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Who are them — these beautiful Macedonian women?

Today, many beautiful Macedonian women are seeking for their husband in the USA and in West Europe online. However, when men look through the profiles of pretty Macedonian mail order bride in a catalog of a marriage agency, they often do not understand where these charming ladies live, where they come from. Without this knowledge about their country and traditions, you will never understand if dating a Macedonia girl is for you. This review will let you learn more about Macedonian women.

Where do Macedonian brides come from?

All of them, who were born before 1991, used to live in Yugoslavia, a socialist country, which was a partner and a friend of the USSR. However, both of these countries dissolved and many new, smaller, independent countries were formed. One of these countries, located on Balkans, got a new name — Macedonia. As it is located close to Albania, Bulgaria, and Serbia, its people have much in common with its neighbors. Macedonia is one of the poorest countries in Europe and it is here that you can meet a large number of gypsies. Some of them live settled, their children attend school, and adults earn a living by crafts. They repair shoes, sell souvenirs, forge various utensils and even make candles. Macedonian girls are very beautiful, and very often, they are compared with Ukrainians and Russians (outwardly). If in Bulgaria, there are too many women with black hair, here, you will find many beautiful Macedonian women, natural blonds. Unlike emotional and loud Serbian girls, they are relaxed, and it seems that Macedonia women are never in a hurry. 60% of them have Slavic appearance and blood, and over 30% of Macedonian women are Albanians (the rest are Turks, Serbs, Gypsies, Jews, and other minorities). Therefore, communicating with these women, try to be very loyal: you might not know if this lady has Muslim relatives. By the way, Muslim Albanians are hot Macedonian singles. Still, they feel “OK” when a man pays money for a bride to buy her (it is their tradition). In general, the Macedonians and Albanians tolerate each other, but conflicts also occur. This is a long story with deep roots, but in short, the Albanians live the dream of creating the state of Great Albania, taking away part of the territory of Macedonia, as they did in Kosovo from Serbia. However, many single Macedonian women feel pressure in their country, as conflicts still happen there — they dream to get a very supportive foreign husband and leave Macedonia for good.

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Macedonian women: features of character and appearance

Many men from the United States and Western Europe are seeking for Macedonian brides, as they know that these ladies can become devoted wives, they have good health, and they are ready to meet difficulties and overcome them with their future husband. Most of the Macedonian women are religious, although they might not show it in the public. Therefore, Macedonian wives are ready from the very beginning, to be honest, never cheat their husband, and care about children. Some potential husbands are hesitating to marry a religious Macedonian woman, but they should be never afraid of sharing life with a person, who is praying from morning till night. Most Macedonian ladies never show they are great believers, and pray in churches only on Sundays.

Beauty means much

Macedonian women are very popular among men from Western countries due to their beauty. The proportion of blonds and brunettes in this country is about 50/50. In times, where Yugoslavia was one country for Macedonian women, Serbs, gypsies, and representatives of other nationalities, there were very many mixed marriages, and girls that are born before 1991 can have blue or green eyes, light or even red hair, freckles. Young ladies, who are younger, have dark hair, brown eyes, and bronze skin. However, most women in this country eat healthy foot and remain slim and slender even when they give birth to kids.


Macedonian women dislike conflicts in a family, and if a quarrel starts, they try to stop it mildly. They are very curious people — like to learn everything about various things, ask many questions, and willingly answer people if they are also asked about their likes and preferences. They are not very picky persons, but it does not mean that Macedonian brides will be ready to marry any man, who calls them to their country, to start a better life. Feelings mean much for them. They know how to drink wine and do not become addicts, as they always know when to stop.

