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Vietnamese Women Looking for Marriage: Great Passion for Creating an Ideal and Harmonious Family

Most men dream of an ideal woman or an ideal wife, and the majority of Vietnamese girls want to comply with this status in relation to their man. The wish that most often sounds to the address of the Vietnam bride is to be an ideal wife. But what does it mean? What are the qualities of a perfect Vietnamese wife or girl? Most of the signs of “ideality” are already present in every Vietnamese woman for marriage, and the missing ones can be developed with the presence of desire and energy reserves. Marital life is not the easiest process in which a Vietnamese woman is literally the soul of a marriage, because without her home life turns into chaos. It does not matter that there are no two identical girls, some of the most important qualities are common to all Vietnamese women.

The perfect Vietnamese wives are always attractive and, of course, you should really like their appearance. She has a good figure, and you, in turn, should experience a constant sexually attracted to her. In general, it is worth noting that appearance is a rather subjective phenomenon. If you recall the favorite 10-point scale, invented by men to assess the level of female attractiveness, the winner of the nomination “10 points” for one man may well be rated at 6 points by another cheerful guy. The fact is that every man has his own type of woman. But if something confuses you in the appearance of your Vietnamese darling, you should think about - is this true love? Vietnamese mail order bride needs warmth, tenderness, receiving compliments in their address. How can you give her all this if she does not physically attract you? Want to give a reason for cheating on your wife? In addition, the ideal Vietnamese girl does not treat her appearance as something invariable, so she constantly keeps an eye on herself, bothering about the obligatory work of keeping herself in shape.

There is an expression that Vietnamese girls are born adults, while boys grow up throughout their lives. But over the past few decades, there has been a tendency to decrease female maturity. It is not so rare to find women who are about 30 years old, who are not accustomed to bear responsibility in life or behave childishly. Maturity is a trait that comes only with experience. This is the reward that a person receives as a result of overcoming the life obstacles that arise on the way to his dreams and ambitions. The immature girl never tried to achieve something by her own efforts, never suffered, and, as a result, remained under the influence of children's thinking. In addition, the mentally mature Vietnamese woman has no desire to dissolve in a noisy company, and she is not interested in evening meetings with her friends. She is fully prepared for a serious relationship. No experience - no suffering, growth and maturity. She may be a stunningly beautiful girl, but she will never be the perfect wife.

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Beautiful Vietnamese Women - what are they?

After meeting with Vietnamese singles, they take your breath away from pride in the female gender. Vietnamese woman is a wonderful wife, and a wonderful mother of beautiful children, and a hospitable hostess, and a responsible employee at work. Her speech is not clogged and grammatically correct, she often and often talks about wonderful children, about a loving, faithful and attentive husband, about delicious dishes that she prepares for the family, about the pleasure with which she makes spring-cleaning in every square centimeter of the apartment . For colleagues, she is an example and a model. She is an activist in all events, she is for justice, and she is ready to defend her position.

She is benevolent to everyone, she loves people and does not skimp on compliments and kind words. She has a huge circle of acquaintances, and, when meeting, she sincerely rejoices, hugs and kisses on the cheeks, and asks about everything with genuine interest, and so it becomes warm in my heart.

Vietnamese woman is perfect. She always washes out makeup at night, takes a shower in the morning and in the evening and brushes her teeth three times a day. She always cooks a three-course meal plus a salad. She does not like a window spattered with rain, and as soon as the rain ends, at 4 am, she will wash the windows. Communicating with such a positive person, do not cease to admire and wonder. How much energy she has, how much vitality, how much good.

Which Facts Make Vietnamese Woman so Desirebale for Marrying

What nuances of Vietnamese women pay much attention?

