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Ukrainian women have an incomprehensible, controversial character, that combines strength and tenderness, resilience and accessibility, love and self-denial.

Anyone who has ever had a Ukrainian girlfriend will tell you how pretty they are. The beauty of Ukrainian Brides is not only the gift of nature, but also the result of hard work on themselves. They take care of themselves from their youth: they follow the fashion, they know how to do makeup and hair. They do not allow themselves to go out in crumpled clothes and even take out the garbage in their heels. All of this is done with the sole purpose - to win the attention and hearts of men.

Family is very important for Ukrainian ladies. That can be proven by the fact that they marry at a much younger age than Europeans. European girls first want to finish studying, get a job, build a solid career, and then think about marriage. It’s totally different with Ukrainians, not only women, but also men, thanks to strong family ties, can count on the help and support of grandparents. Therefore, they often successfully combine a family with a career - and this is also a specialty of the character of Ukrainian women.

Feminism, by the way, which marches around the world, practically did not affect Ukraine. Paradoxically, the reason is that it was Soviet Ukraine that became one of the first countries where women received equal rights with men, including the right to affordable, free higher education. Largely because of this, Ukrainian women are famous for their intelligence. Any woman here will be glad if someone gives up their place in public transport, or if someone helps them with opening a door. Ukraine has adopted the traditional view on the role of men and women. The woman is the mistress of the house and the mother. Many girls here want to get a good education, and build a good career, but this does not cancel the family and the birth of children. Ukrainian women often work not for a career, but for money — they simply cannot live on one spouse’s salary. They maintain diligence and energy to old age.

In a word, the portrait of a Ukrainian woman, regardless of time and her position in society, is contradictory and many-sided. Ukrainian female character is a mosaic of various feelings and actions, thoughts and emotions, from which a life pattern is formed.

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Why Are Americans So Attracted to Ukrainian Women?

There are several reasons for this:

  1. Immersion in relationships. Men from United States claim that Russians do not play with your feelings. You can be sure that they will truly love you. Even if the marriage is done with the calculation, the Ukrainian woman treats her husband as her own, trying to surround him with affection and care, delving into problems and helping on the path of life;

  1. Ready for trouble, risk and problems. Wives from Ukraine are not afraid of temporary difficulties that arise in the process of moving. They endure troubles in the form of lack of funds or lack of stable work. This is most often due to the fact that Ukrainian girls expect a lot more from a future with a foreigner than they could achieve in their homeland;

  1. Take care of themselves. US guys really love how Ukrainian girls always look after themselves;

  1. Low queries. Ukrainian wives never argue, even if a man does not give them much attention. The very fact that they were chosen by a foreigner is already a large accomplishment for them. Therefore, the absence of claims is another plus to the choice of the Ukrainian mail order bride;

  1. They are very liberated. Unlike European/US women, Ukrainian girls are more willing to experiment with her husband, including in bed;

  1. Submissive. Ukrainian woman does not try to shift the responsibility for the family onto her shoulders; she will gladly give this function to the man and allow him to feel like the head of the clan. This is appreciated by a lot of men, since there is feminism everywhere now;

  1. Intelligent. Ukrainian girls have wisdom, so you shouldn’t be worried about conflicts and misunderstandings too much. They will listen to you, give good advices and keep silent in tense situations;

  1. Foreign grooms seek to find a bride of childbearing age. They are interested in women from 20 to 40, although 50-year-old ladies are also often popular;

  1. Beauty and sexuality. No one, except for Ukrainian women, will not put on a full make-up on vacation and do her hair to go down to the sea. Bright outfits, exciting images, sexual flow, burning eyes- all of this is about Ukrainian girls;

  1. Ukrainian girls do not try to look better than they are. They honestly talk about their life, status and work;

  1. You will have a lot of fun with Ukrainian girls- they know how to relax and feel great in companies. Moreover, the majority of Ukrainian girls know their measure and do not cross the line in terms of drinking and communication with the opposite sex.

