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Interesting Facts About Thailand

  1. The numbering in Thailand is different from the world. So the year right now is 2562;
  2. Thailand has become a popular tourist country due to the Vietnam War. It housed large military bases, as well as recreation areas for US troops on vacation. Particularly popular among the soldiers was the city of Pattaya, since then it has remained the sex capital of Thailand;
  3. You will most likely not see a single drunk person on the streets of Thailand. Thais almost never get drunk, and if they do, they behave calmly and do not brawl. The usual state of a drunken Thai is to sit and smile;
  4. It is not accepted to shout loudly at people in Thailand. A smiling man does not cause associations with the fool, a smile in response in Thailand is totally normal. That is why Thailand is often called the Land of Smiles;
  5. Almost all Thais learn English in schools, but are often ashamed to use it. However, very often in the most unexpected places you can meet a Thai who is fluent in English;
  6. Thais love and respect their king very much. Many people call him a deity. Here it is better not to offend the family of monarchs, otherwise you can stay in prison for a long time;
  7. His Majesty the King of Thailand is the only monarch in the world with American citizenship. He is also listed in the Guinness Book of Records as a king who has been in power the longest;
  8. "Boom-boom" in Thai means a proposal to have sex;
  9. Do not touch the head of the Thais, including the child. Besides the fact that the Thais do not like this, they also believe that the soul, which for them is the most holy, is in the head;
  10. Thailand is the country with the largest percentage of Buddhists, approximately 95% of the Thai population are Buddhists. 4.6% are Muslim. 0.75% consider themselves Christians, most of them are Catholics;
  11. The historical name of Bangkok consists of thirty-seven words and is included in the Guinness Book of Records, as the longest name of the village in the world. Thais learn the full name of the capital of their state at school, but immediately forget about it after graduation;
  12. Learning Thai for a foreigner is almost impossible. At one time, in order to avoid colonization, the authorities of the country carried out a reform of the language, making it as difficult as possible. Modern Thai language is basically an encryption, if you do not know the topic of the conversation, then it’s pretty much impossible to understand what people are talking about;
  13. Thais still believe in good and evil spirits; miniature perfume houses can be found on any street in Bangkok, in the farthest village or on the beach. Every morning food offerings are offered to the spirits, in the evening the houses are cleaned and food is ruthlessly thrown into the dustbin. It is categorically forbidden to eat the spirit’s food, as the locals believe that the spirit could come to the meal in a bad mood, which will inevitably affect a person’s well-being;
  14. Thailand is one of the few countries where a birth of a daughter is greeted with more joy than the birth of a son. Thai men in the mass are lazy, girls are as hardworking as bees. Parents know that their daughters will never let them starve when they get old. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about sons;
  15. When marrying, the groom must pay the mail order bride's parents a certain amount of money. The amount is negotiated individually each time, but the most expensive women in Thailand are the ones who managed to get a good education. According to the logic of their parents, such girls have nothing to do with a poor husband;
  16. You must use red ink when writing the name if the person has died or you want him to die;
  17. Fat men in Thailand are called the funny word “pampui”. Men's bellies here are valued more than the press cubes, because the presence of a big belly speaks of office work, which is also high salary for men;
  18. Polygamy is still common in Thai villages. Often, after a husband earns enough money to pay for the purchase of three wives, he stops working. The maintenance of the house and children, as well as making money, fall entirely on the shoulders of women;
  19. If the wife (or wives) has accused her husband of treason, she will not stand on ceremony with him. In the worst case, wives can castrate a husband with a simple kitchen knife, precisely because of this, operations to restore the male genital organs are widespread in Thailand and are included in the list of standard operations;
  20. Many Thai girls working in the sex industry are married and have children. Husbands are aware of it, but don’t care all that much;
  21. Thais can change their names several times in their lives. From a bureaucratic point of view, this is a very simple procedure. As a rule, the name is changed, if a person is dissatisfied with his life and wants to start everything from scratch. If life fails again, the procedure can be repeated. Also, recently, it has become mandatory for Thais to indicate the gender of a person in passports, due to the fact that local plastic surgeons have finally learned to remove the Adam's apple, and now it has become even more difficult to distinguish ladyboys from women.

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What are Thai Women Like?

It is clear that the color and taste of all the lips are different, but the Thai are the most beautiful of Asians. When they are young – they are like pupae. Adult women also look youthful due to being Asian.  Most men are attracted by the charm of youth, childishness – upturned noses, dimples, sweet smile, miniature physique – all of this makes Thai women really attractive. Pretty girls from the Land of a Thousand Smiles, smile with their whole faces. By the way, unlike most of the Asian women, Thai women don’t have slanted eyes, which makes then even prettier.