  • Sexual compatibility – hot Vietnamese bride, claiming to be the perfect wife, must have sexual compatibility with her husband. Significant differences in sexual temperament will cause serious problems in living together that can lead to their collapse or change;

  • Femininity – long ago such a feature of an ideal wife was not needed to be discussed. Saying that a lady should be feminine seemed as absurd as clarifying when buying a car, that you need a steering wheel as an option. However, at present, the firmware of a certain part of the female segment of society periodically fails, giving women certain masculine features or some bad qualities, forcing men to figure out, for example, who the stinker is and how to recognize it. Vietnamese bride is very feminine, it is a fact;

  • Intelligence – undoubtedly, initially guys are attracted to Vietnamese girls by their appearance. But the presence of female intelligence makes a man not only feel the rapid heartbeat, but also open his mouth. She does not need to have a doctorate in philosophy or be a candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, but sufficient reading and understanding of the important fundamentals of the essence of being is an important quality. Smart men appreciate smart women. And how can you call an ideal girl, whose circle of knowledge and interests closes to monitor new posts of friends in social networks. Do not forget that, among other things, with the chosen one will have to communicate, and for this the Vietnamese girl should be able to keep the conversation going;

  • Confidence and self-esteem – Vietnamese females can combine feminine beauty with confidence. A Vietnamese wife is a woman who will help you conquer the whole world and achieve your most cherished goals. Self-confidence is one of the best qualities of any person. A confident Vietnamese woman has her own plans and ambitions, knows her worth, knows who she is, what she wants, where she is going and how to contribute to the development of relations with a man;

  • Self-sufficiency – successful self-sufficient people are prohibitively independent in nature. They are very focused, being in constant struggle to change their future and the world around them. And it is not surprising that such a person treats with some contempt for people who are excessively attached to something in their life, even when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex. A woman clinging to a relationship can be a pleasant gift for some type of the male part of society, but it will not be a suitable option for a man living at full speed. Something is wrong if the girl is completely dependent on her man. Perhaps she doesn’t have her close circle, or she doesn’t know how to find friends and build relationships with them. It is possible that she is a born housewife, and she does not need to go to work or have a hobby other than family and household hobbies. The perfect Vietnamese wife has a healthy level of self-sufficiency. She has her friends, goals and ambitions. The only thing that limits her independence is loyalty to her beloved man and devotion to relationships;

  • Loyalty is one of the most important qualities of an ideal Vietnamese lady. This means that she has values ​​and principles that will not allow her to blindly follow the emotions that have arisen to any other man. Modern culture often depicts women who are free from any obligations. But men with mature views on life, with rare exceptions, will perceive such behavior as sexual. No normal man would ever take such women seriously. In the end, if a girl cannot be called true, then there is no reason to invest in a relationship with her, because at any moment she can safely go to another, leaving you alone with the awareness of her own stupidity.

Are Vietnamese Wives the Best Ones?

Why do many men like to spend time with relaxed and cheerful women, and in wives choose modest and decent Vietnamese girls? One famous dating agency analyzed the various responses of men and formed the following review:

  1. Vietnamese women do not drink or smoke – a decent girl does not consume excessive amounts of alcohol and does not smoke. There is no compromise with smoking at all, because the health of your future wife depends on the health of your children. For alcohol, the situation is somewhat different. Men believe that a decent girl can drink alcohol in moderate doses. For some men, it is considered normal to drink a glass of good wine or a few bottles of beer with a friend, for others it is a disaster. But, of course, if your new friend easily accepts “heavy” alcohol (vodka, brandy, rum, whiskey) be careful!;

  2. Vietnamese girls never impose themselves – on the one hand, men do not always have enough patience to conquer another heart, but finding a friend who is ready for anything is not an option either. What kind of male interest can we talk about when, after several cues in her direction and a demonstration of an Apple iPhone 6 or higher, your new acquaintance is ready to hug endlessly and sit on your lap all evening?

Why do Vietnamese women so willingly accept offers of marriage from foreigners?


In the global migration process, a large proportion of the Vietnamese girls and women are looking for happiness abroad with a foreign husband. Of course, the vast majority of girls are looking for an opportunity to just get married, not necessarily abroad. But this possibility is not excluded by them. And for many of them, is preferred. The main reason is, of course, the ideas of many about the foreign “paradise” taverns and other features of the relationship between men and women that have long been cultivated in the Western world. Here and feminism, and other achievements of “developed democracies”. Despite the obvious advantages, it is impossible not to take into account other “charms”, such as alcoholism and drug addiction, including the inherent and feminized representatives of the free world.

