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If you have never tried finding a person through dating websites, then you will be surprised by how popular it is, because it’s a very simple and efficient way to find your love online. 

Slovenia is a small European nation that literally has everything. It’s known not only as a fascinating country with beautiful landscapes and sights, but also has plenty of attractive women who drive foreign men crazy. That said, you should have no problems finding your Slovenian mail order, because a lot of them are looking for their love online just like you.

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A Brief Description of Slovenia

Slovenia is a very diverse country. Tourism began to develop here relatively recently. The northern part of the country attracts skiers with snowy Alpine peaks; river valleys, forest expanses and magnificent lakes, which will not leave indifferent lovers of nature. Ancient cities with medieval castles, churches and small villages keep the history of European civilization, and the cities of the Adriatic coast are imbued with the spirit of Venice and Italian culture. A small marvelous country located among picturesque European landscapes is known as Slovenia. Despite the fact that it is half the size of Switzerland, there is a lot of interesting places you can visit, including unique karst caves, emerald forests, crystal hot springs, a deserted Mediterranean coast and mountain lakes. All of that is waiting for you in Slovenia


The capital of Slovenia – fascinating Ljubljana will appeal to you from the very first minutes. Romantic walks through the old town, among the medieval baroque and renaissance, and fabulously small shops will surely impress you. Tourists who have visited Prague, Vienna, Rome, and other cities will find Ljubljana incredibly attractive. The uniqueness of the Slovenian capital lies in the fact that the clear waters of the Ljubljanica river divide the city into two districts – the old town and the modern quarters (unlike other European cities, where the buildings go in a circle).’


Other interesting facts to consider with before traveling to Slovenia:


  • Slovenia has the world’s oldest vine growing in the Guinness Book of Records. Its age is more than four hundred years and it still regularly brings grapes;

  • It is very convenient to travel anywhere in the country by train, as the Slovenian railway network covers almost the entire territory;

  • Slovenia is a paradise for speleologists, as there are more than ten thousand caves located there;

  • There are over two thousand reserves on the compact territory of Slovenia;

  • The average life expectancy in this country is about 80 years old;

  • Slovenia is the only former communist state of the European Union, which is also part of the Eurozone, the Schengen zone, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Council of Europe and NATO;

  • In Slovenia, there are between 400 and 600 bears; this is one of the largest populations of the brown bear in Europe;

  • The official religion is Catholicism. It is confessed by the majority of the population of the country;

  • The official language of the country is Slovenian, but Italian and Hungarian are also very popular.

Characteristics of Slovenian Women

If you have ever heard stories that Slovenian mail order bride has an awful temper, always argue with people, can never keep their mouth shut, and don’t do anything to support their family, then congratulations you got fooled. None of this true by any means.  In fact, it can be said that most of the women of the Balkans are proud of how “westernized” and “civilized” they are compared to the rest of the region. Good manners and etiquette play an important role for hot Slovenian brides. Therefore, a typical Slovenian woman will do everything possible to keep up with the “civilized” stereotype, and there is no point in being scared that she will embarrass you in public. She will always be a fine lady. The one and only time when she can show off her hot temper is when she feels like something is threatening her family. All in all, Slovenian ladies are the one you always want to have by your side.

Before mentioning their other qualities, it is better to first talk about Slovenian culture. Their culture is a special mix of tradition and modernity. On the one hand, Slovenes were the first Slavic country to adopt Christianity, prioritizing family values. On the other hand, Yugoslavia was a socialist country with a dominant secular position and great attention for the decent education of the masses. This gives Slovenian women the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of traditionalist and progressive approaches: they have traditional family values, they are excellent housewives and mothers, but they are also intelligent and educated.

Slovenian women manage to effectively combine the love and care of their families with a successful career. Such women are intelligent enough to spend their time so that none of the above priorities remain unattended. However, when the time comes and she will be forced into making an important decision (for instance, if you decide to a third child), then she will sacrifice her career rather than hire someone to look after her child.

