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Interesting Facts About Mexico

Mexico is a country with a rich history, a hot climate and a unique culture that was born at the junction of Indian and European centuries-old traditions. Here are the most interesting facts you need to know about the country:

  • The territory of modern Mexico is the birthplace of the largest Indian civilizations: the Olmecs, Toltec, Zapotec, Aztec, Maya, and many others. After them there are unique archaeological sites. The most famous one is the Mayan city of Chichen Itza, recognized as one of the seven modern wonders of the world;
  • Mariachi is the most popular genre of Mexican folk music. The mariachi ensembles consist on f 3–12 performers on average. Their main instruments are guitar, violin, and trumpet. Flute, harp, accordion and maracas may also be present;
  • Tequila is the national Mexican drink. It is made not from cacti, as many people think, but from blue agave. By the way, Mexicans do not add salt and lime to tequila, this ritual was invented by foreigners. Pulque and mescal are also prepared from different varieties of agave;

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  • Mexican cuisine has absorbed Spanish and Aztec culinary traditions with notes of the Middle East. The basis of many dishes is corn tortilla. Depending on the filling, enchilada, fajita, burrito, tacos, quesadilla and other traditional dishes are obtained from it. In Mexico, such world-famous sauces as salsa (based on tomato) and guacamole (based on avocado) were created. The most favorite local spice is chili pepper. It is added not only to meat and vegetable dishes, but also seasoned with fresh fruit, chocolate, other sweets, and even ice cream;

  • The Chihuahua dog is named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua, when the Europeans discovered it. Chihuahua is considered the ancestor of an extinct tiny dog ​​leech, which the local Indian tribes considered sacred. The short-haired version of the Chihuahua appeared from the crossing of the hedgehogs with a Chinese crested dog. The latter were brought by the Spanish conquistadors, who used them to catch ship rats;

  • 1st and 2nd November are considered as a holiday in Mexico, that is known as Day of the Dead. On 2 of these days, the living worship the dead and believe that their souls can come to visit them. Cemeteries are decorated with ribbons and candles, and at home they create small altars with sugar skulls (they are called caravans), flowers and things that the late family members liked. There are a lot of fun carnivals going on in the city, and people put a recognizable makeup that resembles a skull. On the first day, deceased children are honored, and the second day is dedicated to adults. The history of this holiday began in the time of the Olmecs and Maya, and the Aztecs dedicated a whole month to the celebration of their death goddess Mictlancihuatl;

  • For any holiday, it is customary to hang piñata under the ceiling – bright hollow toys with candies inside. Children should knock their bat blindfolded. Ironically, this tradition is not of local origin. It was brought by Spanish navigators who were inspired by Chinese paper lanterns;

  • Kinseanier is a very important event in the life of young Mexicans. This is the day of their 15th birthday, entry into adulthood. It is celebrated on a large scale and is similar to wedding;

  • Mexican wedding is a big and fun holiday, which is considered primarily a day for parents of the mail order bride and groom. Numerous relatives divide duties among themselves, the newlyweds are engaged only in their wedding dresses;

  • In the coastal waters of the resort town of Cancun, you will find a unique museum of underwater sculptures, created by the British Jason Taylor;

  • To date, a huge number of Indian tribes live in Mexico. Due to this, the country speaks in a lot of languages ​​and dialects;

  • Mexico City is the city with the largest number of museums in the world;

  • Duplicate names are the norm for locals (for example, Addie Maria or Carlos Antonio). It has nothing to do with parents, just at birth they give not one name, but two at once;

  • The Mexican capital of Mexico City is the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world;

  • The whole world thinks that Mexico is the full name of the country, but few know that the official name is the United States of Mexico;

  • Contrary to popular belief, football is the most beloved and popular sport in Mexico, not bullfighting.