Similarities and Differences of Ukrainian and American Women

The first and the biggest difference is feminism. In general, America is in fact almost the forefather of the modern feminist movement. Just imagine, do you often meet feminists in Ukraine? Very rarely. In America, you meet them everywhere. On the other hand, there is a small paradox here, because Ukrainian women should really fight for their rights at last. Nevertheless, for some cultural reasons, this does not happen. A certain cultural difference really takes place – Ukrainian woman lulls the children, then rushes to the store, with heavy shopping bags, rushes back, while she still does some work at home. Many of American brides believe that all men are anxious and are only striving to solicit them. That is why, for example, at work, no man will ever tell his colleague any vulgar anecdote or a dirty hint, because they can sue them for this and simply accuse him of harassment. At best, he will simply lose his job. That’s how strong the women’s rights are at America.

2. The next colossal difference is the attitude towards marriage. In Ukraine, the importance of marriage is considered as about the same as with the institute – everyone should graduate because it’s a must. Most Ukrainian girls think that if they don’t marry, then their life will go to waste. American women are both calmer and more serious at the same time. They don’t take marriage that seriously. Their goal is to get married correctly, to the right person, so she will take her time in choosing the right partner. Besides, Ukrainian women tend to get married early, while most of the American women can easily get engaged after 30, and give birth to children after 40. It is considered perfectly normal.

3. Self-confidence. That is an another huge difference. American women are a lot more confident than Ukrainians. However, they also have to deal with such things as domestic violence.

4. For an American woman, her life is above all. Ukrainian women are more prone to self-sacrifice than American women. It is very easy to imagine a situation when a man is a complete fool, and all he does is drinks beer all day in front of the TV. Ukrainian woman, however, will not give up on him.  She will keep cooking him food and try her best to find him a job. It’s very different with American brides. If the husband is a slacker and a nothingness, she will not tolerate him at all and won’t give him any chances.

Are the Mail Order Bride Sites Legitimate?

Sure, there are some scammer websites that only want to steal your money. However, most of the mail order bride sites are 100% legitimate. They focus on helping you find a partner.

Why Are Foreigners the Primary Choice For Ukrainian Brides?

  1. Most of them are more active than Ukrainian men. They don’t just chat with you and promise things that they will never actually do, but they constantly prove their love with action and do everything possible to make girls feel happy;

  2. They just want to move to a better place. Unfortunately, Ukraine is not the best to live in, at least as of now. There are a lot of economic issues, so most foreign countries can guarantee them a better life;

  3. Foreigners are a lot more respectful to their woman. They don’t beat them up, don’t cheat on them, and they are well- mannered;

  4. They are a lot more ambitious. Ukrainian brides, just like any normal women, want to be with an ambitious guy, who has many ambitions and works hard every day to get better;

  5. Because of poor life, a lot of Ukrainian guys have problems with alcohol. This results a lot of problems for Ukrainian ladies.

Ways to Get a Ukrainian Woman

  • The easiest and most productive way to meet with a Ukrainian beauty is to visit the country of their residence. Live communication is a lot more pleasant and gives you a better chance to make a good impression;

  • Dating sites. Today there are plenty of such sites for those who love inter-ethnic marriages, such as Edarling, Worldating, InterFriendship, and others;

  • Local dating sites. In this case, the man needs to decide on the preferences of the girl. You can also sort the girls by age, country, marital status and other selection criteria, since there are girls of all types and varieties;

  • Thematic sites. A high probability of acquaintance with a foreign girl can be on various narrowly focused resources on the Internet, for example, on the site of fans of classical music, art, sports and other trends. If you have common hobbies, it will be much easier to start chatting and build a positive relationship.

Steps on How to Meet a Foreigner on the Internet

Rule 1. Quality Photos

Today it is not necessary to explain the meaning of a high-quality picture for any presentation. This point is especially important for meeting with girls. The quality of the photo, a good angle and background is very important.

Rule 2. Foreign Language

It is very important to know the language in order to communicate freely with the person, and because most of the Ukrainian brides aren’t ok with English, you might have to either learn Ukrainian or search for a girl who can speak English.

Rule 3. Show Your Interest in the Culture of Another Country.

A very important point that will show your interest and seriousness of intentions, especially if you are configured to marry. Therefore, take the trouble to study the culture, religion and history of the country. Ask her many questions about interesting places, famous people, national dishes, and more. This will earn you trust.