Here are all of the  things you should know before meeting with a Thai woman:


  • Most of the Thai women are small, but the stereotype that they are really small comparing to women from other countries isn’t true. They have an average height for a woman;

  • Almost all of the girls in Thailand have a thin sexy body, and I’m not just talking about prostitutes and ladyboys. Thai women really look after themselves, and there is a very little percentage of women with excess weight. Even the ones who have already given birth to 2-3 children look perfect;

  • The majority of Thai women have thick and long hair, and this is truly a gift from nature. Thai women really care about their hair as well. You will most likely not see a single short-haired woman during your trip to Thailand, because local girls prefer long hair for the most part;

  • Thai ladies manage to look young at any age. For example, a 40-year-old Thai woman can easily look like a 20-year-old girl from college. There are a lot of factors for this, but the most important ones are genetic and self-care;

  • The thing you should right off the bat is that Thai women are crazy about white skin. They do everything possible to whiten their dark skin, while women from other countries do exactly the opposite. If you see a girl that is white as snow, then you can be sure that she’s a quite successful person in Thailand and makes a lot of money. In order to whiten their skin, they use different types of cosmetics that contains bleaching components, including tonal creams, powders, and other skin whitening products. Thai brides also hate everything about sunbathing and sun, and make sure to cover their skin at all times;

  • Another great thing about Thai women is their naturality. They have a natural beauty, but at the same time they don’t forget to use makeup, that looks also very natural and totally fits their face. At times, they can even go somewhere without any makeup, because they are very self-confident and don’t carry about opinions of other;

  • Girls from Thailand have nice character traits. Obviously that can not be said about every single woman in Thailand, but the majority of them are very caring, responsible, and calm. This especially applies to the girls that have been raised in rich families. They always listen to their husband, let him be the head of the family, and know how to pleasure him in multiple ways;

  • Thai brides are great housewives. They make sure that the house always stays clean and tidy. They are also great cookers. This is because their moms teach them how to cook properly when they are very young, because they understand how important it is to be able to cook food and feed and their husband;

  • Thai girls have a strong character. Most of them have a pretty hard childhood, where they barely have any food. They have to make money from the early age to be able to feed their family. However, they never complain about it. In general, they are ready to overcome any difficulties;

  • Family is important for Thai brides. They put family above everything, because it’s the number one goal in their life. They want to find a handsome loving husband (preferably a foreigner) and live with him as long as they can. Thai women also dream of raising children;

  • Thai brides are very wise, even despite the lack of education. They know how to time things very well. For example, if a husband is struggling, they always know the right moment to support him and pick the right words for it. They also know when it’s better to be quiet;

  • They are very loyal. This is nice to know, because there are not so many faithful wives nowadays. Cheating is not an option for them. However, do not use this against them, because they expect you to be just as loyal.

What Thai Women Love About Foreign Men

  • Fidelity. Local girls really appreciate this quality in guys;

  • Respect for Thai traditions and culture. If you stick to the traditions, then you are an invaluable bridegroom;

  • Clothing. Foreigners really do know how to dress stylishly;

  • Care. This is what Thai brides really like about foreigners. They feel like they don’t get enough love and care from their Thai men, and they also know that most of the foreigners treat the women with a lot more respect and will do everything they can to make the woman feel happy;

  • White color of the skin. This is an obvious one. Because Thai women are so obsessed with the white skin, foreigners are obviously a primary goal for them. However, let’s say you are an Indian or Afro-American. You have to be careful in that case, because people of Thailand are known for their racism;

  • A better life. Thailand is a pretty good country to live in, especially comparing to other Asian countries. There are a lot of interesting things you can do there, even for the tourists. However, Thailand is not a match for the most European countries and USA. Therefore, some of the Thai brides are looking to experience new feelings in other countries;

  • Strong body. It is no secret that almost all of the girls love when a man is in great shape. Thai men don’t look after themselves all that much, so foreigners are truly a gift;

  • Intelligence. Most of the foreign men are well-educated and some have more than one higher education;

  • Self-development. Foreigners always find time to self-develop and become better;

  • Money. Some of the Thai girls want to date foreigners for money. This can be one of the reasons to date you, but clearly not the main reason. What I mean by that is if you have a lot of money, then it speaks to your success and the will to get it done. Thai girls clearly like that. However, there are also gold diggers, that just want to use you for money and don’t care about anything else. There aren’t too many of them in Thailand, but you still have to be careful.

