhstan Brides

Кazakhstani brides - the sweet dream of any man 

Kazakhstan women are amazing! They are properly educated, they work and have time to devote themselves to their families, and first of all, to childrearing. Kazakh women remain keepers of family traditions and values. Kazakhstani brides combine the respect for traditional rules of behaviour with the desire to keep up with the contemporary flow of life.  

Kazakhstan beauties are pearls of the East 

The pretty Kazakhstan girls are endowed with a unique appearance. These women can emphasize their advantages. You can notice a range of emotions in a sly look and charming smile - curiosity, shyness and a hidden desire. 

Kazakhstani brides won’t get lost in a crowd. These women are distinguished by the following striking features:  

  • gorgeous black hair with a wonderful tint; 

  • expressive almond-shaped eyes;

  • dark healthy skin as a result of an active lifestyle and adequate nutrition;

  • high cheekbones on a roundish face;

  • an athletic figure with well-defined curves;

  • long and slender legs;

  • medium height; 

  • deliberate catlike walk.

Kazakhstan Muslim women use cosmetics moderately - these ladies understand that they are quite attractive without it. Nature has given them a chic appearance that can cause admiration by itself. Kazakh girls don’t need to look after themselves 24 hours a day so that they don’t lose their spells needed for winning over men’s attention. The unique natural charm of Kazakh women is yet more proof that Eastern beauty is quite diverse. 

Style, image and fashion of Kazakhstani brides 

As for the manners of dressing, much depends on the age. An average Kazakh woman prefers a restrained and traditional style. A Kazakhstani lady would never dye her hair pink, or put an earring through her nostril. Young women are not adverse to indulge in experiments when it comes to wearing a mini skirt, making a tattoo in an intimate place and decorate an elastic tummy with piercings. However, traditions still hold back even the most courageous Kazakhstani girls, although you won’t see any hijabs on the streets of this country.  

Guided by the sense of taste peculiar to every beautiful Kazakhstan woman, these beauties know that everything should be in moderation and well-placed. If this girl has to visit an official event, she will choose the modest clothes. If a woman goes to a party with her husband, it means there’s always an outfit in her wardrobe that is interesting for her and that her husband will allow her to wear. A Kazakhstani woman will certainly regard her spouse’s opinion.  

The character and mentality

Kazakh women are a stunning mix of Asian and European culture. These ladies are chaste and timid in the Eastern way, but still, they are far from religious dogmas and sexist stereotypes.  

Looking like Japanese girls, Kazakhstani brides differ from other oriental women by a special social status. It happened that a woman in this country - mother, wife, sister, daughter - has long been revered as a keeper of the family hearth. She was always a man’s companion. The ancient Kazakh legends describe hot warrior women who were famous for their desperate fearlessness and outstanding beauty.  

The special position in society left an imprint on the character and appearance of Kazakhstani brides. Being strong-willed, independent and self-confident, these women win over men’s hearts with their brave and open beauty. At the same time, women in Kazakhstan manage to remain mysterious, tender and feminine.

A modern Kazakh lady combines work and household chores, she’s equally talented either in family life or business field. It’s a kind of a juggler woman who keeps family, kids and friends in her hands. And she’s always successful in it.  

A future husband will find a complex and comprehensively developed Kazakhstani bride quite interesting. This woman won’t be busy with everyday duties only, her life is an eternal feast. 
Kazakhstani brides can get pleasure from their professional activities and lead a social lifestyle. They are neither ardent feminists, nor narrow housewives. These women just manage to perform all their duties. 

Kazakhstani brides from city and aul 

Those Kazakh women who are especially forward-minded live in Almaty and Astana. They are well educated (foreign diplomas are not uncommon among them), socially and culturally active. While remaining faithful to the best traditions of their ethnic group, Kazakhstani brides focus on the values and lifestyle of the Western middle class. The most talented and courageous Kazakh women lead creative and business projects and have amazing freedom of the world perception. 

However, you shouldn’t think that there are only miserable savage girls in the auls of this country. Kazakhstani brides from the province who think traditionally, have their own charm, and quite a unique one! Since their childhood, these girls are taught the art of staying in the saddle, communicating easily, being strong and agile.  

