Yemeni Brides

Yemen is one of the most conservative countries in the Arab world, many customs here are based on Sharia norms and centuries-old traditions. The main value here is the modest and submissive Yemen women.

Yemeni brides | Wonderful way to find your match

A few decades ago, early marriage between women and men was considered quite normal in Yemen. Yemeni girls began to marry at the age of 16. But there were exceptions. Often in wealthy families, the parents of the future groom “ordered” the bride from another wealthy family as soon as she was born. Until the age of 14, they paid her parents a dowry (about 10 thousand dollars), and later they played a wedding. By the age of 14, the girl already knows almost everything that needs to be done around the house: how to cook, wash, clean, sew, etc. From childhood, she is brought up so that she really likes to do all this. But with studies at school-institutes everything is different. The less a girl knows, the better the bride she is considered to be. Although now students have appeared at the University of Yemen, and they study well, but such brides are not in demand. Family, home and children are much more important than science, according to the men of this country. Therefore, most often hot Yemen girls study only in elementary school, where writing and counting are held.

 But now a lot is changing in the modern world, Yemeni girls want to leave the country in search of a better fate. With the advent of the Internet, they can afford to register on foreign dating sites. For foreign men who are ready for marriage, this is the best option for creating a family is marrying a Yemeni woman. Unlike European women, Yemeni girls are modest and adhere to a patriarchal model of behavior in the family; they greatly value relations with their men. Since childhood, girls have been preparing for their future marriage. Yemeni bride knows that her destiny in life is to be a good wife, to appreciate, respect, support her husband and be the best mother for her children.

Yemeni girls are perfect candidates for family life, they are loyal and faithful to their men, they always respect their husbands, value them and never betray them, they will support them in the most difficult life situations.

Why are sexy Yemeni women interested in marrying gentlemen from abroad?

Yemeni women seek foreign men for marriage to see another country and know more about its traditions. Indeed, in Yemen, women wear niqab - a headdress that hides a face with a slit for the eyes. The rest of the body is carefully hidden under a dress called abaya. However, one should not forget that this black attire is clothing only for public places. Under the abaya, which is a long black dress with sleeves, hides ordinary, often European clothes in the form of jeans and T-shirts, blouses and skirts.

Hot Yemeni girls have been taught since childhood that women should be beautiful only for their husbands. It is not necessary to close oneself in one's family and among women, and Arab women should not catch the eyes of strangers in the street. It is immodest and indecent.

Within the framework of Islamic morality, a woman should obey only her father, but also her husband and brothers. Arab women follow a lot of conventions, live on their own floor and do not eat with men. There are no public places in the Islamic world: Yemen males go together with their wives only to the mosque, and even then they pray in different rooms.

Public relations between women and men in Yemen are really limited, women should dress in strict accordance with the canons of Islam and not appear in public unaccompanied by a male relative, “Harim” is strictly separated from the male, where they accept guests, and most of the duties of a woman comes down only to household chores and parenting.

If Yemen woman wants to get higher education in Europe, this is completely forbidden to her. Moreover, many of those who go to study in European countries prefer to stay there to pursue a career. After all, if she returns to her native country to get married, then this woman won’t get a job without the consent of her husband.

Progress does not stand still and Yemeni women want to study, to be a little freer in clothes and looks. They want to leave their country because there is no stability and equality in it. Therefore, many Yemen brides are forced to seek a better life abroad. They are ready to devote life and all of themselves to a man who will fall in love with them and envelop them with care and warmth.

Why beautiful Yemeni women are so popular among men?

Many foreign men dream and want to start a family with Yemen young brides. Despite their humility and timidity, they are gentle and feminine, they know how to drive a man crazy.

The beauty of Yemeni women will captivate men from different countries and religions. The appearance of these girls is very diverse: the skin color is from milky white to chocolate. However, beige and olive are the most common. Arabian eyes are the “visiting card” of Yemeni brides; they are usually large almond-shaped, the outer corner is higher than the inner one. The color of the eyes of Yemen can be very different. from bright sky blue to black. However, dark brown and mixed greenish eyes are the most common. Girls' hair also ranges from dark blond to black. hair can be curly, wavy and straight. The face is usually oval, but in some regions, it is slightly elongated. The figure resembles a guitar. In general, they are not inclined to the completeness and are well built. Sometimes there are thin girls.