Macedonian women vs Russian women

Men, who start using online dating services for the first time, cannot differ Macedonian women from Russian women. Later, he understands that “Russian” is mostly the name for all people coming from the largest country in the world. “Russian” bride can be in reality a Tataк woman, a Jew, a Ukrainian girl, a female, whose father was born overseas, in one of the African countries, etc. Therefore, Russians have absorbed too many traditions, and they live with it well. Macedonian women have a more traditional understanding of a family. If a Russian lady might probably feel dull if she has no work, and after marriage, she can do everything to make her career in a new country, Macedonian woman will dream about being a housewife, and it will be a happiness for her to sit with kids at home and care about family and husband. Unlike Russians, Macedonian women still follow their traditions, especially when it comes to a wedding.

Wedding tradition in Macedonia

A strange wedding custom has been preserved in Macedonia for a long time: on the first wedding night, young people are locked in the basement. Previously, a hat and boots are put in the corner of the room, and the newlyweds, locked up, begin to fight for these simple trophies. It is believed that if a wife takes her hat from her husband, she will be happy in marriage. And if she takes possession of the shoes first, her husband will be under her heel all his life. When young people are let to leave the basement, it is already clear who will be a leader in this family.

Why are Macedonian women so popular?

The simplest answer is evident: they are absolutely serious about all questions when it comes to marriage and children. If in Europe and in the USA, women start only thinking about a possibility to build a family after 28-30, Macedonia girls can become brides in 18, and they would be happy if, after a wedding, they will learn about their pregnancy. Many men from the West are seeking for these females, and they cannot find them in their country. Local women, Americans, and European ladies devote their time and life to career. They even prefer to go out so often not to lose time cooking. In many families, where Americans live, once in a week, they call a cleaning service as again, they do not understand why they should devote their life to tidy their house and making various dishes, to see soon a mess in their home and a pile of dirty cups and spoons. Macedonian wives are OK with their homework, and they do not ever hesitate whether to make dinner for their husband or buy something in the nearest café. They choose cooking and do it with love.

The best Macedonian brides: where do men meet them now?

Looking for a relationship with a beautiful Macedonian bride, you can register in any marriage agency or dating service that can be trusted. As today, too many international marriage agencies compete to attract clients, you can use your privileges: pick the service, which will attract you with its prices, options, portfolio, and, for sure, the base of charming Macedonian brides, who are also in search for their husband, living abroad. Do not be in a hurry with your choice. To understand if this or that Macedonian woman can become your wife, chat with several girls, and correspond with them at least for 2-4 months. Thanks to the Internet, it is easy to send an Introduction letter (the latter, where you can tell a girl everything about you and your life, preferences, and wishes) to many girls. However, do not forget that most of these women could be interested in marriage very seriously, and they might answer you very fast. So, sending a letter, be also ready to answer your message as well.

Live chats

Live chats with Macedonia women is the best way to understand if she is real, and also see how she looks like. It might happen that you would like photos of a bride, but when she appears on a webcam, you would be shocked by her manners and vice versa. However, do not also forget that video streaming is expensive, and, to cut the price of each chat, buy them “in bulk”, paying for live communication beforehand.


The best way to learn about your Macedonian bride is to visit her in reality, dating a Macedonian girl in the country where she lives. It will help you to understand her much better and realize what kind of a person she is. If you are invited to the family of a girl, agree to visit them, and do it with pleasure, bringing at least a small gift to them. In the USA (in some states), there is no tradition to bring gifts to unknown people, but in Macedonia, you will show that you respect them and you have an opened heart. Finally, take pictures with them, and many photos with your bride — they will be needed as the proof of your serious intentions when you apply for Fiancée visa called K1, or if you marry in Macedonia and apply for K1 wife visa.

Marry a girl from Macedonia and feel happy

Many men, who have Macedonian wives, which they met online, are happy that once, they took a decision to apply to a marriage agency and start their search for a life partner. You can do the same thing today, as still many single Macedonian brides are waiting for their grooms to come to them. Start with the simplest things: just register on the site, where you see much real profile of attractive women, searching for husbands. Do not hesitate to write to them first, and your messages will be answered. Do not be also surprised when you start getting too many letters: single women from Macedonia have a great desire to marry a man of their dream.

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