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In general, the Turkish women are not only open to new people and guests in the holiday areas. Their proud character is also outstanding and they would never hurt someone else's honor. Turkish girls also become more self-confident over time and shed their veil much more often than before. However, they are still reluctant at first. They are also very busy, for example, they cook a lot and take care of the household.

The partner will always tell a woman from Turkey where she is and seek her consent. Officially Turkish women fight hard for emancipation, but in everyday life they are still very much under the man.

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Features of Turkish brides

Turkish women are very attractive, especially their darker skin, the dark hair and eyes are popular with men. The Miss Turkey Ecem CIRPAN shows how beautiful the ladies of the country can be. Often they also dress very fancy, especially in the evening, they like to dress up with great clothes. Especially in this culture they resort to striking, colorful and glittering, dresses. Due to their religion, everyday rather long black shawls are worn. In the cities with many tourists, it may also be short skirt for Turkish mail order bride.

Why are they so popular among foreign men?

In general there are not so many modern Turkish women who really choose their partner freely and alone. In Turkey, the man with the Turkish wife decides at the same time for her family. Therefore, the man must muster a lot of tolerance, without the family goes to a Turkish woman nothing. It is especially important for the Turkish woman to be genuinely interested in her husband.

The man should listen to her and take her seriously with everything she says and work together to find solutions. The woman wants to enjoy her free time together with her husband and experience great things. The Turkish woman not only wants to know a husband, but also the best friend on the side.

What is there to know when getting acquainted with a Turkish woman?

For Turkish women, it is especially important not to have a man who has too soft a character, because they want to be guided by him. Therefore, he should be confident and know what he wants.


Of course, it is important that he is always nice and treats her well. It is a great advantage to be able to speak at least a few Turkish words, this flatters them very much. Turkish women want to be conquered, they will not take a step towards a man because it is simply unusual for them to take the initiative. At first, their behavior can be rather repellent, especially for Europeans it is unfamiliar.

If a woman does not want to flirt, it will also feel the opposite. It should also be noted that Turkish women are not allowed to flirt in public or to be tender to one another. Furthermore, women with headscarves should rather not be addressed.

Why Turkish brides are good for marriage?

A wedding in Turkey is usually possible without any problems. There is no minimum stay required before the wedding and there are no other deadlines. The wedding itself is rather normal, but the celebration afterwards is very much celebrated. One day before the procedure is discussed with the registrar, which is not always required.

However, the wedding can also take place in other places, for example, on the beach or on the sailboat. However, it should be noted that a wedding by a captain is not legally effective in Turkey. A translator must also be considered if the partner does not speak Turkish.

Necessary forms are: identity card, birth certificate, certificate of marital status, four passport photographs each of the partners, possibly the certified and translated divorce decree or the death certificate of the deceased partner as well as the health certificate. However, in some resorts this certificate is not important. Furthermore, at least two witnesses must be present at the wedding.

What cultural peculiarities make these women so interesting?

  • There are no ugly, unkempt women. In Turkey, one gram of bodyweight is said to mask blemishes. Nevertheless, the Turkish woman grows, plucks and peels. Beauty care is one of their most important rituals. Preferably with her friends in the hammam. The German woman goes to the sauna to enjoy the peace and quiet. The Turkish goes to the hammam to share the latest gossip and get the most out of themselves. Or: Güzele uykudan kalkinca Çirkine hamamdan gelince bakmali – the beautiful look after waking up, the ugly after the visit to the Hamam.

  • If it does not bang, then it’s not love. What a European love relationship is a good mix of rationality, closeness and distance is for Turks only love and pain. And just as they love with the whole soul, so they part – kill or be killed. At least a thousand knives should be rammed into the heart of the picture, so that the man knows what he is losing there. Or: Atesle oynama elini yakar, kadinla oynama evini yakar – do not play with fire, otherwise you will burn your hand. Do not play with a woman or your house will burn.

  • You have to lead a man, not show it. The Turkish woman is the Chancellor and the Turkish man is the Federal President in a relationship. He is allowed to bow down to the decisions of his Chancellor, but the power lies in her unrestricted power. She does not put her energy in the superficial façade, but everything in the interior design of her love. Ayse is the manager in her own home, and Ali is allowed to play the boss to the outside. Or: bir evde iki horoz olunca sabah güç olur – two cocks in a house prepare a painstaking morning.

  • Have children, love children. Turkish women love children. Your own and those of other mothers. At the low birth rate Ayse is really not to blame. Turkish women drown their children and others in caring. Parental mothers, raven mothers, helicopter mothers, such drawers do not know the Turkish women. There are only mothers. And because they need each other, they do not go down, but support each other. Or: Abdal dulden çocuk oyundan usanmaz – the crazy man does not get enough of celebration, the child is not enough from playing.

  • Dancing instead of playing. A lot of couples swear by the game night. Turkish women use every opportunity to dance. Dancing means flirting, conquering, having fun – even if she is in firm hands. In Turkish couples evenings so often a woman rises on the living room table and “throw a few navel”. Turkish women are not embarrassed. Certainly not when dancing. Or: Güler yüzlü sirke saticisi eksi yüzlü bal saticisindan mutludur – a laughing vinegar vendor is happier than a grumpy honey seller.

  • It is not decisive who is on top. When Ayse discovered orgasm as a teenager, she secretly tried under the covers until he was perfect. Therefore, as a woman, she knows exactly where to press something and when. For her, bed is not the place to prove her emancipation. The blowjob is for Ayse not misogynist, but much more a confession of love – only without words. And that, of course, is mutual. Like me, so I tell you, that’s her motto. Or: Ögrenmenin yasi yoktur – you are never too old to learn.

  • If is good, is good. Turkish women have the same problems as everyone else: the age, the future, the figure, the children. The difference lies in how Ayse deals with it: while the woman from Europe bites at things, the Turkish woman resolves what to solve, but does not give the unsolvable challenges the power to dominate her life. Or: Dereyi görmeden paçayi sivama – do not jerk your pants up before you see the stream.

  • The man pays, and Basta! Never, never, never would a Turkish woman share the bill on the first date. The German woman for example pays her food in the restaurant itself to signal the husband that she is not for sale. A Turkish woman says to herself: In this dress I will never need a wallet again. Sex is absolutely taboo at the first meeting. In order not to be tempted, she has an effective contraceptive: she intentionally does not remove the hairs before the first date. Because: Ask basa gelirse, akil bastan çikar – comes the love, the mind goes.

  • If it does not fit, it’s not made for your figure. Because the Turkish woman was allowed to live out her femininity from an early age, she later goes about with her curves as a matter of course. The weight does not matter, a Turkish woman moves her body accordingly. Not according to the weather, the comfort or the fashion. A Turkish woman will never weary because she gives life a chance that you do not want to meet inappropriate dressed. Or: Güzellik ondur dokuzu dondur – if you give the beauty a ten, nine of them are the clothes.

Guide on finding and dating a Turkish woman

There remains the question of where men can meet Turkish women. The probability is higher in the big cities or at special events and festivals such as Turkish discos or concerts. Furthermore, the Internet offers various options, for example Facebook, Instagram or special dating apps. The best option, however, is a dating agency. The agencies offer a wide selection of beautiful women from Turkey.

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