Swiss Brides

Swiss brides are seductive women and perfect partners 

Princesses of the Alpine paradise - this is how hot Swiss women are called. They have unique charisma and good manners, they are decisive and purposeful, that’s why long-legged Swiss blondes win over men’s hearts so easily. No matter where these women are from - industrial Zurich or atmospheric Basel, quiet Bern or lively Geneva - it makes no sense to resist their charms. There’s only one thing to do - to get acquainted with them closer. 

The visual sex appeal of hot Swiss girls

When visiting the Alpine country, you cannot but notice the numerousness of wonderful Swiss women. These fair-headed brides are considered to be among the most slender ladies in Europe. Sports figure and body hygiene are very important for girls from Switzerland.

Perhaps, there’s no other country in the world where brides look as well-groomed as Swiss beauties. These brides are stylishly dressed, apply light make-up and set their hair neatly, and that makes Swiss women look like real princesses. These brides don’t spare money on skincare, as well as on healthy food and sports. 

It’s no wonder that there are so many outstanding beauties among Swiss showgirls. The names of such movie stars as Stéphanie Berger, Maya Stojan, Michelle Hunziker, Kat Graham and such models as Sonja Kinski, Kerstin Cook, Nomi Fernandes and Patricia Schmid are known all over the world.  

The character and mentality of beautiful Swiss women

These brides are very modest and patient. They show restraint and businesslike character in all situations. At the same time, these women are quite friendly. Most of brides from Switzerland are introverts who like to reach the heart of hearts. This woman’s desire for a harmonious partnership is rather deep, but not to the point of marrying the first hot Swiss guy she comes across. 

Swiss girl is neat, punctual and disciplined. Such a bride appreciates the following three things most of all: 

  • Decent education: Swiss girls read a lot and always learn something new; there are a lot of courses for brides in Switzerland, there are even schools for housewives in this country; a woman has to complete apprenticeship course lasting 3 to 4 years under the guidance of a master mentor.

  • Hard-working: all Swiss people (women and men alike) can show a fantastic working capacity without any self-pity; brides from this country can make their work incredibly productive and derive real pleasure from it.

  • The full rest: exhausting themselves with work and study in the course of the week,  hot girls in Switzerland give themselves up to the good rest on Sundays walking and meeting with friends; the leisure regime of these brides is quite strict, however - no washing, no cleaning the car or the house. 

Thrift and desire to save are among the main features of a Swiss woman. Girls from Switzerland regard purchases on credit as something reprehensible. These brides try to save everything they can - time, health, but above all money. 

The considerate Swiss women don’t like such reasonings as “Well, there’s nothing to worry about, you can easily wash this away”. Brides from this country would always try to avoid the risk of getting dirty. In most cases, their way of thinking is as follows: “One cannot escape troubles; I’m just going to prepare for it properly”.

Behaviour and manners of beautiful Swiss girls

The utmost politeness, courtesy and restraint of these babes are well-known. A Swiss bride would never say “Good morning!” to her neighbour without calling him/her by name. If this woman forgets the name, she won’t leave her house until she remembers it. 

The same goes for phone conversations. It’s just considered to be a good form to call your interlocutor by name. Answering the phone and saying just “Hello!” without introducing oneself is regarded as bad manners. When a Swiss bride says goodbye to her interlocutor, she will certainly call him/her by name. Talking to a virtual stranger, a Swiss woman will never permit herself any form of familiarity. 

The extreme scrupulousness of Swiss brides is manifested in many things. For example, no decent woman in Switzerland would permit herself to sip wine before all the pledges are named for every participant of the feast. The ceremonial of visiting guests is no less strictly observed - going home in an English way without thanking the hosts and saying goodbye to them is regarded as indecency. 

How do a Swiss woman act in married life?

Apart from love and mutual understanding, Swiss brides want faithfulness and protection when looking for a partner. These women are as steady in a family relationship as Swiss banks. However, a foreign husband should know that these brides are very concerned about personal space and strive for equality in the family. Women from Switzerland are sure that it creates a platform suitable for a harmonious relationship. 

The upbringing of children

If a kid shows signs of self-confidence, obstinacy and leadership habits, they are not encouraged. The upbringing of children is focused on modesty and tolerance. A Swiss bride may often be a strict mother. She will raise her children in a tradition close to the Victorian era in England. In that time, people were guided by the principle: “Children should be in sight, but they shouldn’t be heard”. Swiss kids are taught not to bother adults with their questions and keep silence as often as possible. 

Swiss brides’ attitude to cooking and gastronomy

Swiss housewives cook food quite carefully. Brides from Switzerland avoid semi-finished and frozen products, concentrates and the like advertised actively on TV. Instead, they prefer natural and fresh ingredients. These women don’t trust microwave ovens and even electric kettles. Quick-cooking and fast food are not for a Swiss wife.

Dinner-time is very important for any woman from Switzerland. It lasts nearly an hour and sometimes even up to two hours. Children come home from school, and if time and distance allow it, the fathers of the family come as well from their offices. Muesli with fruit, cream and nuts is dished for lunch. This culinary masterpiece has been invented in Switzerland.  