Can at least one man not be captivated by such beauty? And if a Yemeni girl is educated, erudite and can support any conversation with her husband and in society, this is generally a real treasure. They always have a sense of humor and can create a relaxed, easy atmosphere in communication.

Many men see the kindness, openness, and compassion in sexy Yemeni women. They can feel very well, even if you don’t tell them what’s on your soul, they can support and give excellent advice if you need it. They are considerate and will not go into the soul and ask if you do not want to talk about it, they will not pry and put pressure on you. They are insightful and intelligent, and expect understanding and respect from their partner.

Yemeni brides sacredly honor their marriage and family and will never trade this happiness for a career. These women are faithful and being married never look at another man. No other person in the world can attract the attention of a Yemeni if ​​she loves selflessly and faithfully. Do not forget that reciprocity is required in these family relationships. Maybe in harsh reality but in Yemen marriages, ladies could be abused by local Yemeni men, so she expects warmth and care from you.

Yemeni brides create homeliness

From childhood, Yemeni brides are taught to be an economic wife for a husband and a caring mother for children. They love to cook delicious to feed their family and guests.

An invitation to a local house is a great honor for a guest, although the hospitality of the Yemeni hostesses is well-known. For the guest they will be serve everything that is in the house and the best. The hostess herself, in accordance with traditions, may not be present at the table, although in many urban families the attitude in this regard is quite European.

Eastern women are perfect housewives. They will be happy to have guests in the house, providing them with the best conditions and the most delicious treats. For a Muslim wife, relatives are sacred, and her husband’s friends are people close to her. In the East, a well-laid table is an indicator of the wealth of a family, which an oriental woman must correctly demonstrate.

The eastern lady is the most striking example of the guardian of the family hearth. Any family has a strict separation of duties. So, a woman is entrusted with all the functions of maintaining cleanliness and comfort in the house, as well as the birth and upbringing of children. As for men, their main task is to provide their family with finances. By the way, eastern men practically do not help their wives with household chores - they are not accepted to perform the functions provided for women.

Eastern women have every right to engage in social activities and get a job, but their percentage is small because they prefer to adhere to the traditions of their ancestors and devote themselves fully to the family and raising children.

Family values ​​and love are important components of the marriage of Yemeni women. Yemen bride is an ideal woman who combines beauty, good nature and of course sexuality.

Yemeni brides are well-educated

If a woman in Yemen wants to get an education, this is not forbidden. Many girls even go abroad to study. Only 14% of women are illiterate; after graduating from high school, 77% of girls go to college.

Any woman in Yemen can make a career if she has the desire. Women make up about 2% of managers, occupy 20% of administrative posts and make up 35% of the country's workforce. Women can be judges and work in government departments, such as the police. Some women are in the family business. They are very motivated and can always achieve excellent results in their studies and careers.

Yemeni women love to learn and do it with great pleasure, they pay great attention to their development. Therefore, it is easy to communicate with them; they are comprehensively developed. If you think that a Yemeni girl will not be able to communicate with you because of her lack of knowledge of English, then this is not true. Foreign languages ​​are taught in Yemen at school, and then at university.

Yemeni brides have extraordinary beauty and certainly attract men

Any Arab woman attracts a man because she knows how to take care of herself because she is obliged to present herself in front of her husband in all its glory. To maintain youth, women use effective hair, skin, and body care products. In addition, they use decorative cosmetics everywhere, and also wear the best clothes and jewelry at home to demonstrate their femininity. Under a covered head, a long skirt and closed shoulders hides real beauty. These women know how to rekindle the passion of their spouse because at home they can use overly explicit outfits.

You will never hear swear words from your Yemeni bride, as each lady sees her man as a sensitive father, a caring husband, a wonderful host and the wisest man.

Yemeni women are characterized by a special trick, with the help of which they can elevate their spouse in the eyes of other people, thereby creating a positive image for him - this is appreciated by men.

She knows how to talk about her man to everyone around, and create the impression that everything is really fine in him, and the family lives in complete prosperity only thanks to him, even if this is not so.

