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Everything you should know in order to find a Korean wife

South Korea is a very interesting country with authentic culture, beautiful landscapes, kind and polite people. For the foreigners, it is mainly associated with original K-dramas and TV-shows, modern technologies, higher education of good quality, Korean cuisine and so on. As you see, the state is really worth visiting for every person willing to discover something totally new.

Quite recently, a new trend has appeared in the western countries (mainly in the European states and in the US): single men are looking for Korean women. The demand for Korean wives was so great that online dating agencies specialised in Korean dating have spread across the internet. These websites and applications provide databases with profiles of single Korean women willing to date a foreigner. The idea turned out to be very successful: since then, thousands of men found their love in South Korea. Apparently, if you are still reading this article, you are interested in meeting Korean wife, too. We assure - you are on the right way! South Korean girls are ideal for dating and marriage - let’s find out why.

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Korean ladies: beauty, intelligence and good manners united

In order to characterize Korean mail order bride properly, we must take into consideration corporal and mental aspects. N.B. Every individual is special and it would take an eternity to describe all possible personalities of Korean girls. For this reason, we simplify the data in order to draw general conclusions. So, what are the mains characteristics of Korean women?

  • Korean ladies are considered to be the most beautiful in the region. They are taller than the Chinese or Japanese girls, they are very feminine (sometimes even childish), they have wonderful figures. Korean women are very different from women in the US (in a positive way) and this is their great advantage;
  • impatient, as everyone in South Korea. It has nothing to do with personality traits – it’s all about cultural values. The Koreans like to get things done as quickly as possible. In their language, this concept is called Ppalli Ppalli (Hurry Hurry). Therefore, the Korean women try to spend every minute of their lives productively, wasting time is not accepted here;
  • Korean women are very intelligent. The majority of them have obtained higher education and be sure that their grades were at a decent level. A lot of Korean students go studying abroad so it is no longer that conservative and reserved nation it used to be;
  • they are working hard to succeed. Success is arguably the most important thing for Koreans. Your Korean woman is always under pressure of her parents: they require good grades, top-range university, well-paid job, good career prospects, ambitious husband… the list is never exhaustive. Therefore, Korean women do not rely on their husbands, they are hardworking and overachievers;
  • Korean brides have excellent manners (thanks to their moms). On the first date, do not be surprised to notice that she’s shy and silent. It does not mean she does not enjoy being with you – it’s just she behaves according to the Korean cultural tradition. Moreover, Korean brides are supportive, respectful, loving, caring, attentive;
  • emotional. Korean women do not hide their emotions, we would say that when they are in a relationship, they might be emotionally unstable – but it does not frighten away but only attracts foreign men. Just watch some Korean TV-shows or series and you’ll understand what we mean;
  • patriots. Korean people are extremely patriotic, they love their country and are proud of it so bear it in mind if you are going to date Korean women.

Few reason to choose a Korean woman

Thanks to the development of digital technologies and affordable transport system international dating became mainstream. You might be dating a girl of any nationality on Earth. Why you should choose the Korean women for dating? Here are some reasons.

  1. she is very intelligent. The scientists claim that children inherit their intelligence from their mothers. So, if you are serious about forming a family, a Korean woman is a perfect option – at least, your children will have a high IQ score;
  2. diversity. An international couple is a great thing: you will have the chance to learn Korean language, she will improve her English, your children will surely be bilingual which is a huge advantage for any young person. The diversity of cultures, mindsets, traditions will make your relationship stronger and happier;
  3. Korean women are family-oriented. Your Korean wife will never betray the interests of her family, she will do everything for the husband and the children because their happiness is her happiness, their success is her success etc. In the times when people become more egoistic and self-centred, this trait of Korean women is extremely valuable;
  4. she is fond of American/European culture. The Asians in general and the Koreans, in particular, adore the “Western” lifestyle – they see it in the Hollywood movies, on Netflix etc. It is not a secret that the majority of hot Koreans become crazy when they see a guy from New York, Paris, London. If you are lucky enough to live in one of these cities – then you will have no problems in dating the most beautiful Korean singles;
  5. she takes life seriously. Nowadays, young people in the United States want to party like there’s no tomorrow, have a great time and forget about the daily routine. The Korean women are totally opposite: they take the life/marriage/family seriously, they are taught this way since their childhood, therefore, they are not going to change;
  6. she is self-sufficient. The Korean women are not looking for a man who will take care of all the financial aspects of family life. While dating, they might not accept you paying all the bills in the restaurant/cafe etc. After the marriage, the Korean women will contribute to the family budget to the extent of their capacity.

Korean women: cultural traditions, attitude towards family and marriage

Dating Korean women is not difficult; however, knowing some local cultural values and traditions will make it even more simple. If you are interested in a long-term relationship, you should absolutely read this paragraph.