Description of Mexican Women

  • Mexican women are quite eager to realize themselves in life, they are extremely proud and independent. Most Mexican brides have a good-natured and gentle nature. It is also no secret that these women have a hot and swift temper. Having met a sexy Mexican on the street, you can smile at her, and it is quite likely that the lady herself will take the first step in your potential communication;

  • In terms of dating, they are the exact opposite of most European and American girl, who are waiting for the first step from the guys. If a Mexican woman feels like she is attracted to the guy, she will not hesitate to take the initiative. That being said, it isn’t problem for them to walk up to a guy and start flirting with him;

  • Surprisingly, there is an interesting situation in Mexico right now – there is a shortage of men in the country, since most of them go to other countries to earn money, so the Mexican women have to do a lot by themselves, and they are also looking to marry handsome foreigners;

  • Local beauties practically do not wear dresses, preferring jeans and trousers. In terms of beauty, most of the Mexican women are very stunning and sexy, which is a great addition to their hot temperament;

  • They are very passionate. Under normal circumstances, they are usually the most loving women in the world. Anyone who has or had a Mexican girlfriend knows that their level of attachment can range from very high to almost suffocating, which is pretty good. Who doesn’t love to be strangled with love? Mexican women have every attribute every woman wants. However, you should show the exact same love for her, or your relationships won’t last very long;

  • Mexican girls love to party and know how to have fun. If Mexican brides could be defined in one word, that word would be “happy”. They are naughty, scandalous and always ready to have a good time and dance, until the body can not stand the opportunity, and their body can do a lot of things;

  • They are almost always late for a meeting. Let’s start with the habit of saying that they are ready when they have not yet decided which shoes to wear. When a Mexican woman declares that she is ready to leave, the only thing she does is give a little patience to the person who is waiting for her. If she still does not have her bag on her arm, the departure is not as close as she says.

  • Neither delicate nor fragile are good adjectives to describe them.

  • Mexican women have historically been recognized for their strong and rebellious nature. They never get away from problems and manage to overcome any difficulties.

Secrets of Mexican Beauty

Long thick eyelashes, a shock of dark hair, great tan all year round. Nature has generously bestowed Mexicans. It seems that all that is needed is to learn how to cherish and emphasize this natural beauty. How do they do it? Let’s take a look at the cosmetic secrets of charming Mexican women.

As in any other country, in Mexico, climatic conditions affect women’s beauty rituals. So, because of the high humidity, Mexican brides barely use any decorative cosmetics in everyday life. Perhaps, the only makeup that they are not ready to give up on is mascara, which emphasizes their naturally lush eyelashes and gives expressiveness to the look.

That being said, if they have some interesting plans for the evening, like going on a date, then they simply cannot do without cosmetics. Most often they resort to the services of a professional makeup artist for special occasions. Because of the hot climate in Mexico, they pay great attention to moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the face. As a rule, there is always a can of thermal water in the women’s handbag. Before going outside, Mexican brides apply a cream with a UV protection factor.

There are barely any Mexican brides that are trying to lose weight with the help of dieting. And many people are engaged in sports not at all in order to lose those extra pounds, but in order to build up muscles, pump up the hips, give body relief. For example, one of the most popular sports in Mexico at the moment is zumba, that is basically fitness dancing.

Most of the Mexican ladies have curly hair, so the most common hair styling are beach waves. However, some by all means tend to straighten hair and resort to the Brazilian keratin straightening. Mexican hair is pretty hard, and there are dozens of procedures for their mitigation – for example, at home they make a mask of cocoa butter, cactus juice and aloe.

The simplest and most affordable home skin care is a clay and honey mask. Clay cleans and pores, and honey has a bactericidal effect. Especially popular is green clay, which regulates sebum secretion, and red clay, which strengthens blood vessels. Mexicans often use tequila  instead of a lotion to cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells of the epidermis.

Professional cosmetic products of local production are based on the natural ingredients grown in Mexico – aloe vera, blue agave, marmalade tree.

Some of the Mexican beauties put on clay masks. No, not Aztec or Mayan masks, but simply their faces were smeared with red clay. It looks beautiful, but at the same very intimidating, especially if you have never seen such masks before. Clay masks are popular cosmetics in Mexico, cleanses the skins and protects them from the sun.

Mexican brides themselves feel light and at ease, and manage to seduce foreigners with their juicy body.  Their teeth, skin, and hair are also beyond praise. Tropical climate and organic food do their job.

How to Stay Safe in Mexico?

Locals in sombreros and ponchos, tasty but spicy traditional food, sea tequila, huge prickly cacti and charming mariachi musicians – these are the first associations when you mention Mexico. However, this is only one side of the coin, and the other is illegal drugs, natural disasters, high crime rates and poisonous insects.


Despite the fact that the patrol police is literally everywhere, the crime rate in Mexico leaves much to be desired.