Such Kazakhstani brides know how to stand up for themselves, show physical endurance in competitions and repartee in musical and verbal duels with young men. The good-looking steppe beauties take part in horse races already at the age of 14-15 years, they hunt with hunting birds and can even tame wild horses. The motives of such Amazonizm can be found in traditional costumes of Kazakhstani brides. 

Love and family in the life of a Kazakhstan woman

No matter what heights of education or career a Kazakhstani bride may have touched - if she’s not married, she will feel like a loser. Singlehood has always been condemned in this country. People believed that it’s a punishment for sins. Marriage is the main purpose of life of every Kazakhstani bride, the limit of her ambitions, and the key condition of happiness.  

Love should be the basis of marriage and relationships between a man and a woman - that’s a firm belief of Kazakhstani brides. This refers to sincere and unconditional affection, however, it shouldn’t be deprived of playful charm. There’s an old Kazakh game “kyz kuu”. A man riding a horse catches up with a beautiful female rider and kisses her. A girl, in her turn, starts in pursuit for him and hits him with a whip. In the culture of many people, a woman doesn’t dare to raise her hand against a man. When it comes to Kazakh folk traditions, things are a bit different.

But still, love for Kazakhstani brides is not just an exciting game, it’s a kind of destiny. They believe that the alliance of two people is pre-ordained by fate even before the moment of their birth. Therefore, marriage for a Kazakhstani bride means sharing the fate of a person she loves.

When a Kazakh woman is in love with somebody, she’s ready to do anything for a man she loves. After getting married, girls from Kazakhstan turn to reliable mothers of the family and faithful keepers of the family hearth. They can amaze anyone with hospitality, openness, inviolability of traditions and respect for the older generation.   

Kazakhstani brides believe that love is a clue that can protect marriage from destruction in case of conflict situations, loud scandals and general gossips. That’s why Kazakhstan women for marriage are ideal for those men who dream of starting a close-knit family.

Commitment to traditional values 

The 20th century has given many declared rights to Kazakhstani women, and that secured the freedom of choosing a lifestyle, profession and personal interests. It helped increase ladies’ self-esteem. 

However, reaching certain independence hasn’t replaced some Kazakhstani traditional norms of female behaviour: 

  • love for home and devotion to the family; there’s an unshakable rule of women of Kazakhstan - never leave their relatives in trouble and keep the honor and dignity of their families;

  • respect for the wisdom of the older generation, veneration of the ancestors, knowledge of family tree up to the seventh generation (Muslim women believe that if a person commits a bad deed, he/she thereby offends the spirit of ancestors, and this will certainly be reflected on the following seven generations); 

  • need for consulting on all matters with her husband (even on such occasions as hair dying);

  • the ability to educate and develop her children comprehensively - morally, physically and aesthetically. 

The rules of Kazakh hospitality

"If a guest comes, the happiness is let into the house!” - every Kazakhstani bride knows this proverb since her childhood. That’s why the hospitality gen is peculiar to each hostess in this country.

In a traditional Kazakh family, guests are divided into three groups: 

  •  "arnaiy konak” - a specially invited guest;

  •  "kudaiy konak” - a random stranger;

  •  "kydyrma konak” - an unexpected guest.

The owner of the house should meet any of these guests with honor and some treats. A Kazakhstani bride would keep all the most delicious things for guests. 

Kazakhstan cuisine has always been famous for a variety of tasty meat dishes and delicacies like: 

  • beshbarmak (crumbled boiled meat with noodles);

  • manty (finely chopped steamed meat in thinly rolled dough); 

  • kazy (cooked sausage from horse ribs meat);

  • shuzhuk (horse sausage made from pre-salted filleted pieces of meat and fat). 

Among useful food products, apart from tea, the special attention is paid to the fermented milk drinks (every Kazakhstani bride can cook them): 

  • koumiss made in most cases from mare’s milk;

  • shubat derived from camel milk; 

  • ayran - a kind of kefir. 

To show your bad mood to a guest is regarded as a grave indiscretion in a Kazakhstani house. The owners do anything to cheer up their guest, they even give a present when he/she leaves. 

The upbringing of children

The roots of education in Kazakh families go back to ancient times. For instance, such a custom as showing a child after 40 days is associated with the ancient beliefs that a newborn is most susceptible to the influence of evil spirits. That’s why a child is not shown to anyone during the first 40 days except for the closest relatives, and Kazakh lullabies rather remind charm exorcism than songs (their purpose is to deceive evil spirits and chase them away from baby). 

