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In marriage, Scandinavian wives continue to prove their originality and exclusivity. To become her spouse means to obey her always and in everything, up to the choice of shaving cream and the shaving accessories themselves. She herself will choose everything and indicate the only place where all this can be stored. But, if the husband is satisfied with such a secondary subordinate position in the family, then until the end of days he can be happy in marriage. A Scandinavian mail order bride can be very affectionate, generous and loyal with her chosen one - because she is against adultery in all its manifestations! Having connected her life with marriage, she throws at his feet all the power of her charm, all tenderness and devotion! On occasion, she rushes to the defense of her husband and children, not even thinking about the consequences and about herself. However, why not thinking? She simply does not take seriously the fact that victory may not be hers.

Family for Scandinavian women is the same job in which they also strive to achieve excellence. The house is in perfect order, the children are developed and well-groomed with good health, the husband is surrounded by care and affection, and the entire family ship is strong and steady and keeps afloat during infrequent family storms and light storms. Marriage for Scandinavian women is a very serious and thoughtful step. If she is ready to marry a man, then she is ready to give up to all, if necessary for his safety. But this does not mean that a single Scandinavian girl from a self-sufficient careerist will turn into a housewife. She can do homework, but she does it without much inspiration.

For her, an ideal union is when both bring money, and both do the housework. There are obvious advantages in this: the Scandinavian wife devotes a lot of time to intellectual improvement, which contributes to the development of her personality. You can discover something new in such a woman literally every day. Here it is not recommended to deceive the Scandinavian women, even if, as you think, they completely trust you. It will not be difficult for them to dial the number of your boss or secretary to find out - at which such meeting are you delaying? A Scandinavian wife will always help you financially at the time of difficulties, but she cannot stand men who earn much less than her. However, she will not abandon her husband, but she will not respect her either. Due to her own vanity, the Scandinavian female painfully perceives comments related to her appearance or behavior. Do not tell her that she looks tired - she will perceive it as if you called her ugly.

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Personality Traits of Scandinavian Mail Order Brides

Advantages of Scandinavian brides:

  • She is an excellent worker, and she solves many problems much better than her male colleagues;

  • She is hardworking, ambitious, and these qualities help her to easily move up the career ladder;

  • Scandinavian women love and know how to achieve their goals – and they always have their bar high.

  • She never complains about life, and those who begin to complain about fate and circumstances despise and mock them;

  • Pity for the “poor and wretched” is unusual for her, because she sincerely does not understand how a person endowed with intelligence can go with the flow, clinging to all the driftwood and ledges;

  • They love their country very much and respect its traditions.

She is smart and logical, and never lets herself be cornered. If someone does not take her dignity as a female worker seriously, he becomes, if not an enemy, a man to whom she will never turn her beautiful eyes and will not pay attention. But this does not mean that she does not notice his courtship – just the nature of the Scandinavian brides does not allow them to descend to become an “ordinary woman” and accept signs of attention from a person who is not interesting to them. And many men are trying to attract her attention. In addition to a sharp mind and a broad outlook, she also attracts with her truly feminine features: beauty and a chiseled figure, the ability to dress and, in general, look. She is quite sociable, and knows how to skillfully maintain a conversation. Men are pleased to invite Scandinavian women to the company, and they gladly agree.

But, if men try to catch the Scandinavian bride in a love trap in this way, then they will have a broken hope. She never interferes with friendships and love relationships – she is generally against adultery, it does not matter if she is invited to be a member of the love triangle, or she is just a witness. And friendships can develop into love affairs only at her request, but certainly not at the request of a man. She generally makes no distinction in the degree of “permissibility” of male actions and female. If she likes someone, then she may be the first to propose to enter not only into intimate relationships in general, but also into marriage, in particular. But to reject the annoying admirer is also not shy. The nature of the sexy Scandinavian women is such that they are all accustomed to doing it themselves, completely confident that they will succeed better than the rest, including men. And she is absolutely right! So, her ambitions and vanity are not based on nothing! Scandinavian brides simply adore when they admire them, and not only their abilities, but also their appearance. However, there really is something to admire, and she herself is in love with her beautiful appearance, and she can hardly pass by the mirror without glancing at him briefly. She must make sure once again that she looks just perfect.