A Yemeni wife is ready to enter into intimacy with her spouse at any time, regardless of the circumstances - this is her immediate duty. If a man requires something - refuse is unacceptable. Yemeni women have extraordinary beauty, and this, of course, attracts men. Many girls are slim, tall, with long hair and big eyes. They don’t need extra makeup to look beautiful.

Yemeni women culture

In eastern countries, religion is taken very seriously - sometimes it unites entire families. The fulfillment of all religious requirements and ceremonies rests with women, to which they are obliged to relate with the maximum degree of responsibility.

The family life of every Arab woman follows a path beaten for centuries: childbirth, parenting and child care, and unquestioning submission to her husband. They are brought up in a society where the last word belongs to a man. And Yemeni women adhere to their traditions. They do not conflict, do not argue, and obediently listen to their husbands.

It is noteworthy that many Arab women have higher education. However, in most cases, they cannot get a job. Yes, and they receive a salary many times lower than men.

Beautiful Yemeni women are modest, quiet, polite and decent, always listen to the opinion of their men. They honor family values ​​and always give priority to the family. Caring, love for husband and children is the dream of every Yemeni bride. All the virtues of Yemeni women convince them that they are ideal candidates for marriage.

Yemen child marriage. What is the legal age for girls to be married in Yemen?

In a rather conservative Yemen, the issue of child marriage is extremely complex. According to the Human Rights Watch, more than half of all young girls marry before they are 18 years old. About 14% of girls in Yemen marry before the age of 15. It is reported that many poor families try to marry their wealthy adult men, sometimes in exchange for money or other goods.

In 2009, the Yemeni Parliament passed a law to raise the minimum marriage age to 17. But conservative parliamentarians argued that the bill violated Islamic laws, which did not provide for a minimum age for marriage, and that the bill had not been signed.

Groups of activists and politicians are still trying to change the law, but more than 100 leading religious figures claim that limiting the age of marriage is contrary to the Islamic religion.

Thousands of Yemeni girls were literally stolen from their childhood due to Yemen marriage law, and their future was destroyed because they were forced to marry at a young age. Fleeing from such traditions and wishing a different share for their future daughters, Yemenis seek happiness in other countries.

Yemeni Women as Wives and Mothers

Family and children mean a lot to Yemeni brides. They are ready to sacrifice themselves for the good and prosperity of the family. They already have experience in caring for children, since they have learned from childhood to care for younger brothers and sisters. They know how to take care of them to grow up not spoiled and beautiful people, they can give them enough love and attention.

Yemeni brides know their role in raising children and caring for a husband. They are trained to handle many types of homework. Coming from work every evening, you can see a well-groomed, clean house; happy children; fresh, hot dinner. Your Yemeni wife perfectly prepares exotic dishes according to old recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Since your Yemeni wife spends most of her time in household chores and taking care of children, you will most likely have to become a breadwinner in the family. But if you decide that she should work, then her education will allow her to do this.

How to find Yemeni brides online?

You can find your incredible Yemenite bride on international dating sites. Employees of these platforms select Yemen's best brides for you. Therefore, choosing a reliable source for online dating, you have to view profiles of Yemeni beauties first to get sure if this platform worth your attention .

Decide on the appearance and character of the candidate, enter this data into the search filter and the system will filter it and provide brides upon your request.

Thanks to dating sites, you can find Yemeni brides that match your dreams and desires, not wasting time and money on those who don’t.

Yemeni girls dating

If the girl you selected on a dating site has all the qualities that you would like to see in your dream woman, do not hesitate. You have the opportunity to order a call or video chat with her. Communicating with the bride, try to make a good impression on her, be polite and courteous. Do not rush things, get to know each other better.

You can please your lady one with a bouquet of flowers or a cute gift. Professional site staff will help you with it. If you are already confident in the correctness of your choice, then you can go to Yemen and get to know the bride and her relatives better to make her marriage proposal.

What does it mean 'Yemani mail order bride'?

In real life, you are unlikely to meet a Yemeni girl in your city or town, but thanks to the mail bride website, you can make your dream come true. Many men from different parts of the world use this service and many have already created strong and happy families, and are already raising their children. Enjoy happiness with their beloved Yemeni beautiful wife, in their beautiful cozy home. If you have decided on the choice of the bride, you do not need to hesitate, but you need to act. International marriages are no longer a rarity in modern society and, as statistics show, they are very strong and durable.