Besides, a Swiss bride likes to cook the following dishes: 

  • “Rösti” (potato slices fried in melted butter);

  • "Metzgete” (a stew of pork legs, pieces of black and white pudding with the addition of other by-products) 

  • “Spätzli” (a special kind of macaroni products).

After meat dishes, Swiss brides usually drink Sauser - young stuck wine. 

Swiss women make coffee very well, far better than any other ladies of Western Europe. Swiss coffee is strong, fragrant and never bitter. It’s usually served with dessert. 

The attitude to tea is quite different here. In Switzerland, it’s not just a drink, it’s a kind of medicine. There is no herb, flower or blade of grass in Switzerland that is not gathered, dried and brewed by Swiss brides. Different kinds of these potions are used to treat liver, heart, gallbladder and other organs. The Swiss tea may be brisk, relaxing and even soporific.

All the holidays celebrated during a year are accompanied by special confectionery. Swiss women bake cupcakes for Epiphany Day, gingerbread men for St. Nicholas Day, and cookies for Christmas. Fragrant treats are packed in tin/cardboard boxes, or in colorful paper bags and handed to friends and relatives.

What should you know when dating a hot Swiss girl?

Many Swiss brides are a bit withdrawn at the start. When searching for a partner, they’re quite discreet preferring gradual establishing of contacts. However, when the ice of first meetings is broken, it’s quite easy to carry over small talks with a Swiss woman. 

Restraint and prudent Swiss men are often not suitable for these brides, and ladies from Switzerland look for foreigners. They like the following features: 

  • cowboy rollicksomeness of Americans; 

  • the niceties of manners of British gentlemen; 

  • confidence of Germans; 

  • zest for life of French; 

  • persistence and patience of Austrians

  • soul warmness of Russians. 

Hygiene, neatness and cleanliness are important components of Swiss life. A bride from Switzerland is sure that being well-groomed is above all. Swiss women accept courtesies or reject their potential partners depending on the attitude of these men to personal hygiene issues.

Tenderness and desire of the future husband to have children is far more important for a Swiss woman than sexuality. When choosing a life partner, cautious Swiss brides pay attention to his financial sufficiency. A man who has a decent job, a car and a house will have more chances to win over a Swiss bride. However, the material well-being doesn’t replace the need for love and fidelity. 

Where can you find a Swiss bride? 

You can meet many beautiful women in a large city - in Zurich or Geneva - just on the streets, in a restaurant, shopping mall or at a club party. Don’t forget that these brides are withdrawn introverts by nature and are indisposed to casual relationships.  

You’d better not pin your hopes in dating Swiss women with the help of social media like Facebook or Instagram. Swiss brides like order in everything, and they rarely use these channels for searching for a partner. That’s why it’s unlikely that a stranger will be added to friends by a Swiss bride.

In this situation, the most reasonable thing is to use a special Swiss date site. On this platform, men can get acquainted with single Swiss brides who are also looking for partners and openly declare their intention to marry. All you need to do is: 

  • to visit a dating site from your favorite browser; 

  • to register;

  • to create a great profile. 

After these simple steps, the online matchmaker will provide you with a verified base of Swiss mail order brides suited for every fancy. If one of women arouses your interest, you may enter into correspondence with her. Perhaps, you’ll even want to chat with several Swiss brides for a start.  

Don’t neglect the security rules on dating sites (study it carefully before making any investments). Remember - no matter how thoughtful the options set of an Internet agency may be (up to the automatic match selection based on psychological compatibility), you should be guided by the following principle: “Caution is the parent of safety”. Anyway, use video chat before meeting offline.  

As a bonus for all your efforts, as well as time and money investments, you’ll meet a wonderful woman from the fabulously beautiful Alpine country.

Dating and marriage in Switzerland: useful tips 

Switzerland is in many ways a peculiar country, with its own etiquette rules and norms. Before going on a date with a Swiss bride and, later on, visiting the marriage registering authority, you should prepare for this seriously:  

  • be punctual - in Switzerland, it’s not polite to come on a meeting before its due time, and being late is absolutely inexcusable;   

  • if you’re going to buy chocolate for a Swiss bride as a present, you should choose a Swiss brand; it’s not just because the bars of excellent  Swiss chocolate look like bars of gold, but also because Swiss women think that everything produced in their country is the best by default; 

  • if you speak English, it will be enough to communicate with a Swiss bride at the start, for this language is quite popular in Switzerland; all residents of the country (men and women alike) know it and can speak it. 

  • be tactful when it comes to religious issues, for religion occupies an important place in the life of Swiss people (the percentage of believers in Switzerland is higher than in any other Western country);

  • to marry a Swiss bride, you need to gather a lot of documents; Switzerland is famous for its bureaucracy, and its citizens are known for their orderliness; you’ll have to show certificates confirming that you’re not married and live legally in the country; make sure in advance that all documents have been notarized and translated according to the requirement of the Swiss law. 

We hope that these recommendations will help you avoid culture shock during dating and marriage to a Swiss bride. 


Don’t relax until you win over the heart of a pretty Swiss bride. Head for your dream decisively and purposefully, change dating sites if necessary, use the whole toolkit offered to you and never back down from challenges. The more difficulties you overcome, the more respect you’ll get from you hot Swiss woman. She will be your reliable and faithful friend for the whole life.