The following types of crimes are common:

  • Extortion money at the border. If you stay in Mexico for more than 7 days, the border guards will ask you to pay an exit tax of 300 -500 pesos ($ 15 -26). Those who stayed in the country for less than 7 days and travelers who visited the country by plane are exempted from the fee (entrance tax is included in the ticket price);

  • Kidnapping. The main reason for the abduction of the indigenous population is the dismantling of drug cartels, so they completely kidnap those who are involved in gangster activities, but with tourists it is different: they are abducted for ransom;

  • Sometimes a crime is committed by those who you don’t expect it at all. For example, from a false or corrupt police officer. Therefore, if a servant of the law without a is trying to ask you to drive with him without a weighty reason, be sure to insist on explaining the reason. You can ask for help from other policemen nearby. If there is no one around, then you have every right to call the office, asking for the phone number of the police officer who detained you in advance. Or call the single police number in Mexico – 080;

However, most of these crimes are committed by members of bandit groups. It is practically impossible to escape from these places, so it is easier to prevent such a situation. You should be attentive to the surrounding people, especially if the person who is nearby seems suspicious to you.

How to escape from a criminal:

  1. If the street is not crowded, then accelerate the pace and try to get to a busy place. If there are passersby around you, then you shouldn’t worry about the attack;

  2. On the way, constantly watch how close is the criminal to you. Look in the mirrors, windows, pay attention to the shadow. Don’t let him come close to you;

  3. The police in Mexico is almost everywhere, so the likelihood that you will meet a patrolman is very high. If  there are no servants of the law nearby, and the pursuer is very close, then you have to shout. Someone will necessarily respond to your call, and it will frighten the criminal;

  4. If the situation gets out of control, try to escape. Run as fast as possible by zigzagging. If the offender is armed, then he will not be able to take aim.

Dangerous regions:

  • The Mexican state of Chihuahua is located on the border with the United States. The border town of Ciudad Juarez leads the number of violent deaths. Women are killed massively there, and the state engaged in drug trafficking;

  • Durango is a Mexican state that even the police fear. It is considered one of the poorest, so crime and drug addiction are quite popular there;

  • The city of Tijuana is famous for smuggling prohibited substances and is the center for the illegal movement of migrants;

  • Guerrero. Locals call this state bloody. Indeed, from year to year, massacre and skirmish occur regularly here;

  • Tepito – Mexico City District. It is teeming with drug dealers, gangs and pimps.


In Mexico, there may be problems with taxis. Drivers often try to take as much money as possible form you.

How to be safe in a taxi

  1. Discuss in advance the route and the cost of the trip. The driver should not demand from you more than the amount originally agreed (the standard price for landing is 10-20 MXN and 7 MXN for each kilometer). If the driver is going to try to demand more money, then contact the police;

  2. If possible, learn in advance the route of the trip. Remember any landmarks and pay attention to them during the trip. If the car has a navigator, then carefully follow it to make sure that you are driving to the right destination;

  3. It is better to call a taxi by phone. Usually, private taxis have inflated prices, and there is also a chance that it will be a robber. If, due to the language barrier, it is difficult to call the car by phone, you can contact the services that help tourists in the online mode;

  4. You may be required to pay for baggage. Check with the driver in advance to check if you’ll be charged for it. You do not have to pay if your bags fit in the trunk and it closes freely.


A tourist is not at risk of being involved in the drug trade, and will not be forced to buy drugs. So what is the potential danger? First of all, the very people who use them. Due to the consequences of psychoactive substances or due to lack of money for the next dose, an addict can attack and rob you. Therefore, it is worth avoiding them,

How to recognize the addict by look:

  • Careless dirty clothes;

  • Strange behavior – inappropriate emotions or sudden movements;

  • Glass eyes;

  • Excessive thinness;

  • Pale or even yellowish skin color;

  • Incoherent speech;

  • Dirty hair and nails;

  • External damage: abrasions, scratches.

If you see a person with similar symptoms, it is best to keep at a safe distance from him. If he is in a state of drug intoxication, then even passersby around will not save you from the possibility of becoming his victim. Avoid such meetings.

Street food

Most of the Mexican dishes are spicy and can cause heartburn. If you buy food from street vendors, and not in cafes and restaurants, it can also cause poisoning.