Grandparents as keepers of people’s experience and wisdom play a big role in the upbringing of the younger generation. The firstborn in families are usually regarded as children of father-in-law and mother-in-law. These kids are favorite children in the family.  

Folklore is the main study guide of Kazakhstan parents. As soon as a child learns to speak, he/she is taught various songs, poems and proverbs. Kazakh people have always appreciated the eloquence, as well as the ability to improvise songs and poems. Children are taught all this while playing since their early childhood.  

The education of Kazakh brides is focused on inculcation family values to them. Since a young age, they learn the basics of culinary, household keeping and respect for the older relatives and future husband. Every first-grader in Kazakhstan knows how to cook dinner and accept guests. While acquiring the life skills, Kazakhstani brides become good helpmates of their mothers and eligible marriageable girls.  

Why do women from Kazakhstan are looking for foreign grooms? 

Women from Kazakhstan are like other representatives of the fair sex, love comfort and strive for a happy marriage. Unfortunately, the dreams of Kazakh brides rarely come true in their homeland. The future of these ladies is usually uncertain, and marriage cannot save them from such a relic of the past as domestic violence. In some regions of this country, early marriages and pregnancies are common. As a result, by the age of 25, a woman becomes a mother of 3 or 4 children. 

According to the statistics, every third family in Kazakhstan breaks down because of the unbridled husband. For a Kazakhstani bride, such termination is a real tragedy, for she perceives the family as a sort of microcosm. That’s why Kazakhstani brides hope to find stability and well-being with foreign men on dating sites. 

Becoming mail order brides, they expect not only focusing on creating a family from their online partners but also gentleman relation to a woman, that is, courtesy, respect and attention. Instead, these ladies offer exquisite Eastern beauty (just look at Kazakh women photos!), an ardent temper that will show itself at the very beginning of correspondence and unconditional devotion in the future. 

The peculiarities of dating a mail order bride from Kazakhstan

Websites, where you can meet a Kazakhstani bride, provide you with the complete toolkit of communication. At the same time, a Kazakhstan marriage agency charges men for services, or a monthly fee may be required.

It’s important to choose a dating platform that acts in the international area but has regional structures in Kazakhstan. It guarantees foreign customers a high level of safety and comfort.

Don’t be surprised if you see Muslim mail order brides in the photo line of the site who look like girls from magazine covers. The fact is that Kazakhstani brides often create their profiles with the help of professional stylists and photographers. However, before that, the administration checks the information about each female user of Kazakhstan women dating site carefully. That’s why there are no fake profiles here. In any case, such an incident is rather an exception than a rule.

Dating agency will provide you with specially selected matches on a daily basis. You’ll also get access to the effective online tools for communication like chat, email, phone, etc. 

Apart from online chatting, a regional agency of Kazakhstani brides would offer you other opportunities: 

  • order delivery of a gift for your bride like a bouquet of flowers for her birthday; 

  • arrange real Kazakh women dating (the employees of the agency can take care of booking a hotel room/plane tickets/table in a restaurant and are also able to find a guide-interpreter). 

You may be sure that the online matchmaker can organize the first meeting at the highest level. It will support your intention to meet with several matches. Don’t be confused, for it’s a common practice of dating Kazakhstani brides. There’s no other way to  find an ideal partner. Only on a date , two people can check out if they suit each other or not. 

Kazakhstan dating online: the exceptional chance for a man 

It’s not easy to marry a Kazakh bride. The legends of dating customs that are passed in  Kazakhstan from one generation to another have stuck in their memory. According to them, a groom should prove his right for a Kazakhstani bride in competition with rivals including horse racing, archery and wrestling. Often, the bride herself entered into a struggle with her groom, and only a real man could defeat the maiden. 

A modern man doesn’t have to fight for his love with weapons in his hands. His tools for winning over the heart of his chosen one on a site with Kazakhstani brides should be honesty, openness, patience, creativity, persistence and vigour.

And the winner of this exciting online game will be awarded a worthy trophy. After marriage, a charming Kazakhstan bride will become a faithful and devoted wife, a wise counselor and a tender mother.