Rule 4. Be interesting and self-sufficient.

Girls will also want to know you as a person, they will be interested in the culture of your country. You should not show the negative aspects of life and talk about politicians, oligarchs, and complain about small wages. Tell about your professional qualities and successes, about your hobbies, about future plans in professional and personal development. Tell about the customs of your country, about those events that you can be proud of.

Rule 5. Internet Security

Is there any need today to say that recklessly trusting a person from the Internet is simply naive? The option of dating a foreigner on the Internet for marriage is often at risk to stumble upon all sorts of scammers and swindlers.

After your online conversation has started, initiate the possibility of video chatting, for example, in Skype or Viber. In any case, live communication will reveal a lot already in the early stages – how real were the photos in your profiles, how much the person fits his description in the dating form. Ask to show personal documents via video link, give a phone number or address.

Three-Date Rule

Relationship with a man is one of the desires of a modern woman today. In the world of healthy and adequate people, there is not a single representative of the fair sex who would not want to have a happy family, a loving husband or just a man next to whom you can rely on. And we are not talking about various minority groups or people with a special psychological mentality and behavior.

At the present time, being paired with a young man is already a kind of cliché, a standard, a template that every successful woman must meet. If there are no men nearby, the surrounding people immediately begin to speculate that something is wrong with you. This is a peculiar motive for envious people to rejoice at your failures, a reason for your friends to sympathize with you and a reason for your mother to push you to take decisive actions. In any case, the situation is rather uncomfortable for a single girl. To some extent, such a woman over time, even begin to be considered either a recluse, or unsociable, or simply a failure.

Therefore, in order to prevent such an ambiguous situation in their lives, girls are rapidly looking for opportunities to go on a date with someone who could become their potential suitor. And, as a rule, each tries to pass an exam called the “rule of three dates”. What does this axiom of a successful beginning of a relationship mean? And is such a system of mutual seduction so successful, as tacitly asserted by its users?

Behavior Tactics

What does the rule of three dates mean for a girl?

Surprisingly, even in spite of the fact that such a system of acquaintance long ago established itself as a postulate for the development of love and sex, men and women still tend to interpret this model of relationships in different ways. For example, most women naively believe that this kind of temporary restriction allows them to endure the very pause that allows them to prove themselves to be pious decent girls with an unblemished reputation and high moral principles. Roughly speaking, under such a temporary quota, ladies imply that the law of three dates is a kind of test for endurance that men suit women in order to understand whether they are easily accessible prey or are considered immaculate divines who deserve to go with them to the crown. On the one hand, it sounds somewhat prosaic, but on the other – many girls are deeply convinced of precisely this mechanism of operation of this current system. From the position of female thinking, the result of such a “game” in dating should certainly be a young man’s love, or at least his respect for the one that was so adamant during the whole three meetings.

What does the three date rule mean for a guy?

The rule of 3 dates for girls, as well as for guys, is a kind of game, a kind of strategic move in the knowledge of a potential partner, a kind of bet on what will happen or what will not happen after these 3 days.

Judging by the reviews of many users of the three-day system of communication and flirting, the majority of men, based on the end of the agreed period of dating, count exclusively on sexual intercourse. They are generally guided here solely by their needs and the achievement of their specific goals, showing their egoism and following only their desires.

What is the peculiarity of the tactical behavior of young people at each of their meetings? In fact, at each romantic boardwalk each participant builds his own behavioral line, which is different from the previous date. For girls, the rule of a 3-time romantic acquaintance with a man implies completely different variations of behavior, appearance and the nature of communication at each of the meetings. This is explained by the fact that a woman relies in her actions on her own wisdom and natural ability to manipulate male attention.

So, in her farsighted plans, she develops a strategy of behavioral aspects, including flirting, manner of behaving, coquetry, and a certain mysteriousness in her speeches – everything must be competently adjusted and presented to a man. The rule of 3 dates can be very useful for an intelligent and quick-witted girl. The main thing here is to do everything so that a man will be overwhelmed by her charisma, sincerity and charm. Only in this case, he will be able to change his original position, which was only to achieve physical contact with an amazing beauty.

