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If you looking for Portuguese woman, you need first to know some of their features. 

Style and the Portuguese are not synonymous, but not antonyms. The Portuguese women dress normally, but conservatively, a bit monotonous and not bright. Favorite colors: gray, beige, black and white. The more pastel the tonnes of clothes, the more secure a woman is. At the same time, they do not use bright accessories. The exceptions are local wives with black skin: dress brightly, with a taste combining the most possible and impossible accessories.

Interestingly, compared to the same Spaniards, Portuguese mail order bride is much less often use make-up. The volume of makeup is much less; sometimes the art of using it leaves much to be desired. They wear heels but not often. Wearing heels and walking through famous Portuguese paving stones is an art.

Portuguese women are slowness in everyday business. For this reason, the schedule of many events is very flexible for them. During the "siesta" from 12.00 to 15.00 most of the institutions are closed, and even work phones are silent. Portuguese women have dinner quite early; so many local restaurants finish their work already at 21.30-22.00.

The Portuguese are characterized by calm, impressiveness and some reverie, which clearly distinguish them from their neighbors - emotional Spaniards. It is characteristic that the overwhelming majority of residents in choosing between active rest and passive, contemplative prefers the second, and often stay at home during the holidays.

The Portuguese women zealously, proudly treat the historical greatness of their country and its heroic past. Brides consider themselves a special nation and cannot stand when they are trying to compare them with the same Spaniards.

Such qualities as natural politeness and great restraint of behavior, especially in dealing with unfamiliar people, are also inherent in the average Portuguese women. Such tactfulness is combined with a sincerely cordial attitude towards foreigners and a willingness to help in a difficult situation.

Residents of the country are quite conservative, women have a serious attitude towards the social hierarchy, respect for authorities in the religious, as well as in the family and business areas. But local women are very cheerful, love and know how to celebrate, visit bright festivals, processions, and folk festivals.

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What to expect from a Portuguese woman: personality and physique

Nature rewarded the Portuguese women with good, taut skin and also strong, shiny and, as a rule, wavy hair. The concept of caring for yourself before the start of professional life includes hand cream in the cold season, sun protection in summer, and hygienic lipstick in summer and winter. Perfume and bright lipstick are used for dating and parties.

The Portuguese women have a sexy breast and a beautiful butt, but often, legs in the proportion of the body look a bit short. The Portuguese ladies are short.

Pretty young girls are bright, with beautiful hair up to the shoulder blades. The hairstyle of local brides looks lush, careless and natural. Young Portuguese Dress is very casual. As a rule, these are jeans, T-shirts, and sneakers.

Let’s return to the Portuguese age categories and personal care. As we mentioned before, young Portuguese are beautiful and have natural beauty. For unknown reasons so far, after marriage/childbirth, Portuguese women grow up sharply and begin to look older than their age, “returning to beauty” only after 40. Portuguese over 40 can again be called beautiful and, finally, stylish. That is why local husbands are crazy about mature Portuguese women.

Portuguese women have strong health because of the good climate and fine ecological region. Use Portuguese dating sites to find your perfect woman.

Why are women from Portugal so popular among foreign men?

It is difficult to distinguish them from Spaniards or Greek women. The same dark skin, tanned to very dark, thick black hair, dark eyes. A very typical image for southerners, to the north of the country, the type is diluted with light-eyed and brown-haired.

To begin with, women of Portugal do not like to wear skirts. That is not about respectful ladies of retirement age, who are fine with skirts, but about young Portuguese. Year-round, brides dress jeans, shorts, depending on the season and the vagaries of fashion.

Hairstyle among young Portuguese women is also an almost unnecessary word. Loose or tightly-tailed hair is a common thing for a young lady. If you see a short-haired female in Portugal, most likely she will be a tourist. At the same time, the aforementioned ladies in skirts devote much more time to hair care, sitting for hours in hairdressing salons.

Portuguese brides do not burden themselves with makeup. Half a century ago, skincare was limited to all sorts of manipulations with olive oil. Now that the beauty industry is getting wider, the Portuguese women can occasionally do light makeup, and then for some solemn occasion. They do not need cosmetics when there is so much sun, and most of the year they have a beach and swimming. And the fashion on the “natural face” was fixed at local Portuguese women.

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Why are Portuguese brides good for marriage?

In relationships, a strong element is a wife; it is she who makes many decisions. Men in most cases turn out to be “slaves” (but men do not wrap around her little finger.) and, most importantly, they like it and sooner or later they begin to strive for it.

Relations in a couple are more mundane and straight: if the Italians sing about how beautiful you are and you even start to believe it 🙂 then you cannot wait for it from the Portuguese. Compliments are said, but their diversity, even in terms of the language options themselves, is quite scarce. The process of dating cannot be called easy. The Portuguese do not fascinate easily and at ease, but if there is a return glance or a smile, they go right through and without numerous admissions.

Couples who talk about money (this topic is considered personal and even rarely discussed among friends) usually have a common account for general needs and separate bank accounts where the salary goes.

The Portuguese singles love their body, and therefore they perceive it as it is by nature. The Portuguese will not throw out the salary on a new series of anti-cellulite products, will not do honey massage, because it is quite painful and bruises will remain from it. A local single would rather buy a fragrant moisturizer for the body because it smells nice.

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What cultural peculiarities make Portugal women so interesting?

The Portuguese rightly believe that the main key to success in later life is a good education. After studying at school, young people are keen to go to university. In parallel, students work part-time in cafes and shops. All this time, a son or daughter is surrounded by parental care and help. The brides are in no hurry to leave the family nest even after graduating from the university, after finding a permanent job. It is considered that it is reasonable to separate when the first mortgage payment for an apartment has already been accumulated.

Civil marriages are a common phenomenon in Portugal, which seems to suit both men and brides. An indicator of the seriousness of the relationship is often a joint bank account. After its opening for some state bodies of the country, the pair is already official. Registering a relationship according to all the rules of lovers is decided not earlier than 30 years. Most likely, the baby will quickly appear in the family, who will become the center of the universe and the main person in the house for mom and dad.

Divorce is not accepted in Portugal today. The older generation tried not to destroy the family, even with connections on the side. Perhaps, just because of this – having seen enough of the parental examples – the younger Portuguese prefer to avoid quick decisions and get married as late as possible, so that once and for all.

About Portugal

In Portuguese society, no pronounced discrimination and social separation are depending on the country of origin, there are practically no ghetto-districts that you can observe in other countries England, but in friendly relations, this division is felt. That is a deep tradition.

Portugal is one of the countries with the lowest birth rate. I would say that the main reason is the poor welfare of the country as a whole. The state childcare is low, the decree is short, the prices for the maintenance of the child are high.

For example, a kindergarten in Lisbon costs from 300 to 400 euros per month with an average salary in the country of 900-1000 euros. At the same time, the Portuguese do not particularly strive to “live for themselves” and this is definitely not the main reason for which they postpone the birth of a child.

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