One who was lucky enough to become an object of love for Scandinavian brides can not only envy, but also sympathize. And it is still unknown who was more fortunate: to the one whom they rejected, or to the one to whom they turned their attention. Because in love, Scandinavian women are used to playing only the main roles: they are just as powerful in the family as at work. They require submission to themselves, the implementation of their directives, and do not accept to be contradicted. In intimate relationships, Scandinavian brides also prefer the active role, even in the poses they prefer to be above rather than the bottom – even here the subordinate role is humiliating for them!

What is the Emancipation of Scandinavian Women?

Once upon a time, Scandinavian women prevailed over society. After this period, it was called matriarchy. Many today believe that this was the golden age of mankind. The most ancient literary sources about matriarchal societies are ancient Greek myths about the Amazons. These strong warlike women are fantasy inventions of the authors, but they inspire many modern Scandinavian wives to have a free lifestyle, refusal to give birth to children and career priority. It turns out that the history of emancipation has not undergone significant changes. What kind of strong Scandinavian woman is she? She has such traits as:

  • determination;

  • endurance;

  • working capacity;

  • the ability to quickly navigate the situation and be responsible for their actions.


It turns out that femininity and tenderness are no longer in value? You can argue with this endlessly, but still it’s worth trying to paint the image of a modern successful Scandinavian woman. She is beautiful and well-groomed, loves her job or, at least, tolerates it and sets goals to achieve new career heights. She has a large wardrobe, as she often goes out and cannot afford to showcase things of the past season. In addition, the modern Scandinavian lady always has her own opinion on any occasion, and therefore, in many moments she can get around a man. But the personal life of such a lady remains in question. If she is so successful, then next to her should be equal or superior to her man. And if you can’t find this, then a strong woman runs the risk of being alone.

A modern Scandinavian woman has too many responsibilities. It is not enough for her to be the “shadow of a man”, she needs to be a free, strong and confident person in the future. But in connection with the realities of today, a concept such as “an emancipated Scandinavian woman” arises. This phrase is often interpreted incorrectly, accusing the fair sex of bitchiness, arrogance and narcissism.

The Best Way to Find Scandinavian Mail Order Brides

The fastest and most comfortable option for search of Scandinavian mail order brides is Scandinavian dating sites, as well as a marriage service and an online agency. To protect yourself, use reliable sites with multi-step verification of created accounts, photos, documents. Where access is provided without registration, information will be inaccurate in 90% of cases. Provide the correct information yourself:


  • Do not embellish, so that the Scandinavian girl does not get upset when she sees instead of a sultry macho a thin programmer with glasses. Honestly indicate height, weight, appearance, attach this photo;

  • In a profile or messages, it’s better not to lie about the purpose of dating – flirting, an easy adventure without consequences, finding a girlfriend for a trip on vacation, a serious relationship. The main thing is that you yourself understand why correspondence is not wasted time;

  • Fill the questionnaire in as much as possible so that you can be found for similar interests and tastes. At the same time, it is not worth writing criteria for evaluating women – such self-confidence is annoying;

  • Avoid photos in the style of nudes, yours and when choosing a pretty Scandinavian interlocutor in case of searching for a serious relationship.


To speed up the process, use the services of sites – raising profiles, the hero of the day, giving virtual gifts, etc. The girl’s profile contains tips, using such sites it is easiest to start a casual conversation, later move from words to deeds. Review not the most rated applicants, where you will get lost in the crowd of fans, but also not the latest, whose profiles hang out for a long time in catalog and uselessly at a dating site.

Scandinavian Mail Order Brides: Dating Secrets

The idealism of Scandinavian women often becomes the reason that they do not find their “handsome prince” among compatriots and therefore begin to actively visit dating sites in order to marry a foreign man. Constantly looking for perfection, Scandinavian singles often forget that they themselves are far from the ultimate dream of every man, and they also have their drawbacks. a Scandinavian woman is simultaneously looking for a patron and a subordinate, which is simply impossible. Hot Scandinavian women are jealous, unable to forgive even a slight flirt with another. She sets loyalty and devotion to her partner as the main condition, and in return completely dissolves in him. But offend her mortally at least once, and from her love there will be no trace. It quickly lights up, but even faster turns into ice.

If in relations with friends a Scandinavian woman is easy and generous, then in relations with a man some selfishness may be shown. In particular, she does not consider his meeting with friends or communication (even simple friendships) with other women the norm. In order to keep a Scandinavian woman close by, you need to constantly glow, warming her interest. With words of love and promises she will not be full. This woman will certainly praise her beloved for all her achievements, but she requires the same eulogies for herself. If you do not express enthusiasm about her career take-off or another creative project, then you can say goodbye to this woman.

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