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Norwegian mail order brides - great wives for you in the future!

In our agency you will see charming Norwegian brides who can make your life happier. These are incredibly kind and smiling girls who sincerely believe in love and want to find a foreign husbands.

Do not think that Norway is a cold country with harsh inhabitants and a sad mood in the air. If the norwegian mail order bride dating allows you to fall in love sincerely, then the relationship will quickly spin, your life will change, and you may even decide to live in this beautiful country.

Norwegian women are beautiful and well-groomed. They have a wonderful sense of humor and do not require permanent finances from a man. These are self-sufficient girls who can occupy a high position at work, care for children, have time to prepare food for all family members and pay enough attention to their husbands. Also these girls are prone to self-development. On weekends they do not like to dance in clubs or spend time in front of the TV. They are members of a variety of political and social organizations. As you already understood, norwegian ladies become beautiful wives, good interlocutors and best friends for their men.

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Features of the Norwegian women appearance

These are amazing girls who do not need plastic surgery. They have a natural beauty.  It is impossible to see two very similar girls, but each lady is attractive in her own way. The secret of beauty is mixing of blood and cold Norwegian beauty.

Distinctive features are:

  1. White hair and teeth;

  2. Pronounced eyes;

  3. Soft skin;

  4. Small nose.

Since girls from the youngest years are fond of sports, they have a beautiful slim figure. Norwegian people are used to eating good food, because in the country you will see very few people with characteristic obesity. Women in old age look solid and elegant. Most often in Norway they wear classic or sporty clothes. No one wears world-famous jeans with a lot of holes.

Bright cosmetics and vulgar makeup – this is not about Norwegian women. They spend a lot of money on cosmetics for skin care and even go to the store with an attractive appearance. Women have almost no wrinkles, which is explained by their positive outlook on life and the ecology of Norway.

What must you need to know about the Norwegian nation before you choose your bride?

Norwegians are the descendants of the Vikings, so they are self-confident and “independent” in their own statements. These people do not often want to make concessions. It is important to know before you are marrying a norwegian woman. Norwegians are convinced that their language is the most melodious and their country is the most beautiful in the whole world. Residents of other countries often lack such confidence, do you agree?

Norwegians pay a lot of attention to welfare. In 1990 after oil was found in the North Sea, the country became very rich. There was a law on the establishment of a special fund of future generations, which receive revenues from the exploitation of oil and gas fields. The Foundation takes care of people now. For example, the working day ends at maximum of 4 pm.

People are sincerely proud of their culture and are trying to get to know all the foreign guests. You will definitely learn more about Ibsen, Grieg and Hamsun. And if you want to win the heart of girls of Norway with your mind, read the information about the representatives of the country’s creative intelligentsia.

The country is constantly evolving. For example, in 2015 it is proposed to stop the sale of gasoline cars. The country has long been implementing a program to develop alternative fuels HyNor. If all the ideas in the coming years become a reality, the country can claim to be the most environmentally friendly place on the globe. Do you want to create a family and raise children in such a country? Feel free to meet norwegian singles!

Nevertheless, Norwegians often come up with very strange ideas. So in April 2010 it was proposed to ban cars with gasoline engines.

Although the Norwegians are quite hospitable and friendly, but they don`t relate very well to the American guests for their impudence and swagger. Residents of the country are actively fighting for the purity of their native language, so they are trying in every way to avoid american words. The Norwegians are fond of the British, because the UK is the country’s most important trading partner. And if you come from other country, so you will receive a warm welcome.

Features of parenting in Norway

Each person represents their ideal family differently. If it is important for you that the future wife should take care of your joint child, and you have no disagreements, then you should know how children are raised in Norway. If you meet your fate on the website of norwegian women and will come from your native city, you will be pleasantly surprised!

  • There is no bad weather! Children from early childhood are taught to independently determine how to dress at certain times of the year. Moms do not give children a hat, jacket, shorts or rubber boots every day. School environmental lessons help parents with this. Children must learn to make the right choice. This rule has great dignity.  Even at school at recess, children walk in any weather. It is customary in the country to spend maximum time on the fresh air in order to strengthen the immune system.

  • Pupils should not eat the same food in the school cafeteria. Mothers independently give their children in lunch boxes fruits, sandwiches, and yogurts. The school provides full half-hour breaks for snacking. It is strictly forbidden to eat candy, chocolate, cookies, lemonade and even nuts due to possible allergies to them.

  • Independence must be developed from the earliest years. From the first classes the child is going to school himself. The task of the mother is to control the child, but not to help him. Lead and pick up children from school is not accepted. Children go to their own lessons and training themselves.

  • Here do not complain of feeling unwell. A temperature of 38 degrees is not a reason to disturb the doctor. And in case of illness the doctor may issue a so-called “green prescription”. This is a recommendation to walk in the forest.  At the slightest coryza, children do not give a drop in the nose and tablets, as a result – they are extremely rare.

Sport is paid more attention than learning. In spring and autumn children go swimming and in the winter – skiing. Hikes are organized all year round. For example, at the age of 9 children already go on 3-day trips with the class, spend the night in tents and cook meals in a cooking pot. Also mandatory weekly event in all schools is a 3-hour walk into the woods or mountains. Schoolchildren constantly participate in various marathons and competitions.

First date with a Norwegian woman

It will be exciting and intriguing, but it will definitely leave behind a lot of positive emotions. If you will speak with a girl on the site of a norwegian woman, she will definitely want to meet you in real life.

Most likely you will meet in a cozy cafe. Girls do not invite strangers to visit them, because their home was created only for loved people. Do not be surprised that girls of Norway pay for themselves in all establishments. This is a feature of the Norwegians. For example, even when you are living together, you will have a separate budget. Even being in a supermarket and buying food for the whole family, you first put the selected products on tape and pay for them, then your wife will do the same.

Do not buy a Norwegian woman odd number of flowers and do not be late for a date. Norwegian residents may regard this as disrespect for themselves. Do not be too defiant, do not speak loudly and do not make too many compliments. First, the girl will behave very restrained. If dating is successful, then you will meet more than once and get to know each other for sure.

The main thing – the Norwegian brides are open to communication and very kind. If you associate your life with such a woman, you will definitely become a happy person. She will help you and support you in everything. Your children will be beautiful, smart and healthy. What could be better?

If before you were skeptical about online dating, then it’s time to change your mind! Nowadays thousands of single people find their happiness on the Internet. If you could not find love in your hometown, then perhaps the right woman lives in Norway. Use the search on agency sites, view photos of women and you will definitely find the only one girl, from which you will feel new sensations in your heart. Now  show courage and get to know each other better with norwegian bride!

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