Where to Find a Girl for One Night?

If you are looking for sexy prostitute Pattaya, then check out the street near bars, massage parlors, as well as the beach. Her services will cost you around 300-500 baht. Like you probably already understood, the amount of payment depends on several factors: the place of acquaintance, the time spent together, and the number of girls. In any case, there is no fixed price – it is always negotiable.

The highest prices are for girls from pubs and go-go bars. In this case, if you decide to take the girl with you, you will have to pay a certain amount to the manager of the establishment, so that he will give your companion a permission to leave for a certain amount of time. After that, you can take her wherever you want, to a hotel room, in a room on the second floor of the bar, walk with her or even go shopping.

If you want to bring the girl to your room, ask her in advance if it is does not contradict to the rules of the hotel. Some hotels do not allow girls to be brought into the room or you will be forced to pay an additional amount for their stay, since prostitution in Thailand is officially prohibited. But not all girls in Pattaya are prostitutes. There are many other beautiful girls who don’t make a living in a similar way, dress beautifully, and don’t go to nightclubs.

Places to Look for a Girl That is Interested in Long-Term Relationships

As you have probably already guessed, clubs and bars aren’t the best places to look for long-term relationships. You could also try looking on the street or cafes, but that would take a lot of time, plus you’d still run into prostitutes and ladyboys. Therefore, it’s best to look a beautiful loving Thai girl on the internet. The best sites to do that are:


  • This site is very popular among Thai brides, so it’s a good place to start looking for them. Besides, you can get a free trial for a couple days, so you will be able to do most of the things absolutely for free. And couple days might be more than enough to meet your love;

  • has over 1,000,000 registered users, which speaks for itself. It is in high demand among Thai brides. There are a lot of search options available, and even though it will cost you some cash, it is totally worth it;

  • Even though Badoo is not just meant for Thai women, you can easily find a lot of them there. You can easily filter women by country and city. Besides, it shows you the girls that live right next to you, so you can see if there are any good-looking ones and make your choice;

  • Even though isn’t as popular and cool-looking as some of the sites mentioned above, it’s still a great site to look into. There are over 300,000 members, and the most options on the site are completely free;

  • This is a great site for dating Asians in general, including Thai brides. You will have to pay for stuff, but in return you will most likely find your love;

  • Facebook. Last, but not least is Facebook. You might be surprised, but it’s actually the most popular social network in Thailand, so you will a lot of wonderful Thai women there. You could also try your luck on social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and others.

How to Recognize Ladyboys in Thailand?

It might sound funny and weird to you at the moment, but trust me, you will ask yourself this question all the time the second you arrive to Thailand. Sex change for the provision of sexual services in Thailand is put on stream, but a meeting with kathoey (transvestite) is not always desirable for tourists who go to the country for sexual pleasures, because the majority of tourists traveling to Thailand still hold more traditional views.

In order not to be mistaken in this matter, there are several fairly simple ways how to distinguish a transvestite from a real woman by external signs. Here they are:

  • Large hands and palms. The hands remain masculine and nothing can be done about it by any operation. In order to develop the habit of immediately identifying transes, take a look at their hands and compare them with the hands of a regular woman;

  • Height. Thai brides are small for the most part. Transvestites are always above average. Of course, no operations and disguise will help in this case as well;

  • Big shoe size. We recall the “Gentlemen of Fortune” and how they bought shoes;

  • Behavior. The behavior of transsexual may seem more arrogant and rude;

  • Breath. Your breath won’t change even if you change the gender. The attentive probably noticed how the female breast rise, for example after running. In men, abdominal breathing prevails;

  • Broad shoulders and narrow pelvis. In most cases, broad shoulders and a narrow pelvis give out the transgender, but not always. There are exceptions (both for women and for men), therefore this attribute should be considered only together with the others;

  • Adam’s apple. The operation to remove it is more expensive than all the others combined. People do this very rarely. Even hormones do not affect it. Therefore, as a rule, it is not removed, but hidden. Surely many have seen girls with collars or ornaments around the neck. Most just try not to show it, bow their heads, etc;

  • Ask for an ID of the person. When communicating with a girl, you can express doubts about her age and ask for a certificate. There you will see her age ( she has to be at least 15) and her gender. This will help you determine who’s standing right next to you.

Remember, that judging just by one factor is pretty dumb. For example, if the girl is tall, it doesn’t mean that she’s automatically a transgender. It only makes sense to think so if there is a combination of things.

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