How not to get poisoned on vacation:

  • Use only those products that have undergone complete heat treatment. The main components of the Mexican food are vegetables, cheese, all sorts of sauces and meat – the last product has the greatest danger;

  • If you notice that the seller and the cook do not wash their hands before preparing each dish, then it is better to avoid the restaurant;

  • Drink only filtered or bottled water. Tap water may contain dangerous microorganisms and infections, such as typhoid fever or hepatitis A;

  • It is better not to buy an already prepared dish, it is not known how long it lain on the counter under the scorching sun. For example, raw meat becomes dangerous to eat in an hour;

  • Simple but effective rule – disinfect hands with an antiseptic;

  • If your stomach is not ok with spicy food, be sure to check with the seller on how burning it is. Note that you can always ask not to add hot pepper or garlic.


Natural disasters

In Mexico, hurricanes rage up to 20 times a year. The most famous and powerful of them are: Willa, Patricia, Harvey, Irma.

What to do if a hurricane hits:

  • If there is still time, then collect the necessary provisions: 5-7 liters of water, a three-day supply of non-perishable food, a portable flashlight, a first aid kit, documents;

  • If you are on the street, hide in the nearest shelter. This may be pre-organized shelter, which will be discussed in the news. In a pinch, you can hide in a hotel room. Do not stay in open space;

  • Move away from doors and windows, and turn off all electrical appliances;

  • Keep away from mirrors and cabinets, they can damage you if they fall off;

  • The safest place is considered to be a bathroom, as its walls are additionally reinforced with pipes;

  • Do not leave the shelter until you receive an official radio or television notice that the hurricane is no longer dangerous.

What to do during a flood or storm:

  • Try to climb as high as possible;

  • Find available materials for self-evacuation, but do not use them unless absolutely necessary;

  • Give a distress signal (for example, flashlight signals) until the rescuers arrive;

  • If the storm is approaching and you are near the ocean, then try to get as far away from it as possible.

Mexico is in fifth place in the frequency of earthquakes with a magnitude of over 6.5 points. The 1985 Mexico City Earthquake is one of the most devastating earthquakes in the history of America, with a magnitude of 8.1 on the Richter scale.

What to do during an earthquake:

  • If you are on the street, then find an open space where there are no buildings nearby whose debris could cripple you;

  • If you are in a high-rise building, get away from the windows and open the front door;

  • Hide near the main wall (risk of its collapse below) or in the bathroom;

  • Do not leave the building until the earthquake ends.

Sunburn and heat stroke

The air temperature in Mexico in tourist cities is never below +22 degrees, so you should pay attention to possible thermal shocks and sunburn.

How to protect yourself from the heat:

  • Wear a hat;

  • Drink plenty of water and always carry a bottle with you;

  • Wear loose clothing of light natural fabrics;

  • In the hot time of the day do not drink alcohol and coffee, they exert an excessive load on the vessels;

Spiders, scorpions and snakes

In Mexico, there are deadly and poisonous species of spiders: brown hermit spider, black widow, Brazilian wandering spider, six-eyed sand spider, karakurt.

The effects of a poisonous spider bite are fever, rash, convulsions, nausea, severe headache, difficulty breathing, swelling, severe muscle spasms, and anaphylactic shock. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the appearance of the insect. Spiders can be peddlers of tetanus.

Not all types of scorpions in Mexico are poisonous. It is important to pay attention to the size of the claws: if they are small, then the scorpion is deadly, if large, then it is probably harmless. Poisonous and deadly species: Brazilian yellow scorpion, striped woody scorpion, Arizona woody scorpion.

Effects of a poisonous scorpion bite: burning pain at the site of the bite, swelling, itching, severe muscle spasms and cramps, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. With individual allergies – loss of consciousness, heart palpitations, strong salivation.

Many Mexican snakes are not poisonous and bite humans only for self-defense. However, there are a few poisonous ones, and they need to be known in person. An asp, an American spear-headed snake, a Ceylon keffiyeh, a bushmeister, a rattlesnake. All of them are extremely dangerous, and their bite leads to death.

What to do when a spider, scorpion or snake bites you:

  • Wash the bite with chlorhexidine or at least with soap and water;

  • Lower the affected area below the level of the heart and immobilize it in order to reduce the rate of spread of poison through the blood vessels;

  • Attach t the ice or cold compress to the bite;

  • Remove the tight clothes and decorations;

  • Take painkillers;

  • The wound must be bandaged, but not too tight. When a bite can not impose a tourniquet, you must observe normal blood flow to avoid tissue necrosis;

  • The victim should drink plenty of water to accelerate the removal of poison from the body,

  • Immediately go to the hospital, because the poison of some scorpions and snakes leads to death in 3-4 hours.

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