First Date

So, on the first date out of 3 dates the rules of girl behavior are based on the following principles:

  • Appearance – it must be perfect. It is important to choose the right clothes, choose a modest makeup, right hairstyle, and make an unobtrusive neat manicure – in short, you need to shape your image and present it correctly. In order for a man not to consider a woman to be easy prey, who herself is ready to move quickly to sex, the representative of the beautiful half should not show off all her charms;

  • The right topic for conversation – the success of the meeting as a whole depends on it. Usually, men take the object of their sexual attraction in the face of a young charmer for a close and insufficiently developed intellectually. They simply consider such girls to be empty. But if you talk to a man about an interesting topic for him, if you indirectly show your level of education and show him how much you can be erudite, this will obviously play into your hands. If you successfully pass the first part of the law of three meetings – no matter how a man fights with his emotions in his mind, no matter how he convinces himself in the purely sexual implication of his aspirations to see you, it will be extremely important for him to meet you again, but not only with for the purpose of having sex.

Second Date

Turning to the second stage of communication with a young man, you need to remember that excessive obsession can quickly bore a man. The fact that you call first to determine the date and place of your next dinner together can play a trick on you. Be moderately proud and patient – wait for the first step from the man. He must take the initiative himself and call you on a second date.

When the rule of three dates begins to work in the direction you need, you will feel it. The man will immediately see how much he was waiting for a meeting with you, and according to him you can understand the true implication of the desire to meet.

Here is how you should be acting on the second date:

  • Keep smiling – show the man that you are glad to see him, that this meeting is really pleasant for you.;

  • Analyze the previous meeting and act with an adjustment for the past date – if you feel the awkwardness of a man when talking on certain topics, try to avoid them so as not to put him in an awkward position. Fill in the gaps of the previous date with a positive present. It would be nice to show a man that you really listened to him last time, showing or telling him about those r things that he mentioned and which he is interested in. A man will definitely be pleasantly surprised. This will allow him to minimize the thought of your levity. On the contrary, he will think about your insight, attentiveness and ability to care about the interests of the partner;

  • Allow yourself tactile contact – it must happen by chance, carefully and not more than 2-3 times per evening. Laughing together at some joke, touch his shoulder with a palm – he will not give a look, but he will definitely be excited by the first touch initiated by you. Give the man any serving item with a subtle delay at the moment your hands touch, look at that moment in his eyes.

The rule of three dates will work for you with a striking effect if you do it right in the first two meetings: the young man will wait for the third dinner with great impatience. This impatience will be based far not only on emotions and feelings caused by lust or sexual attraction to you.

Third Date

Paradoxically, the law of three dates, as the flagship in determining the future relationship between a man and a woman at the initial stage of their interaction, mainly focuses on the last meeting.  It was at this moment that young people no longer feel the embarrassment that was inherent in the first joint walks. It was during this period that they already have something to remember and something to laugh at, since the time spent earlier together was not in vain. The way the relationship between young people develops will depend on how the date goes. Everything will depend on whether the girl was able to interest the young man and kindle his interest to the extent that will not allow the relationship to end in the morning the next day after 3 dates.

How Effective is the Rule?

It all depends on the specific subjective situation, on the particular young man and the specific girl. If their sympathies come to a common denominator already on the first date, then, in fact, they will not necessarily have to wait for the third date to understand that they are made for each other.  No one is immune from mistakes, no one is immune from failures. But isn’t life worth the risk? Without risking once, we cannot be sure that we did not miss our chance to be happy.

It all depends on the specific subjective situation, on the particular young man and the specific girl. If their sympathies come to a common denominator already on the first date, then, in fact, they will not necessarily have to wait for the third date to understand that they are made for each other. No one is immune from mistakes, no one is immune from failures. But isn't life worth the risk? Without risking once, we cannot be sure that we did not miss our chance to be happy.

Ukraine is a great country with a lot of beautiful girls. If you still haven’t found your soul mate, then you should try your luck with Ukrainian brides. They are among the best girls you will ever find, if not the best.

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