In such approximately circumstances, the situation we observed, in which the Vietnamese brides and wives, due to their qualities inherent in the traditional Vietnamese culture, are respected in the West, has been shaped by us. Of course, the situation is not completely unambiguous. However, both advocates and opponents of these processes will not deny that the situation is not the current moment. Among Vietnamese mail order brides who are involved into search for a foreign husband, the following main categories can be distinguished (to simplify them, it is better to separate them by age criteria, as the most revealing):

  • from 18 to 25 – mostly, all the same, most of them are not serious, they came to talk, to chat, to get married, they are not really going to. There can be both party girls and students. From all walks of life. Young men around 20-25 are very difficult because of this, someone to choose for marriage. Seriously tuned, as a rule, only girls with a small child. A sufficient number of girls of this age who are registered at online dating sites have a child from 2 months to 2 years. Some of them are divorced, some (and often) have never been married. For them, this is a good chance to find the husband and father of the child, or even just to believe in yourself, and not to feel an inferiority complex;

  • 25 to 30 – these girls have the most letters from men looking for a bride, especially if they have no children. There are also from all walks of life;

  • from 30 to 40 – most often with children, after a divorce, when they have not yet gained confidence, they still do not understand whether there is still a chance. Often, many have a job, an already established life, but they are alone or, (as they often think), have little chance of finding a husband at home;

  • after 40 – here you can meet very prosperous women who have built a career, and women with several children, who simply do not understand what to do after their husband’s departure if they have never worked. In the first place here comes the question of language skills. For men, it is very important to begin to communicate, and therefore well-being, grooming and knowledge of a foreign language come out on top. With these two components, women marry very quickly.

In Which Way does Vietnamese Mail Order Bride Treat Marriage

Family in the life of a Vietnamese woman is of great importance. That is her psyche. Even if she is successful at work, but everything is not all right in the family – there will be no happiness. Therefore, each woman should prioritize and define family life after the spiritual life, without which all other goals have no special meaning. And only then work and external relations in society. Women always say: “I want to live happily,” but only a few go beyond the scope of desire and ask a more mature and constructive question: “How to live happily”? To begin with, it is necessary to understand that there are duties of a woman in a family and her success in family life directly depends on how she copes with them. Many believe that the role of women in the family is ungrateful, but it all depends on how she realizes her mission as a mother and wife. The position of a woman in the family is special, because only she can create an atmosphere of peace, comfort, peace, joy and happiness. The husband is strong in external relations, at work, and the wife is just at home, acting as the inspirer of the home and supporting fire.


Want to meet a decent Vietnamese woman? Then you need to find a proven online resource for international dating. With the modern frantic pace of life and rich graphics, we are increasingly faced with such a problem as lack of time for personal life. And the point, of course, is not in the time itself, but in the pressing question: where to meet “that very” person? How to take the first step to get acquainted with the guy you like, without risking embarrassment? What to do if you work or study in a strictly female team?

Today, romantic acquaintances in the “real” – in the subway, in parks and concerts – more and more go into oblivion. If you still doubt whether it is worth trying your luck and register on any dating site, then we responsibly declare: yes, it is! The main thing is to carefully consider the choice of a suitable service. On the modern “dating market” there are a lot of various websites and applications that help singles find each other.

At the moment there are a lot of dating sites, and at each one you can select the main audience, which forms its atmosphere. Business acquaintances, friends and love affairs, sites where many people are looking for a person to create a family, communication for the sake of flirting and easy connections. There are services that bring together different people, as well as portals with the main narrow audience. Read the reviews, look at the ratings, ask around friends, get a test account to see if you like the site or not. The second important point is self-presentation. If you want a serious and adequate acquaintance, then you need to present yourself accordingly. A couple of successful and fresh photos, where you look natural and beautiful, a truly completed profile with a touch of humor or personal expression, a friendly message and openness to new pleasant acquaintances is what you need. The person who enters your page will evaluate and create an impression about you in general in order to understand what purpose you have registered with and whether you are suitable for it. Your multifaceted nature is not visible, you can see how you present yourself in the questionnaire, so you should work a little over it. On the whole, pleasant and natural communication naturally forms with a suitable and adequate person. Even in the internet, the right people intuitively attract each other in a natural way.

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