Here are some other things to remember about Slovenian mail order women:

Slovenian girls are very sporty

For some reason girls in Slovenia like everything about sport. And they don’t just like visiting matches and watch teams play, but also love practicing themselves. For example, they are great

at ski jumping and mountaineering. They find it fun and truly enjoy it. However, it’s not just about positive emotions, because it keeps their body in great shape as well. They combine physical activities with healthy food and get a sexy body as a result.

They are hardworking

Bees are a great comparison in terms of hard work when we are talking about Slovenian women. It’s their attitude towards work that makes them so unique. When you will first meet a Slovenian lady, you will be surprised by how active she is, because they just can’t sit at one place. They also manage to do a large amount of work in short time, because they are not just always busy, but also efficient.

Slovenian women are truly charming

It’s impossible to talk about Slovenian women and not mention their beauty. They are thin and tall with bright eyes that light up when they smile. They have round faces with full lips, and a fantastic hair that is usually dark. It’s really something.

They have managed to win a lot of beauty awards thanks to their fantastic appearance.

Your Slovenian love will never be late on a date

This is one of the things that really differs them from women of other nationalities. Most of the girls aren’t punctual at all. You can arrange a date with one, and she will most likely arrive 15-30 minutes late, or might not make it to the date at all.  However, Slovenian women are totally different. They always come right on time, and if they do get late, then they will apologize for it. Be sure to not be late yourself if you don’t want to disappoint her.

Slovenian ladies are positive and open-minded

Foreigners will surely feel like Slovenia is their second home, and this is all thanks to the beautiful women. Slovenian mail order brides are very friendly and have no problems with talking to strangers. They will greet you, tell you more about the city, and help you out if you get stuck. They will also let you hug them if they find you handsome.

Why are Slovenian Girls So Popular Among Foreign Men?

They don’t ask for much

What I mean by that is that they aren’t greedy. Money is obviously important for them, but it’s not the first thing on their list when they are choosing a man. That said, it’s much less likely to get finessed by gold diggers in Slovenia. You can count on sincere love and long relationships.

They are multilingual

Slovenian girls can speak at least two foreign languages ​​in addition to their mother tongue. Their English is also pretty good, which makes communication with them a lot easier. And as we know, understanding each other is an extremely important part of any relationships.

Balance and elegance

Some of the most elegant women you will ever find on online dating sites are Slovenian girls. Men tend to look for profiles online before turning to women directly. Slovenians easily attract foreigners because they always look neat, clean and elegant.

Slovenian women are excellent communicators

If you’re a man looking for love on the internet, you definitely do not want to go on a date with someone who’s a boring interlocutor. You would much rather go on a date with a beautiful Slovenian girl, who can discuss a lot of interesting topics with you. Slovenian women are popular among foreigners because they are warm-hearted and always open to conversation. They can even teach you their language if you want some new experience.

Finding a Way to the Heart of Slovenian Women

If you plan on marrying a beautiful Slovenian woman, then you must first travel to Ljubljana, go to the city and immerse yourself in the dating scene with Slovenian women. Such a trip will certainly bring a lot of positive emotions, and maybe will even become the adventure of your life. However, make sure that you don’t take such thing as relationships and marriage for fun, because you have to take it very seriously and think about every step you make

Even though flying to Slovenia to find your love is a great idea, meeting brides online through a Slovenian bridal agency seems like a better solution for several reasons. Here are some of them:

  • It’s a lot more comfortable to do all of this online. You will get to chat with Slovenian women every time you have free time and there will be no conditions until you decide it is time to get involved in a relationship;

  • You will have more than enough time to study everything about the lady and make sure she is a suitable partner for you;

  • You can be sure that the Slovenian women with whom you speak have the same intentions of marrying and starting a family as you do;

  • You get instant access to a large database of your possible future wives;

  • You can filter your search for all the traits you consider important for your marriage, from some appearance traits to hobbies and personality traits;

  • The agency ensures that the women behind the profiles are real people and that they have the right to marry (single / divorced and of legal age) and that their only goal is finding a suitable partner and marrying him.

Getting to Know Your Slovenian Mail Order Bride

  1. The first and the most important thing is finding the right dating platform. You can find out everything about the dating site by analyzing the comments of the customers. Another good idea would be to read professional reviews of such service. These reviews will not only tell you about which sites you should avoid, but also will describe all of the functions presented on the sites, making life much easier for you. This way, you can easily pick the right website without spending your time on figuring things out;
  2. A happy marriage is always a desired goal, but remember not to rush it. First, think carefully about what kind of woman you would like to have. You will be asked this question once you are done completing your profile;
  3. If you cannot think of the image of an ideal woman in your head, then don’t make hasty decision. In such a case, it is better to admit that you have no clear expectations and take some time looking for the right type. And once you understand what you need it, you can specify it in your profile;
  4. Do not feel bad for chatting with multiple Slovenian girls at the same time. Chat with as many Slovenian ladies  as you wish, until you are confident that you have met the right woman and you are ready to meet up with her;
  5. Think about the most convenient communication form with your woman. Would you rather write long letters or instant chat? Or maybe video chat for most of the time? It is important, because all of it will cost you money. Today, most of the international dating sites do not charge you for registration or membership. Instead, there are price tags that show how much a particular service costs (a letter, a minute of chat, a minute of video calls, etc.).

What Does it Mean to Buy a Slovenian Mail Order Bride?

“Slovenian brides for sale” is simply an expression. What these sites sell is a variety of services that help you communicate and eventually meet up with your woman. It is quite naive to believe that the final success of a relationship can depend on a third party, no matter how good a dating site is. However, the website gives you a chance to buy the attention of a woman by making her little gifts, such as flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and other things that the agency has to offer.

Best Sites to Look for a Slovenian Mail Order Bride

Match Truly

  • A large selection of Slovenian ladies looking for true love abroad;

  • A very simple and quick registration process;

  • Profiles with detailed information about women, which makes it easy for you to make the perfect choice;

  • Advanced search filters that help you find the right type of girl for you.

Bright Brides

  • No need to pay for the membership, because everything is absolutely free;

  • An extensive database of potential women;

  • The agency guarantees that registered women are genuine and are eligible for marriage;

  • You can find your love in no time with the help of advanced search filters;

  • A convenient and user-friendly website.

Rose Brides

  • You can register without paying a cent;

  • Only takes a moment to create your profile;

  • Safety of users is their number one priority;

  • Advanced search and message features.

Why You Should Consider Marrying a Slovenian Bride

Slovenian brides are great companions

Living with a Slovenian girlfriend is a life in which your dreams come true. It’s not hard to fall in love with a beautiful woman, but if you have one that you can really love, then you are extremely lucky. It is well-known that Slovenian women do everything they can to support their husbands and sacrifice their success for the good of the family. If you give your Slovenian wife 100% of your love, then she will give you 200% in return. That is probably why Slovenia has a word “love” in its name.

Slovenian brides take care of the family

The brides of this country greatly appreciate their families. Any man who is married to one can rest assured that his family is very close to her heart. They are also great at housekeeping, which makes them extremely valuable.

Which Cultural Characteristics Make Slovenian Women So Impressive?

Slovenian mail order brides love everything about travelling

Your Slovenian girlfriend will surely get you out of your comfort zone, because she is always in search for adventures. She will always want to try something new with you, so get ready for new emotions.

Slovenian girls are great at keeping up the conversation

The rich cultural heritage makes them great people to communicate with. They have a lot of interesting things to discuss with your, including their values, morality and religion. Such wife will never get you bored.


Slovenian mail order brides are a perfect match for successful men who know exactly what they want from their lives. If you ready to live a woman who will take care both of your home and family, and will make all of your friends jealous every time they see her, then there is no better choice for you.

A trip to Slovenia to meet and talk with such women will be a truly exciting and rewarding experience. However, if you have a more serious goal, you should come approach this matter seriously and carefully. And that’s what mail order bride sites can help you with. Registering with a Slovenian bride agency will give you the opportunity to connect with as many Slovenian brides as you can before making a decision and taking the most important step in your life. If you feel like the time has come and you are ready for it, the agency will gladly provide you with all the legal assistance you need to find your Slovenian soulmate.

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