First of all, we would like to emphasize that the American perception of family differs from that of the Koreans. The United States is a country of freedom. Therefore, members of the ordinary American family are comparatively independent. From a certain age, young people have the right to choose their own path in life, they listen to their parents but make all the decisions by themselves. In the US, people move out from their parents’ house at 19 years on average. In South Korean, the situation is slightly different: parents feel responsible for their children all their lives. Children should always respect older people, they should do what they are told and in general, they have less freedom – it is thought that children have a debt towards their parents. Therefore, even if a person already has his/her own family, he/she has numerous obligations towards the parents. By the way, it is reportedly one of the reasons why the marriage rate in Korea is so low.

As we have already mentioned, the Korean women take dating and marriage seriously, especially if they are in a relationship with a foreigner. They are ready to make efforts, they are polite, submissive. However, be ready that at the beginning of your relationship she might be very shy. The reasons are few: Korean tradition of dating, the fact that you are a foreigner, she does not speak English well or she doesn’t like her accent etc. Thus, make your best to assure your Korean woman that everything is perfect and she can be herself.

Dating and marriage is a sensitive subject in Korea. If you take a look at statistics, you might be surprised to notice that a large percentage of adults remain unmarried. Why? The sociologists give a few reasons: cultural (we’ve talked about it in previous paragraphs) and economic issues (overwork, high cost of living, precarious working conditions etc), some people simply cannot afford dating. Therefore, you have excellent chances to date the best Korean women for marriage.

North Korea: secrets of finding mail order brides

The idea of finding mail order brides from North Korea might seem impossible and even dangerous for you. Still, it is quite feasible. If you are looking for a Korean mail order bride, you shouldn’t exclude from your search women from the north part of the peninsula ruled by the communist regime.

Of course, it is much better to start your research online. There are a lot of dating platforms where you can get access to thousands of Korean singles profiles. In general, you can create an account on these websites for free; however, in order to make your researches more effective, it is preferable to pay for the membership.

Online dating agencies do everything possible to provide you with the best profiles of the North Korea mail order wives. We tend to assure you that the process is totally legal and secure. By the way, dating agencies take care of your privacy and assume all responsibility. As a foreigner, you will have better chances to find a beautiful Korean woman than the Korean men themselves: women from Korea love the idea of being admired by a foreign man and the prospects of international dating fascinate them. So, do not miss the chance to meet Korean hot girls online!

Why Korean women are looking for a husband abroad?

Why Koreans girls want to date Western men? It is a good question because the majority of the Western guys do not clearly understand why they are so attractive to Korean females. So, let’s try to find out the reasons for this particular interest.

  • enriching experience. Korean women are desperate for something new. Especially, they are interested in discovering the Western cultures. Korean women are looking for something exotic, something that they can only see on the television or in cinemas (thanks to the Hollywood);
  • in their opinion, foreigners are more open-minded and simple. Korean society is still very traditional and closed even though a lot of young people leave the country for studies/work/travels. For the Korean women, foreign men are more active, independent, open-minded, it’s simple and pleasant to communicate with them;
  • improve English skills. It is true that the Korean language is totally different from English in terms of grammar, sounds, writing. For this reason, the Koreans speak English not very good. A husband from the US is a perfect opportunity for a Korean woman to improve her language skills;
  • Korean women do not like their conservative society. Dating with a foreigner is like a magic wand that will help to escape from the chains called “traditions” and have a new, free, equal relationship;
  • Korean women find foreign guys more masculine and handsome. In general, Korean men do not have athletic bodies, they are not very tall, they pay too much attention to appearance etc. To the contrary, the Americans are taller, have strong muscles, self-confident, funnier.

How to impress a Korean bride: useful tips

In order to make a girl fall in love with you, you should make a good impression on her. Need some useful tips that will work with the Korean brides? Here we go.

  • tell her about your education background. If you have finished a reputable university in the US you should absolutely mention it, especially if you are an engineer, economist, lawyer etc – Korean women love dating with ambitious and intelligent men;
  • talk about your job. It might sound boring but Korean brides want to be sure that the guy they are dating is doing well financially, works for a good company, is forward-looking;
  • try to invite her to unusual places. It might be restaurants/bars they have never been to, non-mainstream cafes, restaurants with your national food, interesting and beautiful places. Korean women love creativity!;
  • if you are good at sport – show her your skills. Korean brides are fond of sporty guys so why not go to the gym with her or show your surfing skills – it will surely make an excellent impression on her;
  • cook for her. It would be a great pleasure for her to eat traditional dishes of your country, especially if you are good at cooking;
  • compliment her. This rule is old like the world but it still works!

Dating Korean brides: a brief review

Dating Korean women will be an excellent experience for you and your partner. Do not forget that Korean brides are looking for men like you, you are attractive for them and have all the chances to marry her – do not mess up this wonderful opportunity!

Korean brides are smart, physically attractive, submissive, loyal, ambitious, hard-working, self-sufficient. Start dating them online and then come to South Korea – you will be impressed by the culture, the beauty of the country, by its wonderful people. The world has no borders and love does not pay attention to race, language, nationality etc. Your mail order bride will be your biggest and happiest adventure in life – so make the first